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Frances Haddon Morgan Center update

We posted online on Tuesday and plan to have in print a story updating the future of the Frances Haddon Morgan Center, a facility for the developmentally disabled that has been open since 1972.

At issue is whether the state’s executive branch, through the Department of Social and Health Services, is treating the center’s closure as a done deal and whether the agency has the right to do that.

I have a call into DSHS officials to find out what the agency’s plans are for the center and if it is as legislators contend, what authority they’re relying on to proceed that direction.

State Rep. Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island, said she believes the agency is attempting to relocate the center’s residents before the Legislature passes a final budget. Doing so would take the decision about the center out of the Legislature’s hands. The questions being discussed now are whether that is really happening and whether that is within the executive branch’s right to do.

More as it arrives.