Simpson waiting for final count, weighing her future plans

Linda Simpson, Republican candidate for Kitsap County Commissioner, District 2, was not available for comment last night after election results came in. The initial tally showed her trailing Democrat Charlotte Garrido by 3,753 votes. The percentage margin was 52 to 47.

Simpson called today to say she was disappointed and somewhat stunned by the results.

“I was kind of hoping it would be the other way around,” she said. “It’s not insurmountable, so there’s a little bit of hope.”

But an update posted by the Kitsap County Auditor at 5 p.m showed the margin between the two had barely budged. Garrido is now leading Simpson by 3,969 votes, with 77,245 votes counted in this race. Kitsap has 39,000 ballots in hand yet to be counted, according to the Washington State Auditor, and all are eligible to vote in the commissioner’s race.

Simpson decided to pursue the commissioner’s seat after seeing considerable success in the 2010 race for 35th District representative, position 2. In that race, she ended up losing to Democrat Fred Finn by a mere 52 votes in Kitsap County. The totals in the four counties that made up the 35th at the time (Kitsap, Grays Harbor, Mason and Thurston) gave 29,543 votes to Finn and 25,724 votes to Simpson, a difference of 3,819 votes.

Simpson today said she went into the homestretch of her campaign for county commissioner feeling optimistic. Not only was she getting support from her own party, but non-Republicans had voiced their intent to cast their ballots for her.

Simpson believes the message that resonated with voters of all political persuasions was her commitment to represent individual rights and give a transparent accounting of how taxpayers’ dollars are spent. On election night, Simpson was almost sure she would win.

“I really felt good about (the campaign),” she said. “I really felt quite surprised and dismayed that the results were the opposite.”

Simpson will wait for the final count to come in before throwing in the towel. But she’s looking ahead to the possibility of a loss. Glass-more-than-half-full type that she is, Simpson, a Navy reservist on leave, said she would take advantage of the down time if she loses the race.

Since running against Finn, Simpson has lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, won four medals in the Warrior Games for injured military members and jumped into the commissioner’s race last summer, less than a year after her injury. Simpson is training for the upcoming Warrior Games in Hawaii. She hopes some day to start a foundation to give financial assistance to military amputees who, unlike herself, lack funds to cope with their disabilities. And to be honest, she could use a little “me” time to relax and regroup, she said.

Simpson does not rule out a future run for public office. “I wouldn’t say never, but I wouldn’t say it’s a high priority on my list right now,” she said.

14 thoughts on “Simpson waiting for final count, weighing her future plans

  1. Local Republican candidates or potential candidates need to work harder, longer and dig much deeper when it comes to local issues BEFORE they run for office than their Democrat counterparts if they are to have any success.

    This means ATLEAST 2 to 3 years of various volunteer public committee appointments and or service.

    ATLEAST 2 to 3 years of documented public meeting attendance via recorded testimony or multiple public venue commentary on a variety of key issues in Kitsap and most importantly documented commentary that is connected directly to the position they are seeking.
    They need a clean and clear personal record and or background in various long term community service involvements.

    They need to pay close attention to possible conflicts of interest they have and choose a position to run for that has the least amount of conflict as possible, while providing the best possible venue for the application of the strengths and talents they do possess.
    The current ageing local Republican leadership comes from a period of time and is applying the playbook from the past that no longer applies.

    They are narrow-minded in their strategy and its campaign applications.
    They are not conducting enough due diligence on potential candidate’s backgrounds and ability. They are not mentoring and or encouraging candidates to spend the necessary amount of time serving, prepping and building their community resume, name recognition and public trust for an elected position WELL before they run.

    Local Republican leadership currently has individuals associated with it that are polarizing. It is their way or the highway. This attitude is keeping quality, involved community members with strong backgrounds of service and issue involvement from even considering running for local office under the Republican banner.

    That is why in this and the last couple of elections, Republican candidates being put forward are either extremely weak with conflicts of interest and or dangerously ignorant on the most basic governing processes let alone having and really in depth knowledge on key issues. A few, despite multiple years of campaigning, still do not have what it takes to get the votes needed to win elections. The Simpson, Griffey and Tibbs races are perfect examples that show the critical and terminal failures of the local party core strategy, decisions and applications. This also damages quality Republican candidates that do have the right background and skill who are running.

    Kitsap conservatives and Republicans need a change in leadership and overall mentality if they are to start attracting and putting forth successful, skilled and knowledgeable candidates who will go on to become elected and excellent public stewards.

