Seaquist and Richards’ Service Records

Later this evening, the Kitsap Sun will post a story about 26th Legislative District candidate Doug Richards’ rebuttal to critics of his campaign materials. As you may have already noticed, Richards is heading ’em off at the pass by having posted on July 14 disclosure of a domestic violence charge he incurred in 1989 in an incident involving his wife, Whitney. The charge was dismissed.

Richards’ service record has also come under question from another quarter. As part of my research, I asked him for a copy of his Navy discharge papers, which he willingly provided to me. I gave his opponent Larry Seaquist, a Navy veteran with a 32-year career, the same opportunity.

***The service documents have been removed temporarily to remove personal information that should not have been made public. They will be reposted Monday Aug. 9. ***

Aug. 12: The documents have been reposted below. Apologies for my tardiness. Chris Henry, reporter


Seaquist DD214

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  1. Looks Like Doug Richards DD-214 is incomplete. The key to the form is at the very bottom (special additional information) There is no type of separation listed, What type of discharge was awarded, Separation code, and Re-entry code. I am assuming by omitting the bottom, Mr. Richards is trying to hide the type of discharge. My guess is he received an other than honorable discharge or a Bad Conduct Discharge. It also looks like Mr. Richards was a reservist who only served 1 year 9 months of Active Duty. Hmmn You have to enlist for a minimum of 2 years, looks like he is missing 3 months? UA? Unauthorized absence? Or was he Booted out? Your call.

  2. This controversy arose over an embellishment by Mr. Richards about his military service. On his website and campaign literature he stated that he proudly served upon the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf. It is historic record that this didn’t occur, not interpretation or opinion but fact.

    To try and back pedal and claim that he served in the Persian Gulf region only reinforces the dishonesty of the initial claim. His DD214 states “North Arabian Sea”. The North Arabian Sea is the northern extension of the Indian Ocean between the Arabian Peninsula and India. It is separated from the Persian Gulf by the Gulf of Oman. To say he served in the Persian Gulf region would imply service in one of the countries around the Gulf such as Iraq or Kuwait.

    His analogy of living in Olalla and saying he lives in Port Orchard would be fine if his claim was that he had served in the Indian Ocean. If he uses Port Orchard for the city on his address he will get his mail no problem. If he said he lived in Tacoma then maybe it wouldn’t get to him so well. A more correct analogy is using Commencement Bay when he was actually in Hood Canal.

    Mr. Richards knew that saying he served in the Persian Gulf would gain a greater emotional response from people because of the association with Iraq. His DD 214 couldn’t have been the source of the error, nor a cruise book nor the ship’s history. It was a deliberate decision on his part and one he repeated. Ironically Iraq was considered friendly at the time of Mr. Richard’s service.

    His defenders say he made E4 in 18 months, DD-214 shows 19 months 6 days. But since he was in a delayed entry program the actual time to rate was 23 mo 17 days which would be on schedule for advancement based on Time In Rate since he was in an undermanned rate and advancement was nearly automatic. The Sea College program was an advanced placement program where based on certain criteria one could potentially be an E2 or E3 while at boot camp and thus make E4 as soon as 6 months out. The program obligated him to a minimum of 24 months of active service with 4 years of active reserve. He served 21 mos 8 days with no reserve service.

    Perhaps this says much about the kind of thought, dedication and honesty Mr. Richards is offering. More denial of the facts will never solve anything.

  3. If there was some problem with Doug Richards Discharge , is there not a way to find this out . Otherwise I believe it is inappropiate to state there is .

    This county is getting so a person who challenges the status quo will have their name disparaged , their integrity challenged and thrown into the sewer . It started out for waring a Fireman’s helmet ???? Sometimes I think we need to realize we are dealiong with people who after the election need to go about their lives . They both appear to be a couple of good Americans . Served their country .

    . This is getting a bit strange . I have seen what these kinds of things can do a person and the scars it leaves . It follows you and it carries over . Shame on Kitsap County .

  4. Mick Sheldon, this is why it is important to not have skeletons before running for office. This is especially true if nobody knows much about the candidate because people will research to find out what kind of man is behind the name. People want to know the character of the person behind the name if they are running for office. Heck, it is like a giant public job application. I know when I apply for a job my potential employer will run various checks on my record to see if I am the type of person they would want to employ. On some jobs they will check for criminal history, credit checks, etc. You can’t even apply for car insurance these days without them running a credit check to see if you’re a high risk, and those are very personal details of a person’s life. When you run for public office unfortunately your life becomes public and all the details of your life go under a microscope. Because in reality, we the public are their potential employer. If people don’t dig for answers to their questions, how are they to know what type of person they might have representing them in office?

    I would advise if someone runs for office and they don’t want the details of their life and past mistakes known, to just not run for office.

    It would be irresponsible to not question the character of a person before voting. It is advisable to have a crystal clear and clean past before going into a public life.

  5. cos not what I am speaking to . I am talking about unsubstantiated claims . There is a comment about a dis honorable discharge . I see nothing wrong about quationing say Rep. Sequest tax problems . It does make sense considering he has responsibility for voting on tax measures . Also if there was a dishonorable discharge to question it . There is none reported . So why are we talking about one .

