KC GOP unlikely to reconvene

The odds are long that Kitsap Republicans will be able to meet again to fill out its delegate roster for the state convention, said state party chairman Kirby Wilbur late on Wednesday. County Republicans met Saturday, but the convention ended with the party only choosing 14 of the 64 delegates allotted for the state convention.

Wilbur said the Republican National Committee offered some guidance as to how the county convention could be reopened just to finish picking delegates, but he said national officials were cautious. Wilbur, himself, is concerned about consequences beyond Kitsap County.

“I really, really do want to do something for Kitsap,” Wilbur said. But, “I’m inclined to do nothing because of the Pandora’s box I would open with the other two counties.”

Republicans in Clark County and Chelan County also ended their conventions without completing a full slate. Both, however, were able to pick more than half.

What made Wilbur consider making an exception was Kitsap’s count being so low, but he said he is afraid of establishing a precedent that could have an impact in the other two counties this year and in convention processes in the future.

Another issue is whether county Republicans could muster up enough attendance again to have a quorum. Estimates of Saturday’s attendance run between 700 and 800 people. Even if it was as low as 600, it would mean at least 301 people would have to be in the second meeting during the voting. Wilbur doesn’t relish the thought of 285 people showing up and having nothing to do.

Wilbur said a final decision could be made Thursday.

25 thoughts on “KC GOP unlikely to reconvene

  1. Since the Presidential election of 2008 an upswing in the sheer numbers of conservatives wanting to participate in the delegate/convention process has been considerable.

    The writing was on the wall in 2010, of which I was a participant from my district all the way up to the state level, for lessons to be learned about much needed operational and time consideration changes to adapt to the number of participants at conventions. At the time I made my thoughts about this and my convention experiences known to the local Republican leadership both publically and privately. I was not the only one that did.

    It is apparent from this year’s experience that nothing was learned, no adaptation or consideration was made and the same mistakes still continued only this time on a much larger scale.

    The current Republican leadership group has driven away more conservatives that it has drawn in.

    I would caution local Republican candidates to not rely solely on the local Republican leadership for advice or promotion. This particular group of leadership simply cannot deliver on the number of voters or level of local conservative support they continue to claim to have and have not been able to do so for quite some time now. This is very apparent in the very minor number of local Republicans actually holding office at this time.

    Local conservatives are weary of the complete lack of preparation, knowledge and civic experience that too many of the recent pool of Republican candidates being put forth are bringing to the table. The days of disenfranchised Republicans voting exclusively for a Republican candidate simply because they are the Republican candidate and or not the incumbent Democrat are over.

    They will continue to be over until a complete change of leadership and operational philosophy can be implemented.

  2. As a true Independent, I have always voted for the man/woman I believed was best able to responsibly fulfill the duties of the position in contention. In 2012 I will, for the first time in my life, vote a straight Democratic ticket, in response to the actions I have seen the Republican Party take in states they control like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan.

    It seems to me the Republican Party now has a Nationwide plan for how they will “rule” the Country if and wherever they get the opportunity, that runs contrary to the ideal of Government “of” and “by” all the people. It is time for us to put the brakes on that plan, before it’s too late!

    For traditional Republicans, it’s time for you to take your Party back from the extremists, and to once again be inclusive of all Americans.

  3. Remember going to a Kitsap GOP convention at the Cross Roads Church , ended up ending about midnight . Everyone had something to say ,Roberts Rule of Order, and so many discussions , and the were passionate for the most part , it was way too long .

    Not sure what happened re , but noticed some blame and no one taking responsibilty yet. Perhaps a good time for new leadership , and a active board that is seen in the the whole community. When I sat on a Board I had a to do list and a report was required every meeting in what I had done .

    Halibut I do honestly appreciate your comments , but I got involved in the Republican Party back in the early 90’s , and many would say because I was what you would call a Reagan Republican the comment was I was in the extremist group and the mainstream republicans were saying take their party back .

    But what keeps me out the local Republican Party is what I consider a Tea party mentality which I agree with in many ways because they focus on the budget, but it is not suppose to be running the Party or local party . Just one arrow in a quiver of the Republican party . Like you have Occupy Wall Street as party of the Democratic Party movement, but you would not want them running things , they have many in their numbers that are quite rigid, expanding government even more then now, socialists that actually claim they are socialists not people calling them that to attempt to stigmatize them .

    I left the party pretty much as far as activitism in 2008 , still vote republican on the State and Federal level, looked into the democrats , I am Union and heavily concerned about safety nets and helping the poor get out of poverty . But talk about extremism , their are certain issues liocally such as abortion , marriage , increasing taxes only on the rich , and their lack of ideas in regards to helping people out of poverty , just maintaining them in it , that just rub me the wrong way . Its not that if your pro life and a democrat , some actually think pro life is like racism . I think we see more people from both parties leaving it because of the lack of diversty allowed in either party when you get to it . They are into purety , both of them . The media of course ignores much of the problems in the democratic party , but they are there too .

