Beer tax video from both sides of the debate.

In preparing Friday’s story on local brewers’ reaction to a proposed beer tax I created a video. Technical difficulties (i.e. operator error) prevented me from getting the video up sooner. I still think it’s worthwhile, especially posted alongside Gov. Jay Inslee’s comments on the issue. So first, here’s Inslee discussing the tax during his March 28 press conference on the budget. That’s followed by the views of Valholl Brewing’s Jeff Holcomb, part owner and head brewer at the Poulsbo business.

The third video is more Inslee specifically addressing the tax.

2 thoughts on “Beer tax video from both sides of the debate.

  1. Hey Governor: Does the state still have all those unused cell phones lying around they pay service for? Ill bet there are more than a few other sources where the state wastes money that could be fixed first before putting some more businesses out with higher taxes!

  2. Seems like we won’t get a straight answer on anything from both sides. Each one just kept going around the questions, and by the end I felt like that kid that kept yawning.

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