Brian Baird Could Be Angling for First District Congressional Seat

The future of congressional representation for this area could see major changes, thanks in part to redistricting and Bainbridge Island Democrat U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee’s political ambitions.

This one got away from me when it first came out. Les Blumenthal with McClatchey wrote a story headlined, “Packing up after loss, Democrat Baird spares no one criticism.” I packed it away in the “B” file as in to BE read later. The story is about soon-to-be former U.S. Rep. Brian Baird, D-Vancouver.

What I missed was this gem:

He also hints that his political career may not be over, even though he decided not to seek a seventh term in order to spend more time with his twin 5-year-olds.

Baird has roughly $450,000 in his campaign account. He can’t keep it personally, but can donate it to charity or other campaigns. There’s one other alternative.

“I could use it for another race,” said Baird.

Baird is moving to Edmonds, Wash., in the 1st Congressional District north and east of Lake Washington currently represented by Democratic Rep. Jay Inslee. If Inslee were to run for governor in 2012 as many expect, the congressional seat would be open.

You’ve got everything (Inslee rumors and a suspected successor) in there except redistricting, as in new congressional boundaries being drawn thanks to the 2010 Census. Baird moving to Edmonds is a different kind of redistricting.

You might recall the earlier post where it was speculated that the entirety of Kitsap might become part of the 6th Congressional District. This obviously becomes easier to do if Inslee does run for governor, because it would reduce any political machinations aimed at keeping Bainbridge Island in the 1st. It might not stop it completely, because I do think Kitsap officials like being able to lobby two members of Congress. It is questionable, however, how much political muscle this county has in the allocation of congressional seats.

2 thoughts on “Brian Baird Could Be Angling for First District Congressional Seat

  1. Just what we need. Another has been congressman who represented another district (3rd and 4th) to move into the 1st district for a safer seat to represent in congress. I thought Brian Baird wanted to retire from congress, not move. Maybe Inslee and Baird both think the 1st district is a safer upgrade over their previous districts.

    Something to thing about for 1st disrict voters if they don’t want carpetbaggers.

  2. As my web name implies – I was conned by Brian Baird. He is not a representative of the people. He repeatedly stated that the “sheiks in Iraq are for the surge” when we (his constituents) asked/demanded that he vote for troop reduction.

    He did state clearly that his desire was to retire. If you vote in the 1st or anywhere he throws his hat into a political ring (school board, dog catcher)
    Make sure he gets his wish – retire him completely from ever representing anyone in Washington State ever, ever again.

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