Three perspectives on federal spending

For those of you with time to read I present you three pieces that deal with federal spending. One says the government should be spending on things that create income, like education and infrastructure, instead of spending so much on benefits. Another offers that saying the government is “broke” is not correct, that deficit spending is a problem, but the U.S. is still in good financial shape. The final piece says arguments that a $61 million federal budget cut would be catastrophic is ridiculous, that $61 million is peanuts in comparison to the entire budget.

America’s Grim Budget Outlook

Bond Market Shows Why Boehner Saying We’re Broke Is Only Figure of Speech

Dems not taking debt seriously

2 thoughts on “Three perspectives on federal spending

  1. Thanks for presenting this argument, Steven.

    I, as most, do not have much time to read with how “busy” life seems to be these days. But sometimes, I must FIND time to read important pieces, the Middle East, Wisconsin, and other battle field tales.

    Your three link stories provided me personally, with important information, some of it news to me.

    Gotta like that word, news.

    There were thoughtful insights in each article. All can be debated, for sure, as I hope they are, but all, in my view, could be agreed upon by many, many constituents on both sides, as well as above and below, of the aisle.

    Of all the great quotes in all three pieces, the one I liked the most was “61 million is a rounding error.” these days, to paraphrase post-quote.

    A rounding error in America could finance a small country. Maybe not so small, actually.

    Greg Meakin
    Thanks, Steven.

  2. Good range of ideas and perspectives. Truth to be found in all of them. But…I think that the fact that we are even having this discussion pretty much says it all: To quote “Houston we have a problem”.

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