    Also I believe when speaking about others character and possible past , creditability is added when real names are used .

    Just wondering where you stood on Bill Clinton’s sex life being the topic of the 6 o’clock news for a couple of months. Not that it matters , because character appears to unfortunately go hand and hand with political beliefs . If Sequest was being talked about an unsubstantiated claim about his military discharge , say John Kerry was , would that not leave a bad taste in the political process.

    Kerry was in a combat zone where people were shooting at him , it was spoken about like he was almost a Viet Cong supporter . You think wearing a Firemans helmet in a picture , speaking about a dishonorable discharge when none has been proven or spoke of except by political hacks is worthy ?

    A reporter could ask , a reporter could find out , I believe you could if you rerally were interested . Are you , or would you rather speculate about it ?

  6. “If Sequest was being talked about an unsubstantiated claim about his military discharge”

    Kind of like the outright lies that Mr. Seaquist cheated on his taxes or doesn’t pay them? (Please look at other Kitsap Sun story for those claims in the comments) I don’t understand how the IRS messing up a tax credit translates to those things.

    OK, I get your point… Not to make things up. Don’t tell lies unless you have proof.

    And… to answer your original question “is there any other way to obtain that” long form DD214.


    Thus all the questions and speculation. Mr. Richards should just supply his complete DD214 that shows that info instead of the edited version, so we can all concentrate on the issues. But with his very short service record and the inflated claims of service people are going to be suspicious.

  7. There is no way to see if a person is dis honorably discharged .

    I did not realize that . But obviously having the IRS have a lien on your property is news that should be reported . Of course having the news of the IRS having made a mistake also is . That way the story is complete . The news that this republican candidate had a forclosure or is in the process is also of importance in my opinion . This person is in charge of making fiancial decisions that unless you are a very partsian person would have to agree that the present legislature has not been very good at. That is whay having the IRS story should have been reported , sunlight works wonders .

    But saying because I was a victim of domestic violence so this person’ wife is lying is also politically hacking . I notice you give homeless people the benefit of the doubt , but assume another person is lying based on what ? Sounds like calculated compassion to me . Would you assume the homelss person had no character if they had a R by their name ? Perhaps a helping hand to the homelsee person is something we all should do , and allow the fact this person who is a fireman , just some room here . I mean he wore a helmet he bought in a picture and lets get the PDC on him for that . . LOL

    By the way , my son who had people try to kill him with bombs and such in Iraq , something neither Sequest or this other fella ever had was walking with me right after he got back from Iraq to a baseball ganme in Seattle . Went up to a firefighter and shook his hand and said thanks for your service . I asked why he did that , my son is my hero . He told me firefighters go to help people , they go to save people , they implement first aid to people who look as bad as you can from injuries , they are his heroes.

    But I guess according to you Obama should submit his birth certificate also . My thinking is why allow the hacks get their day .

  8. I fail to see how the IRS making a mistake is news worthy. Unless it is a story to tell how inefficient the IRS can be. Now that is a news story!

    Regarding attacking me for being a victim of domestic violence and me stating the facts is not political hacking, it is telling the statistics surrounding domestic violence. Since I experienced it and am well versed on it, I am within my rights to speak out of my knowledge. The fact is, any man that would do that I have to question their character. And if you look at what I said, it is possible that he didn’t do it again but the statistics are not in his favor. That is fact and not political hacking. Why don’t you call up the YWCA woman’s shelter and talk to them about all the domestic violence victims and the statistics and find out for yourself. Since you seem to think you know about domestic violence. Obviously a victim doesn’t know enough about it right?

    I would help anyone that was homeless regardless of their political label. But helping the homeless has nothing to do with who I will vote for in office. Your argument is an ad hominem.

    Well good for your son. I never said Mr. Richards wasn’t a hero for being a firefighter. I think he makes a great firefighter but I question his character and ability to be a legislator. I have valid concerns including the fact that if he were to be in office, one of the jobs will suffer. If he is working as a firefighter he will not have sufficient hours to be a full time legislator. If he goes to the legislator, that leaves our fire departments at risk as they are short on man power as it is and if you remember the sun just did an article on this a while back. Obviously I have a lot of concerns regarding Mr. Richards. They are valid concerns. I am within my rights to have my concerns, whether you like it or not.

    Regarding Mr. Obama, he already did show his birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii.

  9. Everybody is getting so far afield from the question I first posed. We don’t need name calling, accusations or more hyperbole. I couldn’t care less about the helmet. Attacking Larry Seaquist doesn’t strengthen Mr. Richards. Attacking the messenger is another sign of weakness and deceit.

    The issue is that Mr. Richards made the demonstrably false claim that he \served in the Persian Gulf.\ The second issue is that he said he \proudly served\ but based on his DD-214 he failed to complete his service. Why didn’t he complete his service? People don’t voluntarily quit early from something that they are proud of doing.