    ” had to claim media bias , it is taught to us old republicans as a talking point ” ;0)

  4. This year’s county convention was a train wreck. No doubt about that.
    I read Jack Hamilton’s words in an e-mail and he did stand up and assume overall and complete responsibility, as he should have.
    Colleen above is correct; This convention was similar to 2010’s and the writing was on the wall. How in the world anyone thought we could get through the agenda in 7 hours with a lunch break is way beyond me.
    Many people are very, very disheartened and turned off by this abyssmal demonstration. I hope they do not blame the Republican candidates for oddice. It had nothing to do with them.
    As for the other party, “halibut”, the Democrats have gone totally socialist and Obama will not stop until he has destroyed our Constitutional framework and brought us to the level of Uruguay.
    If you cannot vote for the republican candidate, stay home and pray that your unalienable rights will be espected.

  5. Much ado about nothing. Fini, over, now let’s move on.

    Hey Dem bloggers, how goes Inslee’s special election costs? That is a truly giving story about arrogance.

    Hamilton did a great job and perfection is illusive.

  6. I enjoyed listening to the campaign speeches before the start of electing delegates to state, but I would rather have gotten our business done. I wonder how long a comparable sized county to Kitsap, it takes to go through four rounds of voting? Mr. Hamilton said there were delegates working to delay the process, I would say that they were making sure the convention was being run fairly, and just to be clear, the people most upset that we are not being represented at the state convention, are those people. I read his email as well, and he did ultimately take the blame as he should, he should have also in the article. I think it amazing that someone would think that 800 or so people could vote, tally votes, post results, and vote again, 4 TIMES, after lunch until 4:00 p.m. That’s my take.

  7. “Power to the People” was a liberal cry of the 60’s and 70’s. Today it should be a universal cry at the major political parties that have lost touch with the common man. Those Parties even chastise any elected representative who dare try to represent their constituents instead of the party bosses.

    The right-wing Republican leadership has through the years criticized the unions for their heavy-handed pressure on membership to toe the line, unwillingness to compromise except from extreme positioning, placing seniority over ability, bureaucratic maneuvering, and their “us verses them” mentality. Well, now they need to just look in the mirror.

    The state Democratic Party is guilty of those things and more, mostly because they’ve had the power to $sell to their special interest groups and because too many people blindly re-elect stale D representatives having been hoodwinked into thinking state government failures are due to everyone else’s representatives.

    If you wonder how your representative is fairly representing all the people in their district to the best of their ability; just look at the statistics of how often they vote straight party line, the position taken by the party bosses who usually live in a very different King County.

    I thought that dumping the party in power would result in fresh values that would take several years to deteriorate into backroom decisions by non-elected party bosses and politicians at their beck and call. It certainly appears that the public will get little reprieve from this state’s Republican leadership. It too wants to take “power from the people”.

    BTW, There are a few politicians that have no trouble representing constituents and values regardless of political party mantra.

  8. Candidate speeches were done during the credential process and did not hold up any other component of the convention. Chairman Hamilton made this perfectly clear time and again. Candidate speeches were important filler and would not slow up the process. Chairman Hamilton appeared to comport himself with true patience and professionalism throughout the convention. The story always is what can be spun as failure. The Sun might reflect why the paper is now wafer thin and nearly devoid of content.

    Also the fact that the lease on the school has a term specific was not discussed in reporter Gardner’s original article of the great opine in today’s papers. Can you explain, Steve, why the front office did not put up their challenge to Chairman Hamilton. Only 1/2 of the “My View” appears on line and the part letting into Hamilton is AWOL off the on-line.

  9. The two party system quit representing the average citizen years ago, people are finally attempting to push back via the Tea Party and Occupy Movements. Both of these major movements were vilified in the press quite successfully. The sound bites have stuck, they were all repeated in the posts above. Follow the money, and who supports HUGE money in politics, it will continue to show you who is in charge.

  10. It seems a better use of the downtime, would have been to discuss and refresh the Platform. The local candidates could have addressed the delegates and guests during lunch time. This Convention was poorly planned and not enough time was allotted for voting or discussing platform issues. At a convention you should be able to debate the issues that are felt strongly in your community, to make sure our local ideals are represented. It is extremely short-sighted to think 3 districts can hold 3 different caucuses and vote 4 rounds and 2 rounds for delegates. Hand counted, no less by 4 o’clock! What about the platform? What about voting the County Chair, Vice Chair, Credentials committee etc? 4 o’clock?