    Colleen Smidt

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Colleen. I jotted down some notes last night as the national and local results were finalized. I may make this more formal at some point but for now:
    1. Repubs both nationally and locally need to forget the idea that we can’t tax the wealthy a bit more. I don’t hear the wealthy (Buffet, Gates, etc.) asking for this. It just seems to be the idealogues who still think back to the Reagan years and the relatively unproven trickle down theories. We certainly are not going to appeal to the vast majority of working class voters with the no more taxes for the rich approach.
    2. I was glad to see credible candidates like Bill Driscoll not afraid to come out openly as being pro-choice. His only problem was that he came to the race late and was also up against a very credible candidate. It would have been helpful if our Presidential candidate had been a bit more consistent on the abortion issue. We need to respect the fact that the constitution calls for separation of church state, think gay marriage.
    3. As the party out of controll we should be out ahead of the immigration issue. We’ve got a very friendly border to the north and south of us. We’ve already passed NAFTA to encourage the movement of goods and services. In the interest of diversity let’s open up the borders even more and allow for the passage of people as easy as the goods and services. This should even include an easier pathway to citizenship. Republicans would certainly attract more of the Latino vote by going this way. Opened up borders works well in Europe.
    4. Let’s make more of our local offices non-partisan. When I first filed for office in 1998 I had to choose to be an R or a D. before paying my $1000 filing fee. It’s a bit better now as I only have to “prefer” to be an R, D or some other brand of politcal party. As far as I’m concerned all courthouse offices should be non-partisan, including commissioners. That is case with all city councils and many county councils who adopted a home rule form of government. One of my favorite compliments while serving as the county assessor for the last 14 years came from the chair of the Kitsap County Democratic party. When asked recently why the Dems were not encouraging someone to run against me he told the reporter that I had done a good job for many years and he didn’t see the need to waste party resources. The point is there is no need for a job like mine to carry a party label.

    Anyway these are just a few quick thoughts in response to what I see as a big problem ahead for the Republican party.
    Jim Avery
    Kitsap County Assessor

  3. Colleen is dead on and it’s not just a local issue. I’m a PCO with the Deomcrat party and I can tell you that we worked hard to win this election. Politics are not and should not be just a popularity contest. Democrats are willing to put in the hard work it takes to get it right and that same hard work to deliver good government to their constituents.

    I can tell you from personal experience. I went out in the rain with Christine Rolfes knocking on doors to get out the vote. Christine didn’t even have an opponent who was actively campaigning against her. She could have gone home and kicked her feet up sailing to re-election. Instead she worked doggedly to get the job. And you can bet she’ll put the same kind of dedication to her job in Olympia.

    To my moderate conservative friends I’d say this. If the Republican party can’t get it’s act together come join me and help to steer the Democrat party to common sense decisions for the good of our community and our country…

  4. Thanks Jim. I have always supported you and the job you have been doing for Kitsap County. I especially enjoyed the presentation that you give while I was serving on the Kitsap County Budget Committee in 2011. You are one of those rare elected officials who has the ability to connect with the average citizen and who can explain complicated mechanisms of government in a way that everyone can understand.

    There are many conservatives like you and I in Kitsap that are starting to speak out for real changes in position, attitude and strategy within the Republican party both locally and nationally.

    Thanks for weighing in! I really like many of the suggestions you just stated.

    Colleen Smidt

  5. Reorganization meeting for the local Republican Party is Dec 10th.
    I suggest you be their Colleen .

    I have worked with a number of good people in campaigns . Years when we still could win an election in North kitsap. It was never easy , and have seen some good candidates shot down by their own party for being to far to the right or being too moderate .

    Sorry Jim , Listening to those who use trickle down as a pejorative has never been anything but an uninformed attempt to marginalize the view that people spend their own money better then the government does , or if you actually look at the facts rought us out of a 20 percent interest rates , high unemployment and high inflation . Not to mention a lack of belief in government can make any difference . Your not even close to understanding the common sense Reagan brought to the fore front of modern conservatism .

    Also Jim many have never considered you a republican , neither have you unless it was an election you were seeking help from the party you publicly take shots at . Reagan believed if you agreed with the majority of issues to unify behind the party , in parts where we disagreed to show some tolerance .

