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UPDATE: Candidate Stephan Brodhead shed further light on the response he gave to the News Tribune. While he’s still not happy the reporter posted just a part of his letter, he apologizes to the paper and to another candidate. And he takes shots at Democrats Derek Kilmer and Norm Dicks.

With the August primary next on the election calendar newspapers and others are inviting candidates in for frank discussions about policy and campaign goals. The News Tribune in Tacoma invited Stephan Brodhead, one of five Republicans running to replace Democrat Norm Dicks in Congress, in for a chat and it seems he is not interested.

I have never subscribed to the Tacoma News Tribune or used their classified or advertising services. I found their classified ad cost to be ridiculously priced, and I use Craigslist to advertise my rentals. I use Google to get my news; hence, asking for an endorsement from your obsolete “Obama Yellow Press” makes no sense whatsoever.

Point of clarification: While Brodhead might first see his news from Google, the company doesn’t actually report news itself, it links to publications like this one, and the News Tribune.

He said more, but instead of being like The Huffington Post and copying and pasting it, I’ll be like Google and give you a link to it.

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  1. Thought his letter was somewhat over the top . not sure his concern about the tribune using trees was sarcastic or what . But totally understand not using the newspapers, sorry Steve but many republicans in this area consider an endorsement for the democrat without any cheap shots at their own candicacy is a victory with the media in this area. That gets old election cycle after election cycle. It also reflects with candidates not willing to step up who have the qualifications and sincerity to try and make a difference with helping our community . The end result is perhaps candidates that should not be running or should have been defeated in aa primary .

    Did go to his web , seemed to have some common sense solutions , with social security promotes rasing the contribution rate and stopping the cut off limit that higher income earners have . Providing solutions besides rhetoric that usually wins endorsements . Seems a little bombastic which will hurt him.

  2. Disdainful of the local press — wonder why? Don’t fight people who buy ink by the barrel still hold true but he can run his own campaign.

  3. It may be true that the Kitsap Sun has endorsed more Democrats than Republicans in recent years, but I think the quality of the Republican candidates is the cause rather than bias on the part of the Sun. Mick seems to think the Sun endorsement policy is part of the cause of the decline of quality candidates, but I think the decline came first. The Republicans used to put up candidates who were intelligent people who had managed their lives well. In recent years, it seems that bankrupts and other failures volunteer themselves and the GOP takes them into the fold. Senator Craswell and Representatives Schmidt and Woods would be appalled at many of the current crop of Republican candidates.

    Two recent examples are Chris Tibbs, who filed a personal bankruptcy in 2005, who now says that it was really a business bankruptcy, and Bret Treadwell, who filed a personal bankruptcy in 2009. Tibbs says now that one of his debts back then was to his current employer. However, he failed to list that debt in his filing. That means that he is either lying now, or he lied in his filing, which would be a felony. Treadwell’s bankruptcy is filled with very, very large credit card debts, which looks like champagne living on a beer pocketbook, as my grandmother often said of people who lived beyond their means. In fact, I recommend that the Sun get copies of both of those filings and print the lists of assets and debts. They are very revealing. Another example of a very poor candidate is poor James Olsen, who couldn’t even get his own small neighborhood to vote for him for sewer commissioner.

    I do recall the Sun and other local papers endorsing Republicans – more in the distant past and fewer in recent times, but it does happen. I suppose we Democrats should be grateful that the Republicans do not find better candidates.

    I read the Sun and some other papers every day, but only online. I believe that print media is going to die out very soon.

  4. I can see points from both Mick and Linda.

    I feel that a lack of quality Republican candidates does is fact have to do more with county and state party leadership. Leadership that spends very little time cultivating, courting and fully vetting the local conservative pool for possible candidates. They drive most away with their inability to give potential conservative candidates any respect or room on issues that deviate from the hard party “my way or the highway” idealistic deal breakers.

