A Confession

Last week I wrote three stories about the one-waying of Fifth Street in front of the Norm. Twice last week I nearly turned right from Washington Avenue onto Fifth. I remembered the news just in time.

Today I didn’t. I turned right onto Fifth, completely ignoring a couple of signs telling me not to. I realized my error quickly, pulling over before anyone had the opportunity to confront me head on. I made my turn just past those posts there to prevent me from hitting those diagonally parked cars.

I escaped without a ticket, but might have drawn a few chuckles from anyone looking down on me from the building. For those of you who witnessed that moment of comedy, you’re welcome.

Turning onto Fifth was a regular occurrence for me before the change. It shall not be anymore.

In other news, I saw the last Harry Potter movie this weekend.

2 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. Hee, hee. A little levity is welcome, even if it is at one’s own expense.

    This week-end we saw “Midnight in Paris” at the local independent theater in Port Orchard, the Dragonfly. We enjoyed it, but wonder with the dumbing down of so many Americans or just the fact that we are in the oldest generation, how many knew of the famous persons of the past portrayed in the film.

    Port Orchard, WA

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