    Listening to liberals what we to do to elect republicans is been going on since I have been involved in politics. McKenna the moderate or Rossi the well spoken pro life conservative proves in this state it is more then that . When was the last tinme we had democrats back down from their tax payer supported abortion and contraceptive support . The American people are not so black and white on those issues , pro choice does not mean they want us to pay for what goes on in the bedroom and there are many who do not want government legislating what happens because of it . The county democrats have been talking about bringing jobs to Kitsap since the 90’s . They have bought open land and closed parks we already have . they have fought against easing restrictions , and the media has never called them on their lack luster performance or empty promises.

    Immigration needs to be reformed , and people need to be allowed to come here legally . We also do not need those coming here who could be security risks . That is what government is suppose to be able to do also , protect us .

    The Republican party just took a horrific shot , and in deed candidates showing up unknown and loosing , then never seen again has been a local problem I agree Colleen . Or in Jim’s case showing up only when they need help and never showing any kind of leadership as an elected republican in the office they have won . Never once heard of you of supporting republicans Jim . Never . You think republicans like you may be part of the problem also ?

    I have seen many a good person ripped apart by the local media here , that when the local media actually had more influence . People just wanting to get their reputations back , where the election became almost secondary .

    Two years ago we elected more House Republicans in DC since Truman I believe . Does not sound like the republican party is dead to me . The democrats won big this election, considering Obama actually got about 9 million less votes then he did last time out does not sound like the GOP has the only problem . Romney was in commercials where he was blamed for the death of a spouse , he was made into an evil greedy little man who was keeping the deserved government entitlements that many people feel they are owed . His religion was mocked openly among the left , while racism was used as any excuse for disagreement .

    I am not about to start to support a Republican party that gets in a race with the party of freebies and compete in a who can give away the most , take away the most freedom from those who have worked hard to earn it . Take away the opportunity that people deserve to be allowed to have in a free country.

    What needs to be done is understanding politics better , understand the left does not want to beat you , they want to destroy you . Millions stayed home in this election country wide , the negativity I believe had something to do with that .

    Good candidates occur when we show them we will support them , and we know they will support a large part of the Platform . Not all of it , but defintely not disregard it. And yes , telling the opportunitist and those with questionable charcter no thanks .

    P.S Christine Rolfes is a class act . One of only a few the democrats have . The fact a Appelton or folks who support candidates who ridicule religious or the fact they belive they have a trailer trash mentality keep getting re elected is nothing the local democratic party has to be proud of . Howdie doodie could put a d by his name and win some elections in this county .

  6. I understand and respect your comments Mick. Btw am I invited to the reorg on 12/10 :)? It sounds like we do agree on some things. For the record I don’t recall asking for much if any support from the local party over the years. In fact they tried to talk me out of running for assessor when I got stated with all this political stuff 15 years ago, in favor of a loyal republican who had already announced for the position.

    Also for the record I have found a few republicans I could support over the years. Bob Oke, Matt Ryan, Jan Angel (Jan will tell you I talked her into running for county commissioner the first time) and Rob McKenna come to mind.

    I am also proud of my small effort toward smaller government. When I came to office in 1999 there were 38.5 fte’s in our office. Today there are 22.5.

    All the best–jim

  7. Mick,
    Republican’s choice to spend energy on ripping apart other Republicans over incremental philosophical differences on issues is a big part of the problem. A problem that you have just brought up examples of. You have done it here to Jim. Hamilton, Benze, Gorner and Swaboda have done it to me and many others.

    I did fully embrace and engage in the Republican Party “process” in 2010. I attended their meetings and proceeded through the process as a delegate to their county and state conventions. I like to base my decisions for continued participation on my actual experience with the process. After my experience in 2010, I found my continued direct personal participation with the local Republican Party to NOT be the best use of my time as an engaged active citizen.

    Instead I chose to live the list of examples and criteria that I laid out in my first comment above. That is not just advice for potential candidates, it is advice for how to become an informed and active citizen that utilizes and engages in the available public processes available to residents and voters when it comes to actually being a physical part of local government.

    It floors me that recent local Republican candidates spout all sorts of generalities about how they are going to defend and embrace the individual rights of citizens as an important part of the governmental process, yet majority of those candidates themselves have not been personally involved, in any long term efforts, in the citizen side of the process at all. How can they defend or improve what they do not know or have experienced?

    Do I want to give up my actual participation as a citizen in the governmental process to instead wipe noses and bottoms for a “party” of firmly entrenched philosophical obstructionists? No thanks.
    When it comes to reforming the local Republican Party time is on the reformers side. The average age of the leadership and controlling participants is 60 to 70. The natural course of time, just a handful of years in most cases, will cleanse the old school, polarizing obstructionists from the fold. Then the time will be ripe and easier for reform from the moderates.