    Also local average Republicans have a recent history of not participating as civically as they should and need to. The majority is full of spouting “We the People” as a form of government but only a small percentage that really gets it, go on to involve themselves in local civics and actually put their constitutional right into any direct committed long term practice. The majority just sits on their couches, complain, spew partisan talking points and think that voting for everyone with an “R” after their names on the ballot is the extent of their governmental citizen obligation.

    As far as the non-possiblity of a local media endorsement? Shrug. There are ways to actually make a lack of media endorsement work IN a candidates favor if their message is the favorable and embraced by voters and the disconnect is proven to be with the media viewpoint or endorsement itself.

    Mick, you may be right that at one time the local media could really damage a campaign when they were a more exclusive source and voice (before social media and the internet). Now, not so much. They are only one small voice and source in a pretty big pool filled full of competition.

    I have watched what many others have labeled and construed as “damaging headlines” or “witch hunt breaking news” on local candidates over the past few election cycles. From my point of view it is not the “story” or the “headline” that damaged the candidate or the campaign the most. It was the candidate or campaign themselves that did not have the ability to do any damage control over something that they knew full well could and would come out and they should have been prepared for it well in advance.

    Which links back to the local Republican party not cultivating, courting and fully vetting candidates and their closets before they put any warm willing body with a name on the ballot.

    The tide is also swinging on endorsements. For example, I am working with a couple of state education organizations that historically have endorsed a vast majority of Democrats. Until now. Several are working with and endorsing many more Republicans than ever before as the movement and acceptance towards education funding and operational “reform” gains popularity and momentum.

  5. well I have to say Linda gabriel , who use to have a different last anme speaking to the creditability of Ellen Crawswell as a respected candidate is displaying a bit of deceit .

    Linda , the Human rights Concil I served on listed Ellen Craswell with hate mongers , neo nazis, militia , KKK, and white supracmist groups is touching . I kept those records , because no one in this age would support that crap like you and others . Youn supprrted and condmened me as the democrat party at that time for speaking to it .

    The Sun of course was concerned with the Boy Scouts sudden assault on gay folks .

    Ellen Craswell acually called me because of the bigoted comments in the papers , I believe right after yours stating to me she did not know anyone besides her in Kitsap County that was so targeted . I agree was a great candidate ,person , Christian , and public servant . I would disagree with her use of religion and I would disagree with your use to demonize Christians . Your a bigot .

  6. Thanks Colleen, my perception is lacking maybe . I still get asked by some oldtimers who undertstand the Reagan Republican to get back in in it, m , te media promoted the racist view of less govenment , or now less gay marriage as bigoted or racist ,

  7. Thanks Colleen , my perception perhaps is lacking. I still get asked by some old timers who undertsand the Reagan Republican . Interesting he was then blamed for being a racist and hurting homsexuals .That he was alousy candidate , ignorant , and prejudice.
    Basiclly the views of Linda still . But of course something we need at Republicans to over come . She is a bigot ,

    As long as the Linda Gabriels are allowed to USE the media as an idealogical friend they will be not be accountable The basic fact she is the campaign manager of a Commissioner , she has bigoted comments on record yet un reported is interesting . No comments from tibbs regarding her candiates homosexuality , yet her support of human life being compared to a hate group goes un reported .

    I can give you links , Promise Keepers and responses that Linda supported Actually sad .Promise keepers compared to nazis and skinheads . Most peopletoday would find that pathetic , the media , Linda , and a few others such as deocratic party chair supported it .

    The emphasis of course is republicans having no real candidates . Sorry , this county has everything it deserves . The Sun in financial problems shows it has lost the respect ot ALL of us . Sorry Steve , and it has nothing to do with you , it has to do with selective coverage and spin .

  8. Mick,

    Let’s take a breath and look back twenty five years or more. The person you are describing would be a stranger to my Christian friends and relatives. I am sure that you have said things in the heat of a campaign that you later thought could have been worded more kindly. If you still have anger toward me from so long ago, you have been letting me live in your head and I’m not paying any rent to be there.

