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Live Blog: Council Meeting 9/28/11

I’m going to try bringing a feature back to the Kitsap Caucus, something we used to do fairly regularly. I will live blog tonight’s council study session, during which they will discuss the acquisition of another piece of art for Pacific Avenue. It will be created by William Mueller of Sedalia, Colo. Mueller has family in Bremerton. His art, “Sun Scoop” will go on Pacific and Ninth, costs $7,100 and comes from the city’s 1 percent for the arts program. Here’s a rendering of it.

Sun Scoop

I’m not doing the live blog because I expect tonight’s meeting to be controversial. The 1 percent public arts programs have their critics among story commenters, talk show hosts and across the realm within the general public. For the most part, though, the statues funded through the city’s 1 percent program have not caused much heat in council meetings.

The fish and fisherman statue was another issue. People still reference them in their comments critical of Bremerton, along with red-light cameras and condos.

I’m doing this because I might start doing it a lot. I used to do it for port meetings, county commission meetings, national political events we watched together and other noteworthy happenings. Chris Dunagan is blogging today from the Rifle Club courtroom and Brynn just came back from a conference where the idea was discussed and it made me think maybe it’s time to trot these out again. Feel free to join us if you like, but no pressure. I’ll post either way.
If you can join us live, it will begin at about 5 p.m. If not you can scroll through it later.