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Veterans Raffle a losing ticket

Washington’s Lottery officials sent a press release Monday announcing that the 2012 Veterans Raffle did not pay off. It did for one $1 million winner, 30 who won $1,000 and 100 who won $100. The Veterans Innovation Program, which provides education, training, employment, medical care, and counseling to National Guard, Reserve and active duty veterans and their families, will see nothing from it.

In fact, Washington’s Lottery is expected to take a $340,000 hit, and according to the release it can’t take money from elsewhere and give it to the charity.

Participants paid $10 per ticket for the Veterans Innovation Program fundraiser that ran from Veteran’s Day to New Year’s Day. With just under 128,000 tickets sold, that wasn’t enough to handle payouts and costs. The lottery agency is self-funding, so no tax dollars were lost, the agency announced.

The press release follows

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