Poulsbo all-day budget talks happening now

Brynn writes:

I’m spending my day at Poulsbo City Hall to listen to the City Council debate how it’s going to come up with the remaining $447,177 $474,177 it needs to find to balance its 2012 budget.

The city started with an initial deficit of $628,995, but Mayor Becky Erickson directed city department heads to find additional cost savings in their operational budgets. Those cuts resulted in the $447,177 $474,177 figure.

Erickson has suggested additional cuts that whittles the deficit down to $169,343, but some members of the council’s finance and administrative committee don’t like all of those proposed cuts.

The council has had some heartburn already this morning because members were hoping to get line-by-line detail from each department head about areas where their departments could be cut and how the ramifications of those cuts would be felt by the community. Instead the managers are giving narratives of what their departments do as it relates to their budget.

After some back and forth between Erickson and council, it was agreed a list would be made of possible areas to cut or find increases in revenue to help offset the remaining deficit. The council won’t decide on the list today, but will send back the proposals to department heads with the intent they will review the implications and come back with an analysis for the council to make a final policy decision before adopting the final budget Dec. 21.

Already on the list for consideration:

  • Increasing parking ticket fees
  • Discontinuing the city’s passport processing service
  • Staff furloughs
  • Car tab fees
  • B&O tax (council has already said no to this)

I will be here all day and will be tweeting periodic updates from the meeting when serious discussion arises, or as items are added to the list of possible savings. Follow me @bgrimley.

*Note the strike out to the budget deficit figure and the correction, my dyslexia kicked in there. Sorry.

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