Inside video of Bremerton’s 10-screen movie theater construction

The story about the parking on Fourth Street will get more attention in city council meetings and certainly here at the Kitsap Sun. The bids are in for the changes proposed for the eastern half of the street.

The overall design, as mentioned in the story, calls for elements that are supposed to make the area more attractive for shoppers. Whether that happens is another question. Gary Sexton, Bremerton’s redevelopment projects administrator (on contract) showed me around the garages and the theater Monday. The theater is supposed to open in late May, early June. The apartments planned for on top of the Burwell Street garage could begin construction around the same time.

The city council is supposed to approve the winning bid for the eastern portion of Fourth Street construction at its meeting Feb. 1.

Here is a video of the inside of the theater, including some still shots.

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  1. @Karole,

    I didn’t have problems on a regular laptop, but did on my iPhone. Then I hit “refresh” and it worked. Try that, maybe twice. If it still doesn’t work, let me know. My cohort here, Amy Phan, said it’s probably a YouTube issue.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Sun

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