    All I asked is for him to be honest about his military service. He is the one that presented it so prominently in his campaign literature. Mr. Richards told me when I asked him about why he didn’t complete his service, \tell it to the papers and let the people decide.\ Well I am telling it best I can and he refuses to tell the truth. If he was excused from completing his service contract he must have something from the Navy waiving the remaining service.

    Good sailors don’t walk away from their service contracts but the bad ones might if they aren’t booted first.

  10. Ed being the 26th Dictict rep for the democratic party seems to be a pretty important position . Does Larry who I have spoken with before when he quoted in the media for saying some inappropriate comments . One was trailer trash , and the other calling those who supported Traditional Marriage as bigots. I called him because I happen to agree wth much of his politics, and am dismayed when I see public discourse become what you and others here have made it.

    Does Larry know about your comments here ?

    Good sailors do what ? Bad ones may ?

    Who attacked Larry ? I suggest some ideology perhaps is getting mud in your eye. I stated his tax problems were something that could or should have been reported . Why would anyone be against that ? He had no fault in the matter , if nothing else it stops anyone from stating it did . But a representative in trouble with the IRS is not an attack , the attack would not listening to the whole story and just repeating the attack .

    You don’t know about his discharge of this young man , your providing a negative reason on speculation based on your own political belief system . I believe Larry himself might have a problem with what your doing here . I suggest you ask him before you embarrass him further.

    I don;t know anyone but political partsians that agree with you . I went to this mans web and read his comments and that of his wifes.
    I realize its apolitical blog , and people always will make themselves appear quite the saint . But your carrying water for the attack team , being a political partsian , makes your character come into question also as far as I am concerned . And I wish larry was my rep in the north end . Perhaps I was mistaken , because my personal knowledge of larry would be was he tell you to knock it off.

  11. Cos he showed a copy , you don’t get it . The political hacks were not satisfied were they . They just kept on with attempting to discredit the President .

    Because your a victim of violence does not make you anything more then a person who needs support and perhaps some understanding . It gives you no creditability into looking into the personal life of someone you do not know , about a realationship you have no knowledge of and an incident over 20 years ago that was in the fourth degree.

    My comment about the homeless person getting the benefit of the doubt was not only an ad homiem attack if you took it that way . I would help a person regardles if they had a history of domestic violence also , the point was giving a person the benefit of the doubt you stated . The difference is interesting . Helping a person who lacks character is something I have dione and will do . Perhaps you can explain only helping the homeless to me that only deserve it .

    But being concerned about a domestic violence and stating YOU KNOW about this specfic case because your a victim are two different things .

    Also I suggest when concerned about character , use a name that is real when your trying to destroy that of another . I assumed larry would win this election, I never heard of this other person . I appreciate Larry’s perception and supprt for the ferries, his stand on keeping faith with our citizens , and his no nonsense communication style . Which at times has gotten him in trouble , not because of his character flaw , but because he can be a loose cannon at times . I wish we had him in the north end , we have a couple of political experts , no personal attacks on their character , but they sure are the opposite of what Larry has stated with how they have voted , interestingly the same political party support both of them .

    So when those of the same political power scheme from either party speak about character , I often wondwe r what is their basis . Because when you define morality , honesty , and compassion by political party , I find inconsistencies. I guess Ed can answer that .

  12. Once again Larry Seaquist and the Democrats want to distract from their tax and spend policies that have put the citizens of this state in a financial deficit that is spiraling out of control. Rather than focus on the challenges that face us, they would like to try to attack Doug Richards’ service record in the US Navy in an attempt to malign his character. It seems desperation leads to desperate measures.

    As has been stated by Doug in several appearances and on his flyers, he proudly served on the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf. Why they choose to debate this issue is unclear to us, when there are so many pressing issues at hand. We have researched Doug’s service record and have facts to set the record straight

    He served in the US Navy from December 1987 to September 1989. He enlisted under the Navy Sea College program, attending recruit training in San Diego. After boot camp, he was assigned his duty station, the USS Carl Vinson in April of 1988.

    The USS Carl Vinson promptly deployed for a NorPac/WestPac in June of 1988. It was assigned support of Operation Earnest Will in the Persian Gulf defending Kuwaiti shipping from Iranian attack. He, along with 4,500 of his fellow sailors, earned an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for their service in the Gulf Region. In July 1989, he received a promotion to 3rd class petty officer after just 18 short months in the service. This shows the proven leadership he had then as he does now.

    While his record might not be as illustrious as Mr. Seaquist’s claim of commanding a battleship, he is proud to have been one of the hard working Navy enlisted men and women who volunteered to protect and defend their country.

    As the political season wears on, we have become tired of the political games that are played with our tax dollars and our children’s futures. Once again Mr. Seaquist and his campaign has lost credibility with being able to deal with the true issues at hand. Does he really believe the citizens are not wise enough to see through his games?

    So much for being a friend of the veteran.

    Kyle Moritz (former ABH 3rd Class USS Carl Vinson 1988-1990)

    Ken Schlaudraff ( former Corporal, US Marine Corp, Vietnam Veteran)

    Keith Philips ( former EWT 1st class US Navy)

    Jeffry Vanos (retired Command Master Chief, USN)

  13. The type of discharge he had is very important. He uses his service record on his campaign tags as a highlight of importance. I believe it is only natural to want to know all the specifics.

