Boycotting anything?

Are you boycotting anything?

The nearest Chick-fil-A restaurant is 414.88 miles away in Boise. This may be a fun fact you can use if you have friends aiming to criticize you for not participating in today’s lovefest.

The event is in support of the company’s contributions to efforts to keep marriage between one man and one woman. The company’s owner disclosed that it does support those efforts. Boycotts and anti-boycotts began. Same goes on the other side for and against Amazon and Microsoft, whose leaders have contributed big money to the effort to support Referendum 74, confirming the Legislature’s move to allow gay couples to marry.

I texted a friend of mine about such a boycott. He lives in Washington and loves Chick-fil-A. I also know he supports gay marriage. I asked him if he would boycott, if such an option were available to us.

“Yeah, I would, though every purchase you make supports some cause that you’re usually aware of. Still, for a company chief to blatantly say that only his view of marriage is legitimate is insulting. I don’t want to put more money in his pocket,” he responded.

Other friends of mine posted on Facebook.

“Early dinner for Chick-fil-A day! and love that lemonade!”

“We support Chick-Fil-A!”

On the other side there is an effort to boycott General Mills products. You know, Cheerios.

A column in “The Week” questions whether boycotts work.

Your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Boycotting anything?

  1. Just another example of society’s intolerance. Chick-Fil-A has the same rights of religion and expression as we all have. Some say the religious right is trying to shut down personal freedoms, etc. But those same people are doing the exact same to the religious right. I am not religious, nor am I necessarily that far to the right. But come on, people. Pick your battles. This is one restaurant chain. You’re not going to make ANY difference in your overall war fighting this little battle. The country has a huge problem in that we are so divided and intolerant, lately. And obviously, you who are organizing and formally boycotting, are as much a part of the problem as you percieve this restaurant chain to be.

  2. I would decline to go to Chick-Fil-A if I had the option. Though I can’t recall ever having seen or heard of this fast food chain before this week.

    Declining to go to a restaurant is not an attack on freedom of speech or religion. The owner of the chain can say whatever he wants. The idea that I should not respond to his speech with my own speech is ridiculous. Freedom of speech does not mean sitting idly by while some preach bigotry.

    And finally it is really tiring to hear about how a boycott of Chick-Fil-A is an affront to freedom coming so soon after Starbucks was boycotted for supporting civil rights and even while groups are calling for boycotts of Amazon since its CEO stepped up and made a bold gesture of support for R-74 here in Washington.

    Boycotts don’t work. Too few people care.

  3. Well stated Jim , I agree. When the left disagrees they willl attempt to destroy you. I use to take it that they hated freedom and America. Not anymore , I just think they lack humility and see equality as their number one passion . This restaurant closes Sundays , and the view that you suport marriage is somhow anti gay is wrong in my opinion. But that is now how the argument is framed . Since when is supporting marriages that allow both genders be represented to kids and children anti anything but pro kid . Well now it is , and the left believes like in most cases if you disagree with them it must be because the other side is bigoted , racist, etc . The lack of humility I often find from left leaning media and political supporters will attack, in groups or use total dis regard for civility or tolerance of another view . The same Chicago mayor who showed disdain for Chick just two years ago was supporting President Obama in DC as his top advisor . Who had at that time the same views Rob McKenna had on marriage . Now McKenna is a bigot . And Chicago values means you would no longer accept the values of our resident just a short time ago .

    Boycotts don’t work , Micro soft and are safe too . But obviously the media will leave them alone .

  4. I have boycotted Bremerton for the past two years, due to the automated Red Light cameras and the BMCs use of a fake judge.. There is something wrong with a city that hires a private, foreign, for profit company to issue traffic infractions. The argument is that if you don’t want a ticket then don’t run the light but this is false because Redflex issues the ticket to the registered owner not the actual driver. So, I have chosen to keep my vehicle, myself and my family out of Bremerton all together and continue to warn everyone I know. Does my boycott work? Probably not as I am only one person ……but if a few more people catch on then who knows?

  5. Ca Ching I think most people do boycott stores or in your case avoid towns they believe treated them unfairly or people they know . But in this I believe their was a reaction to the political leaders speaking to denying permits to operate their business , a bit of fascism was in play . I think even people who perhaps did not share the Bibical values of the restaurant chain joined in with them in reaction to the way the same marriage side responded to the restaurant owners.

  6. it is interesting to observe the Chik-fil-a controversy. For every one person boycotting them there seems to be ten people willing to go out and support them. They have had record sales and long lines since this started.

  7. Well, even though I sign in, I still have to vent and give my name. So much for the rules, I suppose, but REMEMBER: I am still in the Jury pool, so watch that….

    Rant, rant, rant against anyone who is against Socialism, Homosexuals, Communism, and Islam, and you are considered an enemy, intolerant, yadda, yadda, yadda…..

    Agree, and you are considered a Good Citizen, a Good Democrat.

    November is coming, and we shall see.

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