    It is very true that (twenty and thirty years ago) I frequently spoke from fear of organized conservative Christians. The fact that so many of them wanted to control what I did with my body sparked that fear. As abortion doctors were murdered across the country, my fear increased. With the wisdom of age now, I am no longer afraid of conservative Christians or of anyone else. My dear brother is a conservative Christian Republican, and I love him deeply and do not fear him. We disagree and we don’t discuss politics or religion, but there is no animosity between us.

    Ease up, Mick. I don’t think you will feel better for calling me names.

    I am genuinely sorry for any bad feelings you got from any of my words. You may not be able to forgive me for my passionate commitment to causes with which you disagree, but maybe you can forgive my “heat of the moment” statements. I have forgiven myself, and I have forgotten them, too.

    This year, I am not managing any political campaigns.

  9. Linda you are so right , I am so sorry . I was the black sheep of my family, my brothers have Masters in Nuclear Physics, Two Naval Academy Grads , Business, and my Sister travels the war for a bigtime high tech company . I was not good in school but very good at drugs, sex and rock n roll till my thirties. Not too good at picking my partners till I allowed God in on the deal. . I was invited to church , changed my life , changed my perspective . Started volunteering , started helping people I did not even know why totally I felt blessed with a new chance and wanted to help instead of just be a user .

    Was not a member of the Christian Right , just was learning aabout politics. Wish I hadn’t actually , In think perhaps I make a bigger difference coming along side a person in need one at a time . For the life of me I did not understand why I received so much attention in such a negative manner . The people pleaser in was crushed . Embarrassed, and angry . Compared to who I was and the way I hurt the community we all live in just a few years before in my over it .

    But yeah ,pride hurts , and I apologize for allowing mine to go on inside of me and reflect badly on you .

    Your made in the image of God , and God made you beautifull .

    Best Regards , Mick

  10. Yeah, I’m glad I wasn’t around to see this is as it happened and that you guys worked it out. I love how you guys settled this. Thank you both.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Sun

  11. And Linda, interesting that you’re bringing up the bankruptcies. I’m working on a bankruptcy story now for the weekend. In some ways you kind of proved one of my points with candidates. Stay tuned.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Sun

  12. Speaking of endorsements, or lack thereof, I received a letter a couple of days ago from ‘Friends of Rob McKenna’, dated 5/30/2012 @7:18am that said in part:

    “Mr. Haydon, thanks for getting in touch…Mr. Olsen is not a personal friend of Rob’s and has not been endorsed by him. We, of course, can’t control all of the claims out there by people who say they know Rob or are supported by him.


    Adam Faber”


  13. Steve,
    Are you going to print the lists of assets and debts? Those lists are public information, but most people don’t know how to use Pacer to get them, or don’t want to pay for the access to a large filing.

    I think they’re informative. Obviously, you don’t need to print anything much about Treadwell, since he is no longer a candidate, but I hope you do on the others.

  14. Correction on the date of the letter referenced above. I received it 5/31/2012 @9:48pm. The date 5/30/2012 @7:18am was when I sent my inquiry to Mr. McKenna.

  15. Hayden,
    That’s a relief. I wonder how Rob feels knowing a crackpot is running around claiming to be his friend and to have his endorsement? Just one more case of Olsen’s bird dog mouth overrunning his chihuahua behind. Really speaks to character or lack thereof, doesn’t it!?

  16. I’m planning on voting for Jay Inslee, but I do appreciate the timely response from McKenna’s team. Quite the endorsement, eh? “Mr. Olsen is not a personal friend of Rob’s and has not been endorsed by him.”

  17. Rob McKenna will be a great governor and one long overdue for WA State after 30 years of poor Democrat management.

    One thing is certain, neither Rob McKenna, Inslee or Olsen want the endorsement of a group who host a (De)Facebook political hate site (that almost has 300 likes after 2 years – wow). I am proud that the smear troublemakers from this site, John Haydon and Shannon Evans have revealed their hand so clearly. Now if they could get someone other than their frenzied local girls choir to believe anything they say, they just might be what Islee wants. Moxie Media is at work here. I tell you Steve, there is a story here — sordid and sick but a story.

