One thought on “A view of all three legislative plans

  1. Steven, I wish you hadn’t labeled one plan “Democratic” and the others “Huff” and “Gorton”. Many will oppose the plan simply because of the name. I wonder what people would think about these three plans if they saw them without knowing who offered which plan?

    Actually it seems to me than nobody cares and yet this is an important issue for our community which will affect us for the next 10 years…

    When I look at the three plans the Deomcratic plan makes the most sense.

    The 23rd would include BI, NK, Silverdale and East Bremerton. The rest of Bremerton including the SKIA would reside in the 26th, along with Port Orchard and SK. This would mean that Bremerton would be split between two districts instead of three. The 35 would include rural areas, Seabeck, the North Shore and Mason Co. These areas makes sense demographically and geographically. It looks like a thoughtful plan that would make the most sense to voters.

    The Gorton plan has the 23rd stretching from Port Townsend, BI, NK, but skirts around Silverdale, then captures East Bremerton and a chunk of West Bremerton. This makes no sense geographically or demographically. Blue Collar industrial Bremerton, with afluent B.I. and touristy eclectic Port Townsend combines three very different demographic areas, not to mention strung out geographically. It seems obvious what shenanigans Gorton is up to…

    Demand common sense and reject political gerrymandering.

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