Heads up: on the agenda

Brynn Grimley writes:

Facing the last week of January…my how time flies when we’re having fun.

Kitsap County Commissioners (meet at 619 Division Street, Port Orchard)

Monday, Jan. 24, 10 a.m.: The board will have a 55 minute legislative update from lobbyist Tom McBride. Larry Keeton and Mary McClure will follow this with a one-hour update on the Countywide Planning Policies. The meeting will adjourn at noon.

2 p.m.: The board will hear from city planners and a representative from the state Department of Ecology for a natural resources briefing on EPA alternative futures, the Shoreline Master Program and EPA Shoreline restoration grant project overview; Special projects planners Eric Baker and Angie Silva will five a 30 minute presentation on appropriations, and then the board will recess into executive session until 4:30 p.m. to discuss existing litigation.

7 p.m.: There are no public hearings listed for the board’s regular meeting. The two agenda items include:

  • Contract with Otak, Inc. (KC-426-10) for the NW Bucklin Hill Road – Blaine Avenue NW to Levin Road NW Estuarine Enhancements and Bridge Design in Commissioner District #3. Fiscal Impact: $324,110 – Road Fund.
  • Confirm Contract with Village Green Kingston Associates LLLP (KC-047-11) (approved at 1/12/11 Work Study Session) for the sale of a portion of land which is now the Kingston Village Green. Fiscal Impact: $570,000 – Revenue to Special Capital Fund.

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 8:30 a.m.: Meeting starts with 30 minute countywide water policy goals, followed by two hours of code compliance and code enforcement review and code updates. The board will recess into a closed session at 11 to discuss collective bargaining, then recess into executive session to discuss real estate until noon.

City of Bremerton (meets at 345 Sixth Street, Bremerton)

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 5 p.m.: The council will hold a study session. Topics of discussion can be viewed by clicking here, and then clicking under the “Agenda” tab.

City of Port Orchard (meets at 219 Prospect Street)

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 7 p.m.: Public hearing will be on the 2010 Kitsap County Comprehensive Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Plan; Business items include:

  • Adoption of Resolution No. 003-11, adopting the 2010 Kitsap County Comprehensive Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Plan
  • Adoption of Resolution No. 004-11, Repealing Resolution No. 1983, and Re-Establishing a Business License Fee and a Business License Renewal Fee
  • Approval of Contract No. 029-11, Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Lease Agreement with KeyBank
  • Motion to Rescind Council Action Relating to Bay Street Pedestrian Pathway
  • Meeting with Initiating Parties Regarding Notice of Intent to Petition for Bethel Corridor North Annexation

City of Poulsbo (City Hall, 200 Moe Street)

No meeting.

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