    The younger generation of Republicans simply does not have the numbers to fill the void the existing 60 to 70 crowd will be leaving behind here shortly. That is a big problem and one that looks like the local party has employed little effort in solving.

    Perfect example is this past year when I followed the selection of local delegates for the national party conventions.

    The Republicans had Jack and Donna Hamilton going in an attempt to cling to last vestiges of their King and Queen making veneer of the distant past.

    The Democrat selected 22 year old Brittany Duff an up a comer with a long party participant future ahead.

    With this sort of example one does not have to dwell for long on why the local Democrats are successful now and will be in the future as it will take years, if ever, to rebuild what the local Republican leadership has foolishly squandered time and time again.

    I agree Christine Rolfes is a class act. But you have got to stop using the Appleton/religion example regarding discriminatory ridicule of a particular social group if you are going to openly support and defend James Olsen who also engages in a nearly constant stream of direct discriminatory ridicule towards any and all particular social groups who don’t agree with him. Olson is not anything the local Republican party should be proud of either.

  8. I really do not understand why anyone would support a party. A candidate, yes, a specific issue, of course. I am done forever supporting a political party, too much bad with the good.

  9. This is true , and republicans should not be bringing up their dirty laundry in public . You and Jim did it here . Ridiculing Reagan right after a major republican defeat is somewhat sad for the only Republican elected county wide rep . You taking on Hamilton and rest of the names shows your no friend of the republican party . That does nothing here but make you look big in front of those who rather not see anyone with a R win regardless if they had conviction or not . Oh yeah of course they only support the candidate .

    I quit the republican party after 2006 . Being involved through the campaigns and support to see the DC establishment use conservative rhetoric, nation building , and spending like crazy to keep their jobs lost my appetite for republican party . So sorry I have only seen your better then thou outside approach. Never seen you working with any candidate , never on a campaign , never doing anything but showing your outside advice to how to make a candidate . As if that is new ???????? I notice the liberals admire you for your criticism , suggest you share it about the lefts candidates and see what happens ? Ever listen to some of them speak about policy ? Appelton , haigh ? According to Mr. Henderson , Reagan was a traitor should have been tried for treason . You Think Reagan paid attention to your advice for a candidate ? You think it helped him with the left ? You think Jane or Robin would believe your right about good candidates then ? Actually you will find even good candidates will loose when the left has secured the media and stronghold of left leaning individuals . Republicans did not not get out the vote , listening to rhetoric such as yours here I am sure will not inspire many to get out next time either . No wonder you can not stand republicans , your not concerned about republicans winning . You seem concerned about you winning something .

    You may have points , you loose them in a public forum . Robin Henderson walking in the rain in not an example of building a party . You actually think republicans don’t do that , how about walking in the rain when they know the lost the race by a 60 to 40 percent margin . That I know about . I know I have done that and I am not that much I agree. But I have been PART OF SOME GOOD CAMPAIGNS , that is more you can say . I have also supported and worked on some lousy campaigns and for bad candidates . I doubt you will understand this , I was proud to do so . I was humbled by the opportunity to try and help my fellow citizens . If you have to shine to help , do us a favor and stay home .

    How about being denied a position on a committee because you’re a republican , I have done that many times also . You think its easy for republicans to get on committees in kitsap ? If you go to the wrong church see what happens , the questions you get asked . . You call it a social group , but guess what , my social group came here to get away from that crap a few hundred years ago . . May be very courageous to speak to to your own prejudice and decide to vote for gay marriage , another thing when you support moms and dads and the friends you keep in contact with now with call you a bigot . How about writing a column on that injustice , see if your moderate friends are proud of you then . Thats what you inspired , some people have views different then yours and actually have because of morality , conviction , genders being important and different genders are different then race, and what is best for kids . The only position you gave for opposing gay marriage was bigotry . Thanks … You’re a great help to the republican Party ? Talk about helping the sterotypes gain some clout . You then lecture republicans ????????????

    Jan Angel was a great as a commissioner . When Endresen and company attempted to gang up on her, the republicans came out and supported her . They did not start picking at her for not being a good candidate . She in turn picked republicans for committees , and dear I say strongly opinioned conservatives to serve on committees.Patty Lent picked liberals , she actually was concerned about causing controversy . Yes all liberals on a committee and everyone gets along . We see how that worked . Yep the committee now gives their advice to the commissioners , the Commissioers take the advice without anyone objecting so therefore it must be a good Idea. It’s the liberal way , only conservatibves cause the problems , moderates and liberals all work for the good .