  11. I must say that upon reading Mr. Olsen’s comment about “wafer thin”, I cannot help but think of his chances of being elected dog-catcher.

  12. Anne,
    Dog-catcher? I thought he was running for commissioner of sewage! Olsen lost that one too. He was unable to make a go at winning number two even on a neighborhood ballot.

    The entire KC GOP process is constipated and leaves local Republicans feeling great discomfort and like the process is bloated. The entire local process for determining who goes to the convention is difficult and some would say even painful. The messages from local GOP candidates are hard and dry and in some cases quite painful to local conservative voters to contend. This chronic political constipation lead by candidates like Olsen and McKenna will lead to further state economic complications and is truly a sign of a serious underlying disorder.

    Warning: Attending the state GOP rallies and convention may cause sporadic homophobia, disbelief in evolution, xenophobia, misogyny and sweater vests.

    RC- Just Sayin’

  13. James M. Olsen Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 4:53 pm
    “Much ado about nothing. Fini, over, now let’s move on.
    Hey Dem bloggers, how goes Inslee’s special election costs? That is a truly giving story about arrogance.
    Hamilton did a great job and perfection is illusive.”

    I am not surprised that Mr. Olsen ignores the majority of the comments about this broken system and responds in a patronizing and condescending attitude of “ignore the man behind the curtain.” Residents are demanding fair representation and the system is broken. What happened at the caucus was inexcusable. Residents are not looking for a “daddy figure” to tell them “these are not the ‘droids you are looking for.” Speaking collectively, we are looking for fair representation.

    “Fini, over, now let’s move on” is so incredibly disrespectful and dismissive. Mr. Olsen got what he came for – the opportunity to give his campaign speech and that’s all that seems to matter to him… not the fact that so few delegates were elected. I am appalled that this is coming from a candidate who wants to represent the 23rd Legislative District.

    Brava to Colleen Smidt who hit the nail on the head.Colleen Smidt Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 11:09 am
    “The writing was on the wall in 2010, of which I was a participant from my district all the way up to the state level, for lessons to be learned about much needed operational and time consideration changes to adapt to the number of participants at conventions. At the time I made my thoughts about this and my convention experiences known to the local Republican leadership both publically and privately. I was not the only one that did.

    It is apparent from this year’s experience that nothing was learned, no adaptation or consideration was made and the same mistakes still continued only this time on a much larger scale.”

    The system is broken. What are we going to do to fix it for next time so this does not happen again?

  14. What Colleen failed to mention is that the executive board changed between the convention of 2010 and today. Did she take the time to ensure her concerns were addressed to the current executive board?

  15. Semper Paratus,

    The Republican county executive board failed to plan and prepare adequately. Period. The caucuses several weeks before gave them plenty of notice that participation would be very strong. They were poorly prepared at my caucus site at EPO. They should have learned from that.

    And before you suggest that I volunteer to serve on the executive committee, let me tell you why I won’t… In order to serve on the KC Republican County executive board, you must sign a promise to not support or endorse a candidate that is member of another party. I refuse to abdicate my rights to vote and endorse the best candidate regardless of party. Apparently the Reagan 80-20 rule doesnt have much play here.

  16. Kathryn if your on an Executive Board of the GOP , there are times you are not only deciding which campaigns merit receiving contributions , you are privileged to information regarding and at times expected to help in fullfilling that strategy for campaigns .

    The 80/20 rule is being forgotten by you here in my opinion, how or why would you expect cntributors and small or big , to give money to an organization that had members actually go against their interest .

    You would not help fund raising for sure . And the candaidates who expected help who were sypported by the Local God would expect you to help because of that 80/20 Reagan rule .

  17. Mick,

    There are some democrats that are moving a responsible conservative fiscal and moderate social agenda forward far better than some of our candidates can/have.

    I could understand not being active another candidate’s campaign. But being unable to endorse them is far over the edge.

    Frankly, our local party would be able to fund raise better if we were seen as reasonable people by the independents. Unfortunately, that is not the reputation here.

  18. Exactly the opposite .
    First being on the GOP Executive Board is not about your own political views only , its advancing the Republican party . The Republican 80/20 rule .

    I have not been a republican since 2008 .

    But i surely would like to hear about any candidates in this county you could possibly endorse , I would not disagree that they may better candidates , even better qualified . But a good qualified candidate who goes against the principles of why a person is a republican actually is a different issue then endorsing them . Obama is better qualified then Ron Paul , but sorry I am not going to endorse Obama. There is not one democrat you can name one person in this in this county on a state level that is moving in a moderate and social agenda ?. There is none .

