If you find yourself glued to the Kitsap Sun for all things criminal justice related — from reading about a drug bust in Code 911 to following a controversial murder case — then you’ve come to the right blog.

We’ve created this forum for you, to be a place where you can weigh in on any number of topics stemming from one of the cornerstones of our society: the law.

As the public safety and courthouse reporter here at the Kitsap Sun, I see the law in action on a daily basis. As such, I’ve learned that few things are as controversial. Be it an argument between a resident and the police officer who pulled him over or a courtroom debate over the use of the insanity defense, everyone has an opinion — one they’re usually fierce in defending.

As this blog’s keeper, I’ll be looking for issues I see through my job, and will post them often for you, the reader, to debate. Through your own questions, concerns, beliefs and comments, this will develop its identity.

Just about anything goes here. But just as we follow the law, remember a few ground rules: please keep your comments within the merits of good taste and try to keep an open mind.

Happy posting!

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Still Looking for Victim’s Justice! Lots goes on at our Courthouse that never makes it into the Sun. I will be most interested in your comments as well as those of others! Thanks for setting up this forum, Josh!

    Kathi Jenkins Trostad
    Tennis Shoe Brigade
    Poulsbo, WA

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