Fifth Republican joins Congressional race

A fifth Republican announced today he’ll run for Congress in the 6th District.

Bill Driscoll, a former Marine who has also been in the forest products business, issued a statement saying he put $500,000 of his own money to put him even with Democrat Derek Kilmer’s “$350,000 in special interest money.” (For more about Derek Kilmer’s money, read our story from Monday.)

Driscoll’s statement says career politicians have failed, that he would focus on jobs, a strong defense, making sure veterans get the benefits they’ve been promised and balancing the federal budget.

Filing week begins May 14. The entire Driscoll statement follows:

TACOMA, WA — Bill Driscoll, a Marine Corps veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, a leader in the forest products industry, and a lifelong Republican, today announced his candidacy for Congress in Washington’s 6th District.

“Career politicians have had their chance and failed,” said Driscoll. “It’s time for new leaders who’ll rise above partisan bickering and demand results.”

In 2006 Driscoll set aside his business career, volunteered to rejoin the U.S. Marine Corps, and served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. 18 Years after leaving the Corps, Bill chose to put his uniform back on because he saw the toll repeated long deployments were taking on the men and women of our armed forces, and he knew he could help.

This same commitment to step up and serve is why Bill Driscoll is running for Congress.

“In Congress, I will focus on real job growth, balancing the federal budget, providing a strong national defense, and keeping our promises to those who’ve served our country in uniform,” said Driscoll. “Politicians talk about these issues all the time, but I learned in business and the military that results are what matter.”

Driscoll explained his decision to invest some of his own money in his campaign.

“Senator Kilmer has a head start in this race. By the end of March he had already raised more than $350,000 in special interest money, and at that rate we estimate that he’s approaching half a million dollars by now,” said Driscoll. “I’m investing $500,000 in my campaign, which should bring us even with Senator Kilmer. The rest of my campaign will be funded by individual donations, but now that we’re on equal footing let the best candidate win.”

The great great grandson of Frederick Weyerhaeuser who founded the Weyerhaeuser company in 1901, Bill is proud to have worked in the company and other forest products firms over the last 20 years.

Bill and his wife Lisa live in Tacoma. Lisa is a professor at University of Washington Tacoma, specializing in China and teaching in the Urban Studies Program as well as serving as Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Community Engagement. The couple has two children, John Saul age three and Anna, almost 3 months old.

The campaign website is

5 thoughts on “Fifth Republican joins Congressional race

  1. I guess my contribution to Derek Kilmer is part of that “special interest” money mentioned. My special interest is in progressive government with a careful and thoughtful approach to the budget.

  2. To quote from Monday’s article about Senator Kilmer “With all but about $20,000 coming from individuals, Kilmer ran away with the lead in turning voter enthusiasm into financial support during the first three months of the year.”

    It appears Mr Driscoll is just another rich republican who is going twist the truth to his own end and try to buy his own congressional seat.

  3. I was quite impressed by his web site . Saying all the right things so far , also quite a remarkable statement here . About time I say , mostof us are so sick of politicians that vote party on all the issues . We don’t need robots , we need people who are working for us , not a political machine .

    “Bill’s experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan are the first reason he’s running for Congress today, “It’s important that the men and women who best understand the human cost of these wars be elected to Congress. I will be a staunch advocate for those currently serving, for veterans and for their families,” says Driscoll, “we must have a more cautious foreign policy that uses war only as a last resort.”

  4. Mr. Kilmer is also a “staunch advocate for those currently serving”, as he has been in his position, especially helping those military who have had to leave their businesses to serve.

    I am with Linda and Connie. I am leery of scions of rich families whether it be in “forest products” or oil, etc. They have their special interests that buy them political office, just like the last one we had. Good that Bush 41 was a war hero, and good that others join the Marines like my Korean War vet hubby. They should do no less than the sons of middle and working class people.

    Port Orchard, WA

  5. Emillie,

    I fear you’re falling into a trap of bigotry here. Driscoll cannot help that he is from a wealthy family. Would you discount someone based on things that they cannot help ? Like if they were born female, or blue-eyed or Jewish (like Driscoll’s wife)? And let’s be honest about the quid pro quo and insider trading opportunity most “middle class” Reps enjoy when they go to Washington DC…many leave their home districts, move to the DC area and in a few years are millionaires– how does that happen on a Reps salary? Driscoll doesn’t need this petty kickback stuff, he can’t be bought because he already has more money than most of the people you or I will ever meet.

    The thing about Driscoll already being financially well off AND clearly willing to take on difficult and uncomfortable service to country in the hot, dangerous and spartan circumstances of a Marine officer in war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq is a huge thumbs up. The guy clearly is looking to keep serving his country and the luxury and comfort and trappings of wealth clearly don’t really matter much to him.

    I think it’s best to judge people based on their story and not project the stereotypical bigotry that someone because they were born rich are somehow “defective” or not worthy of service as a Rep.

    I also think that his approach to smart and strong military with a “last resort” mindset is very appealing.

    I think we all want good fiscally responsible and achievement driven Reps in congress, and we should keep an open mind on Driscoll and learn his story before anyone discounts him out of hand for being born a rich guy.

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