Kilmer on government, the federal government

State Sen. Derek Kilmer, D-Gig Harbor, offers a counterpoint to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s assertion that he’d like to make the federal government as inconsequential as possible.

“I’m struggling to figure out how a person can be the Chief Executive of a government he doesn’t understand the value of.”

I’ll leave it to you to discern why Kilmer is answering a national politician on a federal issue.

3 thoughts on “Kilmer on government, the federal government

  1. Perry lost me somewhat when he used the treasonous jargon , but Kilmer lost me along time agao when he voted along with his complete party in voting against Jessica’s Law . The talking points answers he used from a a guy who comes on as just a regular dad really bothered me .

    But he obviously does not understand the republican view at all . The fact each state , each county , each town has its own set of problems and some guy sitting in DC as a Senator or Congressman regulating or setting policy for those districts makes little sense . That guy in DC should be allowing the Kilmers make those decisions . Even when he gets it wrong we have someone who is closer to the problem . One of the best things I thought Reagan did was when he took money that the Feds were using to help states along with their strings attached policies and gave it directly to the states to use as they saw the need arise . Without the Federal strings . Now we have Feds telling states what do with medical care , forcing them to spend more money on it themselves with medicaid and such , forcing them to raise taxes or cut other programs . Its not working .

    I fail to undertand how Derek Kilmer can hold a political office and have no clue to what a national republican party , the state republican party and the local republican party believes in .

  2. Derek understands what Republicans stand for. That’s why he’s a Democrat. He understands that the drivel being espoused (smaller government, states “rights”) is just that. In case the R’s haven’t noticed, we have a big country: 3,000 miles wide with 300 million people in it. It takes a big, complex government to run a big, complex country, but that’s apparently a disconnect for most Republicans. The Republicans go happily along trying to solve complex problems with simplistic solutions. That nonsense has really worked well for us: 2 unnecessary wars, and trillions in debt, after they had been handed a surplus by a Democratic president. Oh well, their fat cat sponsors love the misdirection, since they get to keep most of what they “earn,” and there are enough idiots in the country to buy into their carny sideshow to keep enough of them in office so that country can stay mired in its present situation.

  3. All Kilmer said was he didn’t understand something. That’s not a counterpoint, it’s a shrug of his shoulder. I would hope for more substantive comments from him, but in looking at his education in ‘urban planning’, I see nothing but more spending and tight-fisted oversight from him. His life is about increasing government control over the people.

    As for Clinton’s ‘surplus’, he was forced into it by the Republican Congress. He went kicking and screaming but reaped the political benefits.

    Perry understands reality. The US is broke, it borrows up to 40% to spend on operations. The government over-reached with it’s authority and states need to reduce federal power.

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