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Port Orchard local a Wall Street occupant

October 6th, 2011 by Steven Gardner

Shane Stoops, 23, is among those involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. He was profiled in an MSN photoblog and describes himself as a “nomad” and “renaissance man” from Port Orchard, Wash. He is also handing out resumes while in New York.

The movement is in broad terms a criticism of corporate America and its power. Jon Stewart compares the group with the Tea Party, and some of that comparison is apt. Those joined in the effort clearly have an ideological slant, but they are reluctant to be identified with one of the major parties.

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One Response to “Port Orchard local a Wall Street occupant”

  1. Mick Sheldon Says:

    Yes I agree with the assesment of who these people are / The National debt is up, but also the cost of food is up, cost of gas is up, unemployment is up, poverty is up, medical insurance is up, no wonder frustrations are running high .

    I can see what already is happening , political activists and organizations are already trying to capitalize on what these people are upset about . Things being bad in the economy and the folks who are seen as causing it have not been negatively effected . The people who are worse off had really nothing to do with it .

    The down fall will be the folks here are not politically smooth , the biggest voices in their group may not even be the average make up of the group. Usually attention goes to the loudest and most news worthy .

    But I disagree with how to get back on our feet ,I want policies that increase that one percent number of the filthy rich , expand wealth , not diminish it . More people making money and paying taxes . Make sure they are paying taxes with tax reform . But I am all for understanding the frustrations and standing by these folks . More power to them. But like many in the Tea party , opposite political idealogies will mock and demonize their numbers .

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