Audio: Norm Dicks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Stimulus, Anthony Weiner

I recorded the conversation with U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair, for the Sunday story on his position on U.S. efforts in Afghanistan. He is among Democrats and a few Republicans calling for a quicker withdrawal of U.S. troops.

I also asked him about Libya, Iraq and whether Anthony Weiner should resign. I cut about a minute and a half from the recording, but it’s still a bit more than 19 minutes long.

Norm Dicks on Afghanistan

One thought on “Audio: Norm Dicks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Stimulus, Anthony Weiner

  1. Dicks doesn’t understand the strain excessive borrowing and spending has on the private sector. He always wants to spend money as a solution to the economy. Perhaps HE should take an economics class.

    As a family, would you borrow and spend more money to solve pending bankruptcy?

    The stimulus package has NOT helped the 6th District.

    Spending $350 million to remove hydroelectric generation and a pristine water retention source should not be something he should brag about.

    By the way, please note that Dicks does NOT visit most of his district. He avoids Grays Harbor County like the plague.

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