    His domestic violence arrest most certainly is important.

    I stand by my concerns, and I will not take the bait from someone using personal attacks.

    Except for one I will answer, Yes.. let me get right on that. Being a domestic violence victim I will put my full name right out there so my ex can find me and the county I am now living in via a google search. Brilliant!! That would be an Einstein moment.

    Now back to the original question, where is the military record that shows what type of discharge Mr. Richards had in the military? That is a valid concern out of many concerns.

  14. Which is back to my point Cos , what is the motive behind your concerns . Only democrat activists , from helemets to wife abuse so far have come forward .

    What I find to be questionable are your comments and motives . You used your abuse record as a reasoning for your concerns , I stand by my concerns about you .

    Ed has shown to be a party official and dedicated to his party winning . You have made comments through the newspaper blog always defending one political party from domestic violence to condo debt.
    Always supporing the person with a d by their name . Always .

    If indeed you are or ever have been a victim of domestic violence , using your own critical thinking skills till you have PROVEN this to my desired needs , you are open to questions of your character and past . especially since you brought up your past abuse as a basis for your concerns here. It appears you are playing the victim here while you abuse the character of others . Is this something that has happened before . Who exactly was the victim of your past domestic violence ? Where are your police records ? You are using this information as a reasoning of who is elected and not , your beleif only candidates are subjected to inquiry is based on only your own opinion . I question you .
    Because someone has questioned your character using your EXACT same methodology you claim victimhood . You now see it as as an attack . You use the fact that you were abuser as proof of your understanding . Yet you can not answer my questions to prove that abuse .

    How do we know you were abused unless we see your police record . Oh yes , you can not give your identity . How convenient ehhh ?

    I assume you would be quite angry if your telling the truth , but you see you can hide behind a false name . Mr Richards , his family , his wife, his relatives, friends , work friends , all he has to face tomorrow .
    Chris henry of course will investigate this aspect of dirty politics . NOT

    I suggest you need to learn what the word character and respect actually mean . The only abuser here is you.

    I hope you loose a little sleep over this . It actually is a sign you have a conscience .

  15. Since the wife supported Doug on the domestic violence issue which they brought up themselves and it occurred in 1989, I believe that is a dead issue. However, if you read the TNT there is a bit more detail that has come out on that part of the story.

    However, the military issue does need to be clarified because the candidate uses that material as part of his resume. People have the right to ask why was Doug discharged and was it an honorable discharge, a general discharge for special reasons or a dishonorable discharge.

    The bankruptcy and foreclosure are also issues because the candidate brings up the issue of fiscal responsibility in his campaign literature. Fiscal responsibility with your personal finances is a reflection on how you will handle other people’s money in this case the public’s money. This is a concern for voters on how they evaluate the person for public trust.

    When you decide to run for public office the vetting process can often be quite ugly. I am certain the Democratic party did not sit in a room and cook this stuff up. Most of this stuff was probably gleaned from public records. I personally know how the foreclosure thing came up. I saw his Doug’s name in the Fathoms of Fun Parade. soon after that I ran across in the paper a property foreclosure notice for a property on Banner Road with the same name and determined it was the same Doug Richards. I inquired if the Sun knew about it. I am sure someone else called them as well. They chose to publish a story about it. They did not make any charges they just stated the facts. It was a well written story. I am an independent supporting Kilmer, Seaquest and Angel. They happen to be two Democrats and one Republican. I guess I am an evil cabal of one. Blame me.

    I wished the campaign had not been sidetracked by this stuff, but the public is reading this guy’s resume and investigating if this guy is worth their votes. I am sorry that is how the system works. I am sure Seaquest went through this and still is going through this process. You make a choice to run for public office and this goes with the territory. People want to blame the other side, but the facts will sort themselves out. You run for public office your life goes under a microscope. People want to avoid Blagojevitch’s – plain and simple.

  16. I will need a copy of your social security number, where you work, blood type, and your actual address and the address and name of your employer. Once you have satisfied those requirements the flame war will continue.

    Failure to provide me with the above will only result in personal attacks on you and stray from the issues at hand. This will create subterfuge and prove my narcissistic superior intellect to the 3 people that read this blog.

    Then I will be able to move on to the next person that I do not agree with on the internet and start again. I have no life and only my opinion is the right opinion. No other person in the voting public has a right to an opinion or concern unless they run it through my filters first. If they do break this cardinal rule, refer back to the rule about subterfuge and personal attacks.

    Now that we have that established…

    Back to the issues… I have the right to call into question my concerns. The last time I looked I was a member of the voting public. I don’t care who you think I am because I am not running for public office. This does not change my concerns about the issues.

    I have valid concerns and I want those questions answered. So far they have not been answered. That is my right as a voting citizen no matter what your opinion is Mr. Sheldon. No amount of subterfuge and bullying will change those facts.

  17. This is exactly true Cos, and your victom hood is noted , your dirty politics forever noted . Notice how the conversation became when you were questioned . You of course have a legal right to hide behind n unknown name , and speak about character. You have proved nothing . Asked questions on a blog where no one has answers in order to submit your smut .