    Check out Appointed Rep Hansen: Expose ~ Follow the out of state MONEY. Now that is a story.

  18. As Mr. Olsen continues to print bald-faced lies about me (and others) on Facebook and Twitter, (who needs newspapers, right, Jim?), here is a very telling post from Jim’s FB page from a couple of weeks ago:

    “I am proud to be a fiscal conservative and friend of Rob McKenna.”

    Odd that ‘Friends of Rob McKenna’- writes on 5/31/2012 @9:48pm (two (2) days ago):

    “Mr. Olsen is not a personal friend of Rob’s and has not been endorsed by him.”

    One thing is for sure, as evidenced by the letter from McKenna’s people, Jim Olsen can not be trusted to tell the truth.

  19. Now Steve Gardner — as you do you sleuthing about the hate mongers of this site, one lead is John Haydon affiliation with a bankrupt and disgraced island resource — BITV. Haydon did a rather cynical and very unfunny part of their programming concentrating on crime. He went off the deep end on the crime as did the station that absconded with thousands – tens of thousands– of public property. Rather than get mental health debriefing, I am afraid something went awry.

    This is my challenge of Haydon’s nastiness. This isn’t a fabricated Haydon recreation of something that never happened, but this was my immediate and public call out of him and this little station. I also did not hide behind a coward’s anonymous hate site. Hey, Haydon, “have a crime-free day.”

  20. Steve — knowing that the few readers who wade into this nether world of Sun blogs wants to have to waste precious time, I give you/them the link to appointed Hansen’s expose:

    The picture of the group hug half way through is worth the price of admission. Now that is a great picture.

    Thanks, and I have to leave this dark world through one of the sewer man holes out of this place for now.

  21. Hello, Jim Olsen, you BALD-FACED LIAR. Was this the video that upset you so much?

    I still think it is funny. It could play again today if the BIPD would only accept another of your bogus police reports, as I noticed on the way into town and back this morning that there appears to be a number of your signs ‘gone missing.’

    PS, The day you grow some facial hair will be the day I stop calling you a bald-faced liar.

  22. After suffering through Olsen’s ad hominem attacks in local Letters to the Editor and then watching these campy campaign videos of his it is clearly evident that the man suffers from paranoia. Olsen is just another Right Wing Nut Job screaming out about the injustices enacted on him by those who do not fall in line with his viewpoints.

  23. Steve — after your Pulitzer work ferreting out bankruptcy info on candidates, try your hand at PDC filings and where the money comes from. Here’s the primer: PDC for Dummies. You can get going in less than 3 minutes on your way to a ticket out of the area. PDC – Primer

    And again, check out the anonymous Stalinist smear site run by two of the loudest voices on this page, the Cheech and Chong of smear. They are simply amazing for their vicious distortions and agitprop writing. And stop with the whining about BITV and events of 8 years ago. BITV is bankrupt. BITV is a disgrace and Crime doesn’t pay, John Haydon.

  24. Steve Gardner, reporter, Kitsap Sun:

    Here’s a lead for you. The cyber stalking and obsessional preoccupation John Haydon and Shannon Evans are laid out in their own words. They laid down the track of the smears in their Kitsap Sun blog posts. John Haydon writes anonymously under the curious name “Koilee.” Shannon Evans writes under the handle “Shannon.” Both individuals have hundreds of posts and a vast majority of them are on one subject: James Olsen. In the case of Evans, it reminds me of the gal in Fatal Attraction. And in the case of John Haydon the obsession reminds me the star of the Silence of the Lambs.

    You as reporter — as does anyone — can read the catalogued and archived comments from Haydon and Evans. Any reasonable person reading this cyberstalking would be troubled and then to know they carry their smear and intimidation over to their (De) Facebook site.

    Add to this the overlay of Moxie Media and you suddenly have full smear in bloom.

    Ad hominem is what they practice but when they are called out on their anti-democratic behavior, they cry “ad hominem.” This is bizzarro but then again, they both hail from BI.

