Washington Inches Closer (Barely) to Getting a 10th Congressional District

David Ammons in the Secretary of State’s office is reporting that Washington’s odds of picking up another congressional seat following the 2010 Census are still good. Official numbers won’t be out for another three months, but a company analyzing data from Census Bureau estimates has Washington picking up seat number 434 out of 435.

The bigger story may be that it looks like the realignment would benefit Republicans more than Democrats.

Assuming voting in congressional districts generally follow the overall movement of their states, if the GOP doesn’t take over the House in 2010, realignment could make it easier in 2012.

States picking up one congressional representative are Washington, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina and` Utah. Florida would get two and Texas four. New York and Ohio would each lose two and Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania would lose one.

Of course, states do not vote in unison and redistricting/gerrymandering plays a role, as does the general mood of the country. Still, at least on the surface this looks like a Republican win.

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  1. @Tom,

    Particularly the word “candidate” makes it appropriate. Candidate Rolfes or any are invited to respond if they like. When you put in a name you have the opportunity to also enter a Web site. He did and linked to his campaign site.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus Abiding Dude

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