    You have refleected poorly on your party , the person running for office that you will vote for has denied any pact with you . Enough said . Your what is wrong with our civil discourse , your the poster victim for it.

  18. You have shown your agenda and your affiliation with your candidate Mr. Richards is duly noted. No amount of personal attacks and bullying with trying to take the focus off the subject at hand is going to change the voting public concerns.

    I still have valid questions and concerns.. none of which have been answered.

    What type of discharge did Mr. Richards receive upon leaving the military?

    Lets start with that one… Or are we going to avoid the question and lower ourselves down once again to personal attacks against anyone in the voting public that dares ask a valid question about a candidate?

  19. Interesting
    I live in Kingston Cos. Hence your mind reading abilities suffer.
    Interesting you libel me also . I see its ok because I did to you in your mind ? I get it , libel the other political side because they libeled my political side . All fair in politics is your concept .
    Your concerned about character ?

    I do know what it is like to have your name in the public , attacked , and family put through the ringer . I am not a republican , I was at one time . I defended people from boh sides of the fence , I endorsed our North end Commissioner . He is a democrat . I defended him against political mud also. What agenda do i have ?

    Yor a democratic activist.

    I do not support the war , I do not support torture, and I do not support hatred . and to the complaints of hacks who complain about domestic violence and bullying while they violate families of others and bully I have no respect for . I hope you are not a teacher . .

    Now military experience ? as it the helmet once ? You know like a represntative showing a picture on a Military Battleship in a campaign , but a helmet thats PDC stuff. LOL. I do not know Mr Richards . Just that he has a wife , children in school , a medal for serving in a war situation , and most likely as a dad and husband has already wished at times in his soul he had not run for office . Thank God his kids are not in school right now. I had often wished I had not been appointed to a Council position and ran for school board when I had folks like you asking questions that were equally hurtful. In my case not a platform to even answer them . So yes I am quite aware of beuing violated . You see it does not matter , not everyone ever gets to hear the answers . Henry already pulled down the answers that were available from his web site . Not answering your inquistion , but to the concerns of most people they were .

    The answers you continue to ask no one knows here . You continue a need to know what the United States Government has stated you can not know because of possible reasons that the government believed may violate the persons privacy . You supposely know about privacy ? Now we have a person running for office , and you want to know more . I can understand that , so what did the man say when you called him up and asked ?

    I repeat what did the mas say when you called him up and asked ? Obviously you have . No one knows ther answers here . Share with us what he said . This will show at least your sincerity in wanting to know and not just wanting to defame .

    I doubt the man had a chance to win , as I said i never heard of him , had him confused with the guy running for Congress against Norm Dicks . I am thinking of sending him a donation just out of symapthy .

    The question is for Mr Richards . Call him up . Share with us what he says . If your right , and say he had a personality problem or whatever for his discharge , it means the man had a personality conflict and got off duty . It also means it has nothing to do with who he is today , he could be worse he could be better . But yes , it shows he had a problem . Thats important , like Larry sequist calling people who spport traditional marriage bigots . I called him up , he told me Adele Ferguson got it wrong . He supported homosexual partnerships , but denied the name calling . If that is the truth , I have no problem with his stand .
    Of course no one knows if Sequist ever beat his wife . How do you defend against the question itself . Larry Sequist have you ever beaten your wife . People only hear the question , the answer only a few ever get . Are you a bigot , the question has almost the same ramifications as the answer . If you ask the question in politics, as activists know , the answer is much less important

    Character , his family and kids I pray he holds on to . South Kitsap is nasty little place.

  20. “Hence your mind reading abilities suffer.”

    Yes, I am all out of tinfoil hats… Do you have any extra that you can spare?

    That is what this entire dialog has been reduced down to. Trying to keep anyone that asks important questions silenced with lies and libel in order to keep the topic derailed.

    Now back to the original questions and concerns.

    I just know you need to get the last word in. Maybe.. just maybe for the sake of everyone involved you will prove me wrong. But somehow I doubt it.

    More Flame Bait in 3…2…1…

  21. I haven’t called him YET because of the fact that he mislead us to believe that he served in the Gulf War, I am not sure if he will tell me the truth about his discharge. This is why I want to know if anyone else knows the truth.

    However, if I do decide to call him do you want me to say hello from Republican PCO Mick Sheldon from Bainbridge Island?

  22. Frankly the official wording of Mr. Richards discharge is of no interest to me as a voter. I met him recently. I am getting to know more about his history in relation to Kitsap County issues and how that might serve our community if he is elected.

    Both men in this race have had their moments for sure. Mr. Seaquist has cracks in his glass house large enough to drive a truck through. His behavior and comments that occurred during the conversations around the possible NASCAR track were deplorable and not befitting or becoming of an elected official no matter what side of the issue they were on. He personally dealt Washington State a very public black eye when it comes to its ability to attract large corporations to locate here.