    Again Haydon hides behind “Koilee.” Evans hides behind “Shannon.” Check it out but don’t waste too much time reading the sleaze.

  25. Jim,

    Is this the “(De)Facebook site” that you keep referring to? The one that you keep saying I “run”, but don’t, (making your statement another LIE)?

    It appears to be chock full of things that YOU have said and done. Not things that people say you have said and done, but things you have actually said and done. You smear yourself with your shocking behavior. It’s unconscionable! It’s shocking, really, the things you have said and done.

    Here is what ‘Friends of Rob McKenna’ had to say: “The Character Counts Facebook group was certainly interesting.” And I didn’t even mention Character Counts to them! They must have found it when they Googled you. No wonder they have distanced themselves. Once again, Jim. I don’t run the site. Stop telling lies about me.

  26. Kudos to Mitt Romney: In all, Romney won 34 of the 40 delegates up for grabs in Tacoma. Paul won five and Rick Santorum came away with one delegate.

    McKenna at the top of the state ticket bodes well for all down ticket candidates.

    Inslee– the Quitter — turns to BI smear merchantI losers for support.

  27. Apparently Jim Olsen, candidate for public office, missed my last post telling him that I don’t run the public service Facebook page that he so lovingly calls a “Stalinist thug (De)Facebook Hate site”, Character Counts. Or, that I asked him to stop telling lies about me, because about an hour ago he posted the following on his own Facebook site, “James M. Olsen”:

    “John Haydon alias “Koilee” and ——- —– alias “——-” are two thug merchants who run a hate site on (De)Facebook. Shame, shame, shame on ankle biters and losers like these two losers.”

    Quite frankly, my wife is perplexed as to why anyone would think that I had the knowledge or the wherewithall to create or run any kind of a website at all, let alone an “Anonymous Stalinist Thug (De)Facebook Hate site”. She is teasing me relentlessly.

  28. Shannon Evans writes under the handle “Shannon.”>>>>>Actually, Jim, I write under the name: In the event you think that using my given name “Shannon” is hiding perhaps you should take that up with my parents as they stuck that moniker on me and my long (and short) form birth certificate.

  29. Apparently, Mr. Olsen has given up on getting any meaningful endorsements from anyone, especially after this post on his Facebook page this morning:

    “Shannon Evans and John Hadon(sic) from BI are smear merchants. Shame, shame, shame. BITV is bankrupt corrupt failure. Smear sites are also bankrupt but fashionable among Stalinist thugs–with all due respect to thugs.”

    It is especially odd, bizarre, really, after seeing this video featuring Mr. Olsen being interviewed within the very offices of BITV.

    Of course, as far as credibility goes, he has also stated that he is an “Officer and a Gentleman of the highest order.”

  30. Mr. Olsen,

    Thanks for the excellent demonstration of the people skills that a candidate for public office should possess.

  31. Mr. Olsen,

    I have discovered how ‘Friends of Rob McKenna” @ must have found ‘Character Counts Defeat James Olsen’. It was really very simple. They must have Googled ‘James Olsen/Bainbridge Island’. The first thing that pops up is, ‘Character Counts’. Wow! Those people, whoever they are, that run the public service Facebook page “Character Counts Defeat James Olsen’ (NOT me, Jim, in case you’ve missed the last 10 times I’ve told you), are really good about keeping track of all you have said and done. You should thank them for all the publicity you are getting. It’s well deserved.

  32. Steve Gardner,

    I’d be happy to discuss any and all of false accusations that Olsen had made about me over the years including his latest barrage on Facebook, Twitter and on here. Might make for a funny story.

  33. To whom it may concern:

    My debt to asset ratio is approximately 10%.
    My credit score is as high as it gets….

    I am the only candidate that came to the Northwest “Penniless”, and made a stand. I did not inherit my wealth, my wife and I earned it.
    We lived like poverty stricken college students and saved every single penny, well except for my drag bug and sand rail….

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