    It floors you about the generalities republican candidates only speak in . Yes it is bothersome . It floored me more the people who publically state then sitting on the side lines . As if she is saying something not known . Lincoln was said to be a losuy candidate his first few times out . In fact his last election he was often burned in eulogy . Good thing we had republicans back then williong to wipe some noses . Of course your too good for that .

    So you believe doing it solo will get something done . Really . I got involved more in my church and volunteer work , so yes I can see going solo can actually do more good then if you decide the local party is too dysfunctional . But you believe your political expertise here is doing something.

    You do not wish to wipes noses and bottoms . The obstructionists gone , then the time will be ripe for the moderates ? Yes when we all think like you , times will be great . when you have to get your hands dirty , fight for a country and freedom , yep just wait till the old crowd dies off. Yep folks have been doing that since 1776 , sorry you guys are still waiting and will be . Something great about this country , the remant here still burns for liberty . . You missed out .

    Obviously you have not been involved in young republicans either have you ? A friend of mine had his son actually go to DC because he won a contest for his debating skills . Oh yeah the local party has done nothing there also .???????????????? Your wrong , they do more then you know .

    Why ae the democrats are successful ? You honestly believe the democrats are successful . The state government is run by democrats , t Republicans made some stupid mistakes made some outrageous comments concerning women . You think republicans are worse in Olymia and DC then democrats ? Where do you get your news ?

    I never defended James Olsen . I supported his policies of smaller government , tax reform . A democrat wins an election that is one more vote that goes towards who chairs committees , in other words who controls the agenda of the House . I am elected PCO , I am a republican . To me that means something , I was elected to support he republican party . The local candidate in the republican party in the 23rd district s rude , insensitive , and someone I would not call able to work with others . The reason I spoke up to this because there are those in the north end like Henderson and yourself who joined up on a Hate Group called Characters Count . they defamed not just Olsen , but that page all so attacked others associated with him or even endorsed him . My sexuality was mocked , I was called a racist , a bigot , AND HOUNDED WHERE EVER I BLOGGED BY 4 OR 5 BLOGGERS AT A TIME . Other republicans were also attacked on the page , like the Danielsons , also those in the Tea party . Issues not just Olsen were attacked . But not just politically ridicule , they mocked their personal traits . Mocked them using sexual graphic images . Called the republican in the prosecutors race a lyer among other things . Had it in their Facebook note sections , so it was more then just a James Olsen site . It came out against pro life beliefs and of course the bigoted tradition concept of a mom and dad .in marriage . Sorry when moderates like those that support groups that will go to web to web and doing what these folks have done , well that’s when the republican party will look like the democratic party I guess. seems to be what you support . Yrou belief that the local democrats are successful because of recent GOP control is really quite silly , uninformed , and shows you know no history of what happened in this county . Sherry Appelton is the James Olsen of the republican party . She will win overwhelmingly in this district and it has nothing to do with Jack Hamiliton or being a good candidate . Hamilton I am sure wiped a few noses still had the fortitude to put his name up and volunteered , and I am sure had to deal with the kind of public criticism you have done here . At least he had a chance to defend himself , where as you take pot shots from the moderate outside . If you want my opinion of the present leadership I would gladly give it to you , at least at one time I would .

    Not in public .

    Years ago Matt Ryan , appointed me to a Human rights Council position . Matt Ryan was a mainstream republican , the kind your waiting to take over I GUESS. I was new to the party and did not know better , a Reagan Republican and I supported everyone . Some folks say Matt did it to gain support support from the conservatives in his re election , Endresen took him out anyway . I spent those two years basically wanting to quit that committee . Actually Jim Craswell and I could fill up a room with the basically the whole activist aspect of the democratic party . The board members would chit chat with those in attendance about how evilllll we were . before I was appointed , Jim told me they use to discuss the previous local democratic party’s meeting during the Board meeting of the Human Rights . I of course was the trouble maker .