    Then there is his handling of education issues. He sits on the Early Childhood Education Committee, yet education in this state is at a dismal all time low. When he was asked a question of mine about unfunded educational mandates at an educational forum hosted by the League of Women’s voters his incomplete dismissive answer was dumbfounding to many in the audience. He was a very active part of a legislature the condoned the shell game theft of federal stimulus dollars meant to go directly to school districts on top of what was already being paid to them from the state, that was instead laundered through a process that simply used the federal dollars to replace what was owed to the districts for the voter passed I-728. This caused a net gain of nearly $0 for most districts. It significantly added to the $3.8 million we needed to cut from the previous year’s budget for Bremerton alone. In 2011-2012 most districts in this State are facing the “cliff”. Many of the first programs to go or have already gone are the Early Childhood Education ones. Really, what has Mr. Seaquist really done to improve the situation at all?

    The detailed disclosure and endless speculation before the question is asked or answered of Doug Richards discharge records will in no way change Mr. Sequists past behaviors or voting record. Information about each candidate needs to stand on its own as a tool for individual decision making. I am still working on my information gathering for both candidates there military services records will not be a part of that.

    Good to see you back Mick after your self imposed “no blogging” hiatus. I have found that cutting back helps a heck of a lot with frustration levels, still can’t stop all the way though(smile).

  23. You have not even called him ??????????????????

    Well he might not know who the Mick Sheldon is you described . I am Mick Sheldon who lives at 26786 Webb Circle , Kingston Wa. 98346

    I was a PCO in the 454 precinct for about ten years or so . Thats Gamblewood . Helped in many winning and loosing campaigns . More loosing . Have not been a PCO for the past 4 years . Not since the GOP lost some validity in being honest with the people who supported them . I never have never slandered a candidate or individuals as you have here . You have gone from knowing from experience his wife was covering up for him to now stating incorrectly I am a PCO and a current republican elected to office.

    Amazing when you are in the habit of throwing mud , it becomes easier and easier without even getting the mud correct . As it matters to ya ? Your a piece of work .

  24. Well, as a vet, and Reserve Officer, I was wondering how a current Commander could sign on to a very obvious political letter to a media outlet, so I did some quick checking and found the following:

    Ed Robison, a current commander in the Navy:
    From the Naval Register:

    Looks like an upstanding citizen, served in Iraq. OK, no issue.

    George Robison a former captain with California State Military Reserve, JAG Corps;

    Never heard of this, so looked it up, uncompensated volunteer militia. I was surprised to see we still have this! 850 people in the STATE of California!

    This is a volunteer unpaid militia, paid only when called into service, not sure if he was part of the Naval section, which was last called to service for WW1.

    Steve Breaux, a former E4 in the Army;

    SMOKING GUN – Political operative!

    I guess they forgot to mention that he is a Democrat operative, former staffer for Derek Kilmer and Senate Democrats here in WA.

    Here is his PUBLIC LinkedIn profile.

    So, clearly this is political, and with such a connection I find it difficult to believe that Seaquist has no knowledge or control here, he and Kilmer are always together.

    It is for you to decide!

    Full disclosure: I am politically active also, limited within boundaries of the Hatch act.


    COS this is the County records for 2008. I can’t help what information that is wrong out there. Not sure how you think that google is slandering me . I still get all the emails from the GOP party , and all the republican candidates still mail me in their hopes that I send them money from the Governor races down to the little ones . Once you get on those kinds of lists , its like a lifetime appointment of having people beg you for money . ;0)

    I endorsed a quite liberal North End Commissioner last election , he defeated the now GOP County Chair Sandra Lacelle. Now she might think it was slandering the republican party having my name on that list .

    I found your remarks slandering , you made a mistake , you tried to use information that was wrong to fill in a pre conceived opinion you have of me based on political view points . Not on me the person . Like I said I never met Mr Richards . When I was very politically active I don’t even know if he lived in Kitsap . I was quite active in the 90’s for the republican party and the first term of George W .

    Basically I like small government , I am pro life . Many democrats are big government and pro choice . I don’t fit so good over there either .

    In my tin hat world I figure what i can do is help as many people as possible , even if it is just through organizations , helping democrats or republicans help get things done . Actually I am more involved in my church now then ever and other volunteer non political organizations . No offense to democrats or republicans , but there is a whole bunch of people out there that need help and really don’t care about our character or politics , but are very THANKFUL if we can get it to them .

    As if me being pro life makes me better then one who is pro choice , No it does not , or believing smaller government makes my integrity , character , or honesty worth less then someone Else’s . No it does not .

    I still like politics , also when i was a boy they taught Civics in public school . One of the few subjects I loved . . I use to think being politically involved was being a good citizen, it appears to me it means you need a thick skin and know how to , well never mind .

    I assume after you make mistakes you don’t apologize . A sign of weakness huh ?

    Well I apologize for offending you . I am weak at times .

  26. Hi Colleen ,

    Great comments by the way.

    When you start pointing your finger you always have your thumb pointing right back at ya .

    I got sick of the vitrolic partsian insults to people on the letter section and community editorials. All you read are comments from people who tell others, all based on political party and world view, that they are a liar while they think they are making everyone else think they are above calling them a liar . Actually deleted my Sun account , figure I stick around the reporters blogs , they be more intellectually aspiring .

