Boyer not ruling out a run for Congress

The rumor mill was right. Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer is not ruling out the idea of running to fill the seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair.

According to someone who attended a meeting of real estate pros tonight Boyer stopped by the meeting briefly and after he left those still at the event began discussing whether Boyer might run.

“It’s always in the back of my mind that you’re looking for the next way to serve,” Boyer said by phone Wednesday night.

Boyer was elected Kitsap County Sheriff in 1998 as a Democrat and was a Washington State Trooper for 27 years before that. The sheriff said he was honored people called him to ask. “It’s nice people thought enough to call me from both sides of the aisle,” he said. “I gotta look at it.”

Three Republicans and one Democrat are on record so far saying they’re aiming to replace Dicks. Republicans Doug Cloud, Jesse Young and Bob Sauerwein (Based on a tip from one of the commenters I called Sauerwein and he said he withdrew three weeks ago. I have also removed him from the poll in the right column.) are lined up against Democrat Derek Kilmer, state senator from Gig Harbor.

Kilmer sent out a list of 37 leaders from the region, including 14 from Kitsap County, who have already lent an endorsement.

Boyer praised Kilmer, but said, “It’s better that we have a number of qualified candidates rather than the lesser of two evils.” He also said he thought he could do a good job in Washington, D.C.

State Sen. Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island, also thought about running, but decided now was not the time. Several others, including state Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, and state Rep. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard, may still considering whether to run.

36 thoughts on “Boyer not ruling out a run for Congress

  1. The last thing I want is another tax-and-spend Democrat like Norm was for decades. At the start of his service the U.S. was solvent and strong. Now we are facing national bankruptcy because of the very same pork policies he was so successful at. I really hope we get a financial conservative with some real-world experience in business. Not another lawyer to rule us, not a politician to BS us, not another Democrat to tax us, but one of US to stop out of control federal spending. I’m really hoping Jesse Young gets the Republican nod so we have a real option this year.

  2. I will be supporting Jesse Young — I have seen him speak a couple times and he has one heck of a personal story!

  3. I agree with Robin and would add that we don’t want to test the Peter Principle. Boyer for Sheriff. Kilmer for Congress!

  4. Jesse is the best candidate. He is an IT expert, a skill sorely needed in Congress for the 21st century. Jesse came from extreme poverty to become a WA State Scholar.

    Kilmer is quoted “Congressman Dicks may be the best Congressman Washington State has ever had.” So many consider Dicks corrupt and out of touch from the Peninsula that Kilmer’s comment will hurt him.

  5. Supporting Jesse Young. He’s been on the ground establishing infastructure and doing the legwork loooooong before any of these Jonny-Come-Late-lies. Jesse Young has the energy, drive, determination, and experience the 6th needs. He also has a great strategic plan to get ‘er done.

  6. I’m supporting Jesse Young. His business experience and IT expertise are sorely needed in government, AND he’s a man of integrity.

  7. Says Boyer: “It’s always in the back of my mind that you’re looking for the next way to serve,”

    Translation: Yes, he does want to serve … himself with a nice $170,000+/year salary and some unbelieveable benefits!

  8. Maybe Jesse should set his sights on a state position first so we can see just what he does (and for who).

  9. Jesse Young has the energy and integrity to serve our district well. I’m ready to see Norm replaced by someone who actually wants to be held accountable by his constituents!

  10. I met Jesse Young at an event recently and I was struck by his down to earth demeanor and his commitment to principled leadership. His strong desire to serve coupled with his dynamic ideas convinced me that he is the right person to represent the 6th district in congress.

  11. Jesse Young is the one! Coming from humble circumstances, Jesse overcame significant obstacles to get a great education and use his information technology skills to consult in 21st century fields critical to our economy (e.g. health care, energy, finance, real estate, etc.). He has the business skills, will, and vision necessary to help change the ruinous course our country is headed down.

  12. Hah, I know Republicans who candidly tell me they wouldn’t vote for Jesse Young. Keep nominating wacko’s and you’ll forever be relegated to the back seat in Washington politics.

  13. I have met Jesse Young and he is not a wacko. Anyone saying so comes from two schools—they like Wild Olympics or they like Norm Dicks. Others look at Jesse as a breath of fresh air–modern, trustworthy and honest. I have met my candidate.

  14. @randydutton,

    Thanks for the tip. I just confirmed that you are correct. Bob Sauerwein has withdrawn from the race.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus

  15. Jessie Young has what it takes to be an excellent congressman. He would be like a breath of fresh air back there. He has built in integrity and a desire to do what is right.

  16. I must say with all these breathless endorsements for Jesse Young I went to his website and read every word. Ho Hum. Not one original thought, just a regurgitation of the Republican Party line for the past 30 years. The first name only posters leads me to believe there is one person renaming themselves to post yet another inane comment.

    Gail is excited over his “IT experience”. I hate to tell you but over 85% of persons with a college (or tech school) education from the 1990’s have “IT experience” Now any kid making passing grades in middle school probably have the same “IT” skills that Mr. Young has. You lost me when you called out potential candidates as “Johnny-Come-Late-Lies”. Just another lame partisan hack.

    I am interested in hearing some real information on where potential candidates stand. Not interested in another sheriff/congressman though. Mr. Young if you are interested in being taken seriously put some specifics on your websites and tell your mom to quit posting under fake names on community websites.

