See who will be, has been, advertising

Wanting to visit the kitchen or the loo, but don’t want to miss an important political advertisement? Now you have help. All kidding aside, this could be good information to have.

Thanks to Political Ad Sleuth, you can see, in advance and in the rear view mirror, who is paying for political advertising on local television stations. By following the links to the Seattle stations I can see that Derek Kilmer, a Democrat running for the 6th Congressional District seat left open by the retirement of Norm Dicks, will be running ads on “Ellen,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and several other shows. Bill Driscoll, the Republican running in the same race, will have commercials on “The View,” and “Jeopardy.” Both candidates will have spots on other shows as well, but you get the idea.

That Driscoll and Kilmer are advertising is interesting in terms of when spots are airing, I suppose. It’s useful to be able to see the actual documents that show the sausage being made.

What would have been a surprise to me months ago is how little outside money is coming in. The Republican Governors Association has made a mark in airing lots of anti-Jay Inslee ads, while Our Washington is painting Rob McKenna in negative tones. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has an ad against John Koster. The Republican State Leadership Commission has ads favoring Reagan Dunn, or against Bob Ferguson, for attorney general.

No other Congressional race appears to have generated negative television. Some of that has to do with how safe incumbents are. The rest has to do with the competitiveness of other races compared to districts elsewhere.

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