    Me Bad

    This is strange to write an article and then put this kind of to go without boundries to fill in the blanks of their choosing , the candidate is guilty till proven innocent . Reminds me a little of Mr Smith Goes to Washington with Jimmy Stewart .

    Just thought it strange the paper would print allegations without actual proof. We shall see I guess. Right about Sequist and his trailer trash comments .

    Amazing these people running for office who served their country 25 years ago, got medals and still have to deal with this kind of stuff. ? 25 years ago I was just ending my extended ill spent youth that lasted till I was about 30 . I was a single dad ,not because I was anything special , just i was the only one left at home who was an adult .

    Someone invited me to go to church and I figured FREE DAYCARE . Ha .
    Actually heard a sermon with my name on it and been going ever since. New friends , new life , and happy to be the best i can be as they say. I actually admire these people who try to serve us , go figure.
    Your right about blogging . Maybe I should just try the sports blog and the Girl about Town Blog . That should keep me out of trouble . ;0)

  27. Thanks Mick. You know I am writting weekly for the “other” publication in town also on the web? It has blogging features as well. Less traffic over there but also less “vitrolic” as you put it.
    See you around.

  28. Bottom line is Mr. Richards misrepresented his military service and didn’t complete his service obligation. He has refused to release his discharge specifics so it is unknown why he didn’t complete his obligations.

  29. Another desperate play from the political incumbent playbook (7/22/10)

    Once again Larry Seaquist and the Democrats want to distract from their tax and spend policies that have put the citizens of this state in a financial deficit that is spiraling out of control. Rather than focus on the challenges that face us, they would like to try to attack Doug Richards’ service record in the US Navy in an attempt to malign his character. It seems desperation leads to desperate measures.

    As has been stated by Doug in several appearances and on his flyers, he proudly served on the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf. Why they choose to debate this issue is unclear to us, when there are so many pressing issues at hand. We have researched Doug’s service record and have facts to set the record straight

    He served in the US Navy from December 1987 to September 1989. He enlisted under the Navy Sea College program, attending recruit training in San Diego. After boot camp, he was assigned his duty station, the USS Carl Vinson in April of 1988.

    The USS Carl Vinson promptly deployed for a NorPac/WestPac in June of 1988. It was assigned support of Operation Earnest Will in the Persian Gulf defending Kuwaiti shipping from Iranian attack. He, along with 4,500 of his fellow sailors, earned an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for their service in the Gulf Region. In July 1989, he received a promotion to 3rd class petty officer after just 18 short months in the service. This shows the proven leadership he had then as he does now.

    While his record might not be as illustrious as Mr. Seaquist’s claim of commanding a battleship, he is proud to have been one of the hard working Navy enlisted men and women who volunteered to protect and defend their country.

    As the political season wears on, we have become tired of the political games that are played with our tax dollars and our children’s futures. Once again Mr. Seaquist and his campaign has lost credibility with being able to deal with the true issues at hand. Does he really believe the citizens are not wise enough to see through his games?

    So much for being a friend of the veteran.

    Kyle Moritz (former ABH 3rd Class USS Carl Vinson 1988-1990)

    Ken Schlaudraff ( former Corporal, US Marine Corp, Vietnam Veteran)

    Keith Philips ( former EWT 1st class US Navy)

    Jeffry Vanos (retired Command Master Chief, USN)

  30. Just repeating the same lie over and over doesn’t make it true.
    It is established fact that he didn’t serve in the Persian Gulf at any time. To say he served in the Gulf Region is like saying that Seattle is in the Port Orchard region. The ship was 200 or more NM from the Straits of Hormuz at the closest approach operating in the North Arabian Sea. If your fishing off Newport, OR you wouldn’t say that you were fishing in the Puget Sound.

    Many sailors in APG programs like Richards was in make E4 in as little as 6 months. His DD214 shows he made E4 in 19 mo 6 days active duty plus 4 mo 11 days inactive from his delayed entry time or nearly 24 months from his Pay Entry Base Date. This isn’t splitting hairs it is stating the truth.

    As to his service obligation he completed 21 moths 8 days of active duty and no active reserve time. His service obligation was for 24 months minimum active duty with 48 months of active reserve. Thus it is fact that he didn’t complete his service obligation. Why didn’t he complete his service obligation? What is the nature of his discharge?

    The only political game being played is in the misrepresentation of Mr. Richards military service by his campaign. Mr. Richards made this relevant by presenting it so prominently on his website, in his literature and in his statement in the voter pamphlets. The man was caught in a lie and he needs to admit to it rather than tangling it further. His defense of it only further exposes more deception.

  31. A bottom line of split hairs is simply that. At a public forum I witnessed Larry Seaquist indicated that there was nothing wrong with the current funding of education. Yet, a majority of school districts in this state will be facing a financial cliff in 2011-2012 that will force many of them into a bankruptsy situation. Why? Because Larry was part of a legislature that for the past several years has encouraged district to defer their pension payments in deliberate attempt by the legislature to avoid paying what they are obligated to by our State Constituion for education. They overturned the voter passed I-728 and then used federal funds to back fill what they owed once again a deliberate avoidence and way out of paying state money for education obligations.

