Patty Murray to Chat with Vets and Supporters in Bremerton

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray will be in town as a senator and as a Democrat running for re-election Thursday. At 3:15 p.m. she will be part of a roundtable discussion with veterans to discuss employment. We will cover that one.

Later that day there will be a campaign event at the Kitsap Conference Center. We will not be covering that, because press is not invited.

7 thoughts on “Patty Murray to Chat with Vets and Supporters in Bremerton

  1. Obviously the vets and supporters must be one in the same. This becomes another 100% transparent attempt to pass Murray off as caring about our military class. Her party does not care about the military except in how it plays on political campaign ads or in talking points.

    So the “press” wasn’t invited. I do hope on the invitees brings his FLIP phone so we get to see the Sneaker Mommy in action.

  2. Where was the great Senator that is so in touch with her people in Washington when the Beams arrived in Kitsap. I am so tired of attending events like this only to hear “the Representative of Norm Dicks of Patty Murray sent her representative”. Hopefully Dino will get in there and give us a couple of good years before he starts acting like her.

  3. A veterans Round table on Employment?

    It would have been helpful if the Veterans Community had been advised of this so members of the various Veterans Service Organizations in Kitsap county who actually are involved in Veteran employment issues could have attended,
    There is no place listed for this “Round table”. If this was to be a meaningful discussion then I would have expected those Veterans who have been in regular contact with her and her staff would have been notified and invited. As far as I know no one at the American Legion or any member of the Kitsap County veterans Assistance Fund Board were contacted.
    I would really appreciate the time and location so that I can attend.

  4. To all:

    My apologies that your comments did not post sooner. I approved them all yesterday (Thursday), or so I thought.

    As for the location, well you all know now, for all the good that does. I may post something later about the thinking and the rethinking on that.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus fullback

  5. Patty Murray has around 7 times more money than Rossi the last I heard. And why shouldn’t she – Patty is in the top two for the entire senate for taking money from big lobbyists. Now she tries to tar Rossi with her own corrupt conduct – but forgot to tell people the “lobbyist meeting” attended by Rossi was actually the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!!! It’s really hard to find anything in Murray’s claims that’s true. That’s being kind about it – she lies 95% of the time. Practice makes perfect. She’s counting on the people being stupid – and she might be right.

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