  17. I’d like to see someone elected who can read an election result and take it to the House floor; introduce federal legislation to support it; argue for it; and vote for it. Specifically I’m refering to medcinal marijuana. Harmonize federal law to state law. If any candidate can’t represent the majority in this state, fire ’em.

  18. I doubt seriously any of the left will like him since he is a man of principle. He makes clear where he stands and does not mince words.

    If you look at his background you will see a person who came from nothing to be a prominent citizen.

    He is not like Dicks who never had a real job in his entire life. Jessie climbed from poverty and has earned everything by hard work.

    That says a lot to me.

  19. Stave Boyer or Derek Kilmer could make a decent Congressman, except who wants to listen to Nancy Pelosi again and hear about all the money wasted flying her back to the City.

    What I’m looking for in a candidate is one who will commit to representing the people of this state after they have voted on an issue. I am speaking of introducing, co-sponsoring, and working for passage of legislation that harmonizes the will of the majority in this state with federal law on medicinal marijuana. If they only voices they hear are big pharma and the law enforcers whose rice bags are filled with forfeitures and seizures, throw them back in the pond.

  20. “Now any kid making passing grades in middle school probably have the same “IT” skills that Mr. Young has.”

    Hahaha, You tell ’em Jane! 😉

  21. Robin – you obviously don’t know much about the IT threat against our country. I suggest you visit Black Hat Conference training site at to see just how vulnerable we are. You don’t need to read the topic details, just read the topic titles. Jesse understands the threats, your typical middle school student wouldn’t, neither did Dicks. Dicks was focused on eliminating resource jobs and spending taxpayer money.

  22. Jane,
    You confuse the ability to use a computer with enterprise-level IT experience. Jesse is a consultant with expertise at the granular level and is well-aware of the cyber threat facing our society — threats that our government now considers more significant than the threat of physical terrorism. And, I assure, you, I am NOT related to Jesse. I simply believe Jess Young is the best choice for Congress for Washington’s 6th district.

  23. Get a grip Jane. If you actually went to Jesse Young’s web site and bothered to read his bio, you would have found that Jesse earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Notre Dame in 1999.

  24. Jesse Young!!! We need to replace a lot more incumbents with individuals who will exercise fiscal responsibility even if it hurts their chances for reelection. Jesse Young has this kind of integrity.

  25. I am curious as to the type of government experience Jesse Young has? Has he ever sat on a city/county council or board? Just because someone has a compeling story or is a “WA State Scholar” doesn’t make them the right or qualified candidate. My vote will not be for an inexperienced IT guy that graduated from Notre Dame. If that is what most are basing their decision on, we are in BAD shape! Maybe Jesse should focus his efforts locally (city/county council, chamber of commerce, etc.)first before running for Congress…just a thought.

  26. We don’t need another carrier politician representing the 6th district. Let’s elect a person with high tec business experience in the new global economy. Our district is positioned to be a leader in trade with the Asian market. Jesse Young has the 21st century knowledge, technical know how and experience to lead our district in this competitive high tec world.

  27. Jesse Young and his family visited our farm a couple months ago. I have met and talked with him personally 4 times since and read his website. Jesse is truly a great person. He is interested in knowing more about agriculture and what he could do to make ag a more economically viable with less burdensome regulations. Jesse listened.
    He asked questions to better understand my issues and what he could do, if elected to keep agriculture sustainable and profitable so we can have more healthy nutritous food grown locally. Jesse has real values.

  28. Jesse Young is the man for the 6th district.His Bio is A small part of who he is. Jesse is A man of integrity you can TRUST. He has vowed to Fix-Our nation’s critical issues Secure-Our Liberties. Empower our Future. and alot more here what he has to say before you Judge him. And NO I am not his mother

  29. @Kay, big deal. Do you realize how many of those degrees are floating out there? I did read all “his” positions on his website, not an original thought on it. That is not to say that if he stepped away from the formula set out by the national party that Mr. Young may actually have something to offer. I had zero respect for Norm Dicks so do not try to pretend its a left vs right fight, not at all. I am waiting for some real leaders who do not want a twenty year career with a forty year retirement. I must say the trite endorsements are just making your man look lame.

  30. It’s funny how all the haters come out of the wood works and judge a man who they know nothing about and then try to discredit people who have actually spoken with Jesse and can vouch for his integrity, honesty, and the skill sets he would bring to congress.

    Khope – What has “government experience” brought us?? You probably want another Lawyer, Lobbyist, or Career Politician in office.

    Jesse is the right candidate for the job.

  31. I would recommend to those who have not heard Jesse Young or doubt his credentials, I invite you to take the time and meet Jesse.

    Meet and hear Jesse
    Date: Thursday, March 15th

    Time: 7PM

    Venue: People’s Community Center in Hilltop

    Address: 1602 Martin Luther King Way, Tacoma

    The cross street is S 16th. Take Sprague Ave.exit off of Route 16.

    Tel. 253 591 5321

  32. I went to a Jesse Young meeting and came away both refreshed AND impressed. Granted, I am completely burned out from the past 30+ years of abuse of the working women and men of the Olympic Peninsula by Norman Dicks! So, ANYONE will be a step in the right direction. But you all owe it to yourself to go listen to him speak and ask the questions that are important to you. I just hope Dicks doesn’t cram the Wild Olympics down our throat before he exits.

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