Your chance to vote on something important

Isn't this the sticker we used to get?

This one downplays your benevolence.

Time was when you voted you went to an actual polling place and punched holes into a piece of paper, or a butterfly ballot, and when you walked out of there you left with something that let you puff your chest a little.

It was that old sticker with the American flag and the “I voted” slogan in 182-point font. I like the looks of the stickers we get now for getting out of our cars on election day and actually walking into the library. But, c’mon! What’s the point of wearing an election day sticker if it doesn’t give you moral superiority over your friends and fellow shoppers at Value Village?

A sticker that yells your good deed is like that one you get when they start accepting your blood again. It’s a sticker that answers the question, “You think you’re better than me?”

“Why yes, I do. See here? I voted.”

Maybe it’s just me. That’s why I’m putting the question out there. On election day, if you’re one of those who puts off voting until the last minute and you drop your ballot off somewhere they’re handing out stickers, are you like me? Are you disappointed that the sticker you get understates your contribution to America? If I had my way we would get hats and bumper stickers and T-shirts. I want a sign that says “I’m the 47 percent” to show that I’m among those who care enough about our country to pretend our vote matters.

So take your pick. You like the old “I voted” sticker, or the new one?

4 thoughts on “Your chance to vote on something important

  1. Ive voted by mail so many years I don;t remember anything other than long lines and a thought “‘there must be a better, more efficient way to vote.
    Low and behold, vote by mail came into being. I don’t recall the stickers you mentioned!

  2. I remember going into some garages that were set up with voting booths, manned by old people who were slow to find and check off your name. Sometimes they had cookies and coffee. It was an event. We would never miss voting any more than we would not say the Pledge or sing the Banner.

  3. Voting by mail is easier, but it has a feeling of isolation and sanitization.

    Voting via the polling station/booth created an environment that added to the gravity and importance of what you were about to do and reminded voters how special it really was to be able to operate in such a free system.

    I like the old sticker better. The new one is too bland and PC.

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