Campaign season

Josh Farley writes:

It’s February, and you know what that means: the beginning of political campaign season.

OK, maybe that’s not the first thing on your mind. February’s supposed to be about groundhogs and hearts, while voting’s more more akin to pumpkins and the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. But those running are already plotting their courses to November. And while the fireworks of 2012 included a presidential and gubernatorial election and our state’s historic legalization of marijuana, 2013 will have some firepower of its own — at least at the local level.

In Bremerton, the city council will be reduced in size, from nine to seven, thanks to a staunchly voter-approved measure a few years back. Increasing the population of each district could make the races more competitive, in a city where it’s not uncommon to see council members run unopposed.

Greg Wheeler, first-term councilman currently representing district 5 (an area that includes a chunk of West Bremerton near Evergreen Park and a portion of East Bremerton near East Park) called me Monday to say he’s throwing his hat in the ring for what will be the new council district 4. That new district will encompass a big portion of West Bremerton, from the Port Washington Narrows to the Shipyard north to south and from Warren Avenue to about Hewitt Avenue east to west.

I asked Kitsap Sun political guru Steven Gardner if he’d heard of anyone yet filing with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission (candidates have to wait until May to file in the county officially) and he took a look at the PDC’s web site. Wheeler’s not there yet, but Adam Brockus, city councilman representing Manette, is — and he appears to be the first from Kitsap’s local governments to file.

Brockus, in seeking a third term on the council, is running for a district 3 seat that will expand to encompass downtown Bremerton as well as its existing Manette territory.

We’ll keep you posted as filings come in. I should also mention that aside from all council members being up, the terms of Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent and Municipal Court Judge James Docter are coming to an end this year. Before you know it, the campaign signs will be up.

2 thoughts on “Campaign season

  1. It will be a very interesting year for Bremerton. Basically a very rare opportunity to make sweeping across the board changes in nearly every elected leadership position at the city level if the voters are so inclined.

    Fingers are crossed we have full fields of decent new or first time candidates in every race to explore, grill, test and decide upon. Also important are specific incumbent track records on pivotal issues to be brought forth and reviewed along with critical timelines on events or decisions that were made these past few years that have either passed or failed the voters and residents of Bremerton.

    Of course there will be a few that simply throw their hats in the ring because they can instead of because they should. Bremerton needs candidates with long term supportive, confirmed and involved backgrounds of civic involvement. Moths to the flame, a few of the more easily dismissed simply can’t help themselves when it comes to their desire for that public spotlight of personal attention that running for office brings.

  2. You guys are luck in the middle of the county . We no longer have elections , we just have appointments . many of us just hope the appointments will be of fair minded individuals .

    The Kingston Community News has been writing about issues pertaining to left leaning issues , has the paper editorialist promoting left leaning candidates , using talking points only of the left , while its non affiliated editorialist Before it a active member in the democratic party as their editor . It has gotten worse.

    The totaly take over of the democratic party is not the cause of the media alone , but only candidates with thick skins , and a realization that to win they will have to by pass the media to have their real message hard is not easy for anyone in small districts .

    To be heard takes plenty of money , and an electorate that is close to King County in a large percentage .

    Sometimes the best candidates are the ones who loose . George McGovern , Abraham Lincoln , come to mind .

    Bremerton is interesting , local policics do not have to be about spin or party afilation . Can be just about citizens wanting the best for thier neigbors .

    Looking forward to the coverage .

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