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County Democratic Platform

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A few weeks back I gave you the county Republican platform. Here you have, a few weeks late, the Democratic version.


Measuring the Cost of Inc.

Monday, July 28th, 2008

The county is paying about $192,000 to have a study on the future impact to the county from annexations and incorporations. The county will pay Henderson, Young & Co. the money to not only do the study, but develop a model the county can use in the future when more data is collected.

The two phases of the project include looking at all of the county’s 10 urban growth areas. The study will look at revenues from the different taxes and fees and the expenses involved in being the government for the area.

The second phase will focus on Silverdale, using a range of possible boundaries from the smallest surrounding the commercial core to using the entire Silverdale UGA boundaries.

All three commissioners favored the study, in large part because it’s something that can be used again.

Josh Brown, county commissioner, said the county still does not know how much it will be affected by possible future annexations, the biggest one being Kitsap’s chief financial district, Silverdale. “We’re somewhat flying blind,” Brown said. “To be able to have the replicable model to do this analysis is not only going to serve this board well, but future boards.”

Jan Angel, county commissioner, agreed. “We’ve got a tight budgtet now and we’re not going to wait for surprises,” she said. “You can’t have good planning without good data, and hopefully we’re going to have good data.”

Brown and fellow commissioner Steve Bauer also said the information will be valuable for residents within areas proposed for annexation or incorporation. The study and the model that can be used in the future will allow residents to see some of the financial realities of becoming citified.

County Hires Budget Boss

Monday, July 28th, 2008

The county commissioners selected a Floridian to take over the county’s chief budgeting job.

Shawn Gabriel will leave as deputy city manager in North Miami Beach to take the director of administrative services job here. Kitsap County issued a press release today stating that Gabriel has 15 years experience in public administration, finance and budgeting, capital project management, grant administration and economic development.

Previously Gabriel worked for Miami-Dade County.

Gabriel replaces Ben Holland, who retired.

The county is facing a $2 million budget shortfall, much of it thanks to slower than expected sales tax revenues.

Another County Shuns the Want Ads

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

The Bellingham Herald reports that Whatcom County is anticipating a budget shortfall between $5 million and $6 million this year.

County Executive Pete Kremen issued an executive order Friday, July 11, stating that until further notice all unfilled positions would remain vacant and any current recruitment activity would “cease immediately.”

That’s one of several options the county is considering. So is our county, in response to a projected $2 million budget deficit.

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