Redistricting for the New Year

I’m working on a story about redistricting, so details are coming. Here are some highlights.

The 35th District runs much farther to the south than before, taking in the rural areas around Olympia and Tumwater, running up next to Lacey’s southern border. Commissioner Tom Huff told the (Tacoma) News Tribune Kathy Haigh would have lost in 2010 if the new boundaries would have been in place.

McCormick Woods goes from the 35th to the 26th District.

Parts of Bremerton near Lions Park will shift from the 35th District to the 23rd.

Those are the big changes.

5 thoughts on “Redistricting for the New Year

  1. Well, it sounds like I will still remain in the 26th. The line between the 26th and the 35th is close enough to me that I wondered if it would change enough to affect me.

    Yes, Kathy Haigh has quite a bit of work to do to make sure she is successful in this next election.

    I plan on helping her out this time around as well, since Dan Griffey personally proved to me beyond any reasonable doubt during the course of the last election that he is not ethically or professionally fit for ANY elected position, EVER.

  2. I respectfully disagree, Colleen. I’m sure Dan Griffey (like any person) has his faults, but I’ve gotten to know him well the last couple of years. And I think he has an honest, sincere, and much needed limited-government platform. In the area of education, for instance, the Democrats have just about proven the rule that throwing money at something is no cure. It’s not for lack of money that Washington State’s public schools are so mediocre. It’s because of the cozy relationship of teacher’s unions and the Democrat Party that any much-needed improvement is avoided. We need to start putting the needs of kids first, not the bureaucracy of the state or the narrow needs of any one political party. Kathy Haige and her party have had their shot and they have produced mediocrity and debt. Now let’s give someone else a turn.

  3. Colleen, I would like to hear why you think that Dan Griffey is unqualified for office, Im not sure you could come up with a good argument. Sadly, Its only January 4th as i write this and it seems you and the democrats have already gone negative. It is naive to think you know better than the people of the 35th who there representative should be, i guess thats just how you guys operate. As a firefighter and public servant Dan Griffey has and will serve the 35th ethically and professionally as he has most of his life. Dan really does personify the phrase service with honor. Kathy Haigh has done the best she knows how in this 12 year experiment in legislature but sadly all we have to show for it is more debt, more taxes, more spending, failure in education, bigger government, and high unemployment. Dan works hard knocking on 19,000 doors in 2010 and promising over 20,000 this year and joining all the community organizations he can to actually listen to the people, something politicians seem to have forgot to do. Dan Griffey represents the fresh and energized change we need in a district were people just want government to mind there own business and stay out of our wallets, our lives and stop touching our property and our property rights. In 2010 Dan Griffey showed he can bring together people of all ages, creeds, races, socio-economic backgrounds because freedom is truth and truth is power and we can live and be free if we believe we can. In 2012 he will show us that the people, not washington’s elite, have the power. Dan Griffey believes in us and we believe in him and together WE can do better.
    Travis Couture

  4. Dan Griffey seems very genuine and is always out there getting peoples input and is very humble and approachable, It sounds like you never actually met him but I have and he seems like the kind of man I want in my corner representing me in the 35th. Where was Kathy when belfair violated us with the new sewer plan and the storm water treatment plan thats going to drive all the business away and cost my family more of my hard earned money? I support Dan 100%.

    – Rachel

  5. I the last election I was a very involved part of the campaign for a local Republican candidate. As the campaign neared its end, I put out a list of candidates I recommended on sites other than the official campaign site.

    Dan was not on that list.

    At that time I said nothing negative about Dan, his name simply did not appear on my list of recommendations. Because I attended many campaign forums with my own candidate, I got to see and hear Dan speak on issues many times. I spoke to him personally more than once. I did not feel that he had enough knowledge of several key issues, including some of the most basic operations of our public education system. Excluding his paid firefighting duties, I could not find where he had served his community in enough unpaid volunteer ways to warrant election. He never seemed to get any better at getting his message across no matter how many forums he attended and was stumped frequently rather easily when forced to go off of his much practiced script and have to answer spontaneously. It is way too much about “winning” for him not about doing what is right or best.

    Obviously Dan, his former campaign manager Pat Tarzwell and his wife Dana Griffey had a big problem with my public lack of support. Their response and answer to my lack of personal recommendation was not to contact me or speak to me directly, but to instead alternate between crying to and bullying the fellow Republican candidate whose campaign I was heavily involved with. Emails to the candidate I was supporting called for my direct resignation and firing from the campaign. There was also veiled suppositions of Republican support withdrawl from my candidate if she did not comply. Dan even had Richard DeBolt call for a meeting with my candidate in Olympia where he also demanded that she fire me. Of course she has an excellent moral compass and refused to play internal dirty party politics despite being very hurt by what members of her own party were doing to her.

    Not once did Dan Griffey attempt to contact me or discuss my lack of support for him directly with me if this was such a big issue for him. He went after an easier innocent target instead in an attempt to silence my opinion.

    A candidate that behaves this way, in regards to a challenge, during a campaign speaks to a much larger issue of how that candidate will meet the large volume of challenges from constiutants who did not support them once he is in office.

    His Firefighter service means little to me campaign wise. I come from a family of Firefighters, my Father, my Grandfather and my Uncle were all Firefighters and none of them would ever consider using their turnout gear as a dress up campaign prop for photos to get votes.

    Brad, it is not about “turns”. Kathy may be a mediocre legislator at best, I actually agree to some degree. But give me mediocre over someone who lacks the fundamental moral character to step up to challenges directly and personally and instead sends others to do their behind the scenes dirty work for them. You would not tolerate this same behavior from someone on the left.

    I am against Dan as a public office holder. I will be against Dan this entire campaign and have been joined by other conservatives who will be coming out against Dan as well. I have already warned the two local Republicans that I am helping that I would be not be supporting all Republicans in this next election and that those Republicans, that I am not supporting, may come after them because of my support as they had done so to others in the past.

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