Five locals headed to national GOP convention in Tampa

Kitsap County Republican Party Chairman Jack Hamilton will be a delegate at the Republican National Convention, Aug. 27-30, in Tampa. He will be joined by Gig Harbor’s Marlyn Jensen, who challenged state Rep. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor, for his seat in the Legislature in 2008.

Three other Kitsap residents are going as alternates: Donna Hamilton (Jack’s wife), Arna Souza and Willard Swiger.

Jensen and the alternates go representing the Sixth Congressional District. Jack Hamilton is going as an at-large pick.

The state Democratic Party is expected to release its list today.

One thought on “Five locals headed to national GOP convention in Tampa

  1. Shame on Jack Hamilton for his dishonorable conduct. He will always be remembered as the man who delivered Kitsap county to Mitt “Romneycare” Romney through deceit, bullying and the un-American silencing of the informed minority. Romney supports the treasonous NDAA,and employs the author of the 4th amendment destroying Patriot Act as his senior advisor. This same advisor, Michael Chertoff, is responsible for bringing the shameful naked body scanners to American airports in contempt of our human dignity. Romney has a dismal record with regard to the second amendment and is the architect of the health insurance mandate. This ludicrous mandate is actually a $1000-$1500 monthly tax increase for middle class Americans. Thanks to men like Hamilton, Obama will not face a genuine opponent in the 2012 election, only a pseudo-conservative doppelganger who will continue his constitution and currency destroying policies.

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