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Inslee, McKenna getting out there

April 26th, 2011 by Steven Gardner

The two elected officials who have earned top-two status well before there is even a top-two primary were out on the public speaking trail last week. We can’t officially call it a campaign trail yet, because doing so would mean someone would have to file papers somewhere in Olympia.

Rob McKenna, attorney general, gave a speech last Wednesday that sounded the same as the one he gave Thursday in Port Orchard. In both he called for a “performance culture” in Washington state government.

From the Seattle P-I story:

Sounding very much like the gubernatorial candidate he is expected to soon become, Attorney General Rob McKenna told a Seattle audience on Wednesday that the state needs to change the way it evaluates and manages employees to reward the best and weed out the worst.

Inslee was in Yakima, focusing on family, community, education and workers.

From the Yakima Herald-Republic story:

Congressman Jay Inslee shared his beliefs and dropped hints of an impending run for governor in a speech Saturday night at the Yakima County Democrats’s annual Roosevelt Dinner.

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5 Responses to “Inslee, McKenna getting out there”

  1. James M. Olsens Says:

    Here is the famous video of Inslee refusing to be honest with the voters over the Gov race. Inslee was ready to bolt for the door at this very telling AmLegion debate on BI. Is Jay ready to answer the question honestly?

  2. Shannon Says:

    I do hope Inslee runs for governor. I do believe he is highly qualified and electable. His work is above reproach. Olsen, your video is nauseatingly shaky. Please get real editing equipment and a real editor/videographer before you spam another site!

  3. Bainbridge Louse Says:

    I respect Inslee. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat if he ran for governor.

  4. Steven Gardner Says:

    Stay on topic. The topic is Inslee and McKenna.

    @James, I disagree with your characterization that he “refused to be honest.” His answer was honest, it just didn’t include confirmation of what most people assume to be true. If he had confirmed he was running, that would open up some reporting requirements. Besides, the question was something like “Will you pledge not to run for governor.” True that Inslee could have just said, “No,” but he didn’t lie.

    George Nethercutt once pledged to only serve four terms and then served more than that. I’m guessing that didn’t stop most of his supporters from voting for him, including in the 2004 Senate race against Patty Murray, during which Nethercutt campaigned on Bainbridge Island.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus underreviewer

  5. Anne Culbyter Says:

    I remember that debate at the American Legion Hall. It took place not long before Inslee handily beat his opponent at the polls. I have a lot of respect for Inslee, as do many, and believe he will make a great Governor if and when he officially declares and then goes on to win of course.

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