    What I find over the edge is not undertanding how many hours some people donate to a political party . How some believe so much in their platform , how they will give till it hurts because they actually believe they are helping this country , their county , their neigbors , their children . As an Executive Board member you are suppose to represent them and the party . One goal is to get good candidates . The other is helping in your part with the other counties whose strategy as that of the democratic party is to put a majority in the capital . When that is done, the political party with the majority sets the agenda . Your personal candidate may be what you think will act as an republican , but their election means the liberal side of the democratic party gets a better chance of picking the agenda and deciding who gets what responsibilities and become committee heads .

    The Reagan Rule totally understood this concept of the team , and having the team win , means sometimes sucking it up . Not being on the Executive Board you do not have that obligation . I would think otherwise , speaking for myself , I would think you would be an asset on the Board . Expertise in education and community . But if I was the Chair , not about having something signed, but would ask for resignation of any Executive Board member who publically supported another candidate . Why on why would anyone ever want to ask a person for money to support a political party and then say too bad you are supporting this person , because I am supporting his opponent . Just the knowledge of it would be worth ten times the amount of pomp your personal endorsement as a private citizen would have done , being on a GOP Board and supporting the opponent is actually using the GOP , all the work the voluneteers , the name the GOP has , the prestige it should have with some voters and all the work everyone has donated to make a name and platform and principles it stood for being used against it . People would use it as proof the GOP has no principle or any kind of integrity .

  19. Mick,

    The executive board does far more than endorse candidates and decides who gets funding from the local party. They are supposed to be growing the party, engaging in respectful dialog in issues, establishing a collaborative local platform, respecting the diversity of it’s membership (except that it doesn’t appear to want a diverse membership in Kitsap County).

    There is an old saying that “if you aren’t at the table, your views are on the menu”. We (Republicans) aren’t at the table in local political positions (one R in the whole county in the Legislature and only two R’s out of at least a dozen county offices).

    It is readily apparent that the Kitsap County Republican Party isn’t accomplishing it’s objectives (to get the Republican agenda represented by getting Republicans elected) for the past decade. Perhaps it is time to be rethinking the approach. When our local party endorses candidates who claim to be R’s and were D’s months before simply because the county Republicans can’t get a legit R to run… well, is it really legit to expect the rest of us to endorse that faulty logic?? Come on. That is bogus. When our local party puts forward candidates who are so eggregious in their behavior that they embarass the party, do you really think a responsible Republican (on the Executive Board or in the masses) should just grin and bear it?

  20. Well you got a good point there , that is why I was hoping you may reconsider being ont eh Board and doing somthing about it. Because unless some people do , what you said appears just will continue .

  21. I must say that while we should always appreciate a citizen’s willingness to step up to the plate and run for public office, the Republicans in particular should pay closer attention to vetting some of these fringe candidates (I am trying to be diplomatic), who would attach an R (or a D) to their names.

  22. I believe you must also look at the county we live in . Many people who run for republican office in the republican side often are small buisness owners . In fact in the 90s many of the them were , and some won . I would say when things started to change to go more democratic also the rhetoric and consequences of running changed . . What became inapproriate to say in campaigns became more and more tolerable in campaigns . Media reporting sometimes was highly motivated by idealogy , some of the BI weeklys were politicaly self serving . Interesting but the heat from both sides became worse in ways . Small Business owners will think second before puting their reputations up to that kind of abuse . In fact I know more then one republican candidate who stated they just wanted ther reputations back after running . But I do agree with your point hat better vetting needs to be done , but I would say just read some the comments here of what is allowed on a monitored blog and you can see what I mean that to attract good candidates is hard when they receive the equal treatment of those who perhaps should not have run . . Both sides in political discourses have become worse , and I believe we loose some good people because from democrats and republicans .

  23. That is all well and good, Mr. Sheldon, to be concerned with the level of discourse from the various camps, but I am of the belief that if there is some ‘bad news’ about a candidate, be it that they are intensely disliked in some quarters, or are not as they would have you believe they are, I want to know about it. If a candidate has a bad reputation it is usually based in truth.

  24. @Semper Paratus, Having just viewed the Kitsap Republican Party website, I see that there are an extensive list of names of individuals sill in leadership positions on what I am assuming is the current list of Officers and Members category that were participants in 2010.

    It is hard to tell how current the information on the website is since much of it is still dated 2011 including the Chairman’s last message from September 2011. Many of the 2010 participants who are still apparently in leadership positions heard from me and others about our Convention concerns.

    Several of these individuals still being listed were also sitting in front of and around me as delegates during the 2010 State Convention where failures concerning organization and time allowances were also openly discussed. If they did not choose to use any of their personal experiences and information gathered from others going forward in a continuation of their leadership roles that is not my fault for lack of hand holding.

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