    I stayed on , but please accept some useful advice , you have no knowledge of the political good old boy network in this county , when people in this county do things the press turns a blind eye or perhaps even agree . I had quit the party and just started volunteering as I said , I joined two organizations as a mentor . Figured I spend my days making a difference in a kids life instead of changing the world . Well guess what , a left winged bigot who I served with on the Council I was appointed on who was upset that a white male christian was on the council actually decided to deny my request to help a kid . The media did not think it was important , no one in the court house did , and of course folks like you will speak to the ineptitude of the republican party . Let me say that again , I do mentor kids , I can show you some success stories , Basically just ebing some one who int here for a kid . The person in the court house refused to give me a chance to participate , they had volunteers go ahead of me , they continue to asked for volunteers because they have not enough for the kids in their program . When I complained got an interview with FOUR people . My friend who applied after me was invited in and never got an interview and got a tour of the facility . I was denied , no explanation . The Sun knew , the same Sun that would have ripped the courthouse if a black , a gay was denied a chance , well nevermind . That is living in Kitsap county .

    Seems to me we got a bigger problem they you realize in this county and country . But you just wait on the sidelines . By the way Mary Swoboda is a friend of mine . Stood by me when only a handfull would . Would never rip people like you have in a public forum . Shame on you . I suggest till you learn a little about character , you do not attack those who have some .

  10. Well Thanks Jim for reswpecting my comments . Your endorsement of Kilmer and supporting Russ Hauge some how does not provide for my understanding of the only elected republican in our courthouse really has anything usefull to contribute to what is wrong with republicans . Seems you neglected to point out youself .

    You do realize besides Kilmer having the total endorsements of all the Unions , etc his election to Congress helps in the the President’s view of 16 trillion and growing debt to be the problem of the rich . you actually seem to have to have some knowledge of numbers , the total tax increase on the rich Kilmer and folks are proposing will not even pay for the poor souls on food stamps under this president . What about the other trillions ? Why the heck would you support say a Romeny and vote for people who would harmed his attemts to solving problems .

    Kilmers total support of tax payer funded abortions . His supporting for gay marriage also shows he is far to the left of the average voter , in fact extreme compared to the rest of the country .

    The Character counts page that Colleen and Robin here at least are on , had comments depicting the candidate that ran against Hague in their note section as a liar . That candidate was friend of mine. J But of course he is a republican , a losuy candidate as Collen would agree with , something you seem to use when is convenient , and make clear to people your above of it all , most come in handy in that couthouse . Being compared to the intolerant and crazies must be hard . Of couse the political views of Russ are right on ?

    What does a republican stand for Jim ? Then explain to me what that has to do with Kilmer or Hague ?

    Invite you to the Re Org ? Jim I had quit politics for a couple of years . I might even agreed with Colleen on many thigns if she had the decency to not use a public forum to stick it to some folks like she did .

    I want to get involved and hoefully change things , get the party out more in the open instead of with the same old crowd . The Tea party makes sense to me , but its just one aspect of the party . Just like the pro lifers , and of course the liberaterians and religious perspectives . But the party should have gays , balcks and Hispanics and at least we should be involved in those communities . We should be helping candidates , not expecting them to be ganged up and picked off one by one as has been the case .

    Most of all we need to show and explain better as Colleen attemted to point out whey freedom and conservatism works better . Why putting liberty ahead of equality will eventually make both stronger . I would have to explain thse basic concepts to you unfortunately .

    No asked me to come to the Re org meeting , no one can stop me either .
    I knew Bob , came to a prayer breakfast at my church , hunderstood about the separation of church and state . Interestingly I wonder if you do . Marriage between a man and women is a violation of church and state ? Since when did kids not need a mom and dad ? Besides that , with science not religion has come greater concern for abortions . We can operate on the unborn now while in the womb and fix birth defects . we can see hands , toes, we can honstly notice brain waves and notice reflexes, possible detect pain . Having tax dollars pay for that is not pro choice , that is pro abortion . Hopefully you can pick out the active democrats who are pro life ?

    You can be part of the republican party and be pro choice , what you can not be is someone who uses this Kitsap County party any more and expect NOT to be confronted with it . One of things I will promote is candidates such as a James Olsen or a Jim Avery show why they should have the right to say they are part of the Kitsap Republican party . Your both an embarrassment .Thats not a problem for the REPUBLICAN PARTY , I SUGGEST IT MAY BE A PROBLEM FOR YOU.

    You have not helped your case here .

  11. “Howdie doodie could put a d by his name and win some elections in this county.”

    With Jim O. as his opponent, I predict the usual 60/40.

  12. “If you have to shine to help , do us a favor and stay home.”

    Great comment, perhaps on more levels than you realise…

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