Live Blog: Bremerton Council, Port of Bremerton, Vets Levy

We plan to live blog the League of Women Voters forum this evening. Two races and one issue are part of the two-hour event:

  • Bremerton City Council District 2: Cecil McConnell and Leslie Daugs
  • Port of Bremerton Commissioner District 3: Axel Strakeljahn and Shawn Cucciardi
  • Veterans & Human Services Levy
  • 3 thoughts on “Live Blog: Bremerton Council, Port of Bremerton, Vets Levy

    1. Strange that the commissioners won’t stand up for their own proposal to tax one specific group of people for one specific charity. They were brave enough to offer the Salvation Army’s solution to their own employment pay check…..
      The general populace isn’t touched – only the homeowners – many of whom struggle to keep their own homes.

    2. It’s not what pull Bremerton has with the UN – but what pull the UN WANTS within Bremerton (and all communities). Agenda 21 is a very nasty piece of work; through treaties, partnerships & NGO’s (ICLEI, etc) and other means, the UN is weaseling it’s way into the local level (via city councils, school boards and so on) because that is where we the people have the most control.

      We now face it as a root problem at the federal level that needs to be fought on the local… but hardly anyone has ever heard about it.
      And for the few that have and support it, of course some of it “sounds” good, that’s intentional. Maurice Strong, the author, knew that they had to get the support of the people; many environmentalists would think it’s great without understanding what lies beneath. Those behind this aren’t stupid, they know that the majority of people (and even partners) won’t read the entire text of it or, if they do, won’t really understand it. It’s about control, on a global scale.

      I could go on and on about this but bottom line… Agenda 21, the UN and it’s partners all need to be kept out of our schools, our communities, our state and our country.

      There is plenty of material out there for people to look up on this subject – they need to. A few simple searches will show you that this works directly against our Constitution and leads to a much scarier future.

      The mainstream media won’t talk about it and our Federal govt is already on board… look at some of the recent Executive Orders: Rural Council, Women & Girls Advisory Committee, Law of the Sea Treaty (renamed) and others. Look at how the federal govt is consolidating most major agencies under the Department of Homeland Security where there is no oversight and regulating in failed legislation is hot (EPA- cap & trade by regulation, FCC- net neutrality, ICE, USGS & more)… Not coincidences. They are going to make this happen with or without the consent of the people. If they can’t ratify a treaty… they will force it down our throats a bit at a time, piece by piece, through legislation, EO and regulation using clever names to make it sound appealing… all without fuss from the people because the people don’t know what’s going on.
      Now you know about it – LEARN what is going on and GET INVOLVED on the local level to stop it.

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