    Now hairs can be split by Larry and his supporters that he did not vote for some of this, but the reality is that he also did nothing to provide an alternative solution then or for the future cliff coming in 2011-2012. Infact this same legislature is looking to make additional cuts cuts to districts that will be added to the several years of pension obligations that are due to be paid. The Bremerton School District alone is looking at a 6 million dollar shortfall.

    Also Larry also misrepresented himself and our community by labeling NASCAR people as individuals who skirt the law and park junk cars in their yards. Now he went on to split hairs and defend himself that he did not mean fans like myself but the corporation. But per a recent post that only further exposed more deception.

    He must have been way too busy being a prime sponsor on this qualtiy piece of legislation on a core issue that really impacts the people of this state.

    State Rep. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor

    HB 2476 – Allows for mute swans if they’ve been sexually altered, rendered flightless and are on private property that has no more than 20 acres of water. Also, there can be no more than two of them.

  32. “…You know I am writting weekly for the “other” publication in town also on the web? It has blogging features as well. Less traffic over there but also less “vitrolic” as you put it….”

    Please excuse me for commenting but Colleen…if things are that great over there, how do you find time to come over here to the more ‘vitrolic’ publication? And why?
    Is business so bad over ‘there’ you are forced to come here to recruit people?

    The other publication you come here to mention is and always has been a quality weekly and successful in its own right. It doesn’t need what you are doing…ticky tacky…in my opinion and making the other paper look bad.

  33. No Colleen, I did not want to read into it what I did… your wrote it, I didn’t.

    Other than COPD and Other Stuff blog posts, this is my last blog post.

  34. Returning from a week’s vacation, I saw that comments calling into question Richard’s service record have continued on this post, which includes copies of Richards’ Navy service record and that of his opponent Larry Seaquist, also a Navy veteran.

    The issue Richards’ critics raise is that the bottom portion of Richard’s form DD 214 — headed on Seaquist’s service record “Special Additional information (for use by authorized agencies only)” — is blank. On Seaquist’s discharge record, this section shows, “Type of Separation: Retired” and “Character of Service: Honorable.”

    I called Richards earlier this week offering him a chance to explain the discrepancy in his and Seaquist’s forms. He said he could not explain why his copy is blank at the bottom. However, he stands by his assertion that he served his country with integrity. “I was honorably discharged from the Navy Sept. 17, 1989,” he said.

    Richards recollection is that, when he was discharged in 1989, he submitted a copy of the form to Kitsap County, keeping one for himself. He believes the form he submitted had complete information on the nature of his discharge, and he has no idea why the two forms would be different. At this time he does not plan to obtain a copy from the courthouse. He is busy with campaigning, he said, and he believes he has addressed his critics’ concerns.

    Back when this issue first came up, I called the Kitsap County clerk’s office to ask about getting a copy of the form. I was told discharge papers are not subject to a public records request. Only the individual or a family member or someone with power of attorney may obtain them.

    Ed Robison, among others who have raised the service record issue, also questions why Richards’ term of service was from Dec. 10, 1987 to Sept. 17, 1989, one year, nine months and eights days total of active service. Richard’s record also shows 4 months, 11 days of “prior inactive service,” during which he was waiting to be called to active duty, he said. Robison claims that Richards did not serve a requisite 24 months.

    Richards, in one of our early interviews, said he was released from service early because the Vinson was heading out to sea and his superiors found it expedient to do so, rather than having to transport him off the ship.

    I’ve been unable to get anyone with the Navy to comment either on this case individually or on discharge protocol in general, as related to the DD214 form.

    I’m not sure why Richards’ opponents keep hammering at this. It seems they’ve made their point. On the flip side, I don’t quite get why Richards doesn’t just go to the courthouse, get the darn document and put an end to the discussion. Unfortunately, I’m running up against dead ends in being able to do so myself.

    On a related note, TSinGigHarbor, you allege, on the original story,
    Seaquist “failed to pay taxes in 2006, 2007 and 2008.” If you’re referring to property taxes, I have confirmed you are incorrect. If you’re referring to federal taxes, feel free to e-mail me documentation to back up your claims. I have contacted the U.S. District Court in Tacoma and determined that there are no criminal charges against Seaquist regarding failure to pay taxes, tax fraud, or any other matter.

    (Seaquist did recently get a speeding ticket in Kitsap County and paid his fine — $154 — in full.)

    I called Seaquist and gave him a chance to comment on what may have prompted TS to make his/her claim about the taxes. “I have no idea,” Seaquist said.

    As our comment system is set up, it’s easy for people to post unsubstantiated claims or insinuations, which can take on a life of their own. We allow this because we assume people reading the comments will take them for what they are — simply personal opinion unless backed up by hard copy proof. We do not allow outright libelous comments, and this one is borderline. In truth I should have jumped on it earlier.

    As we cover campaigns, we investigate, to the best of our ability, personal matters that could potentially relate to a candidate’s character. It’s always possible that some things will fly under our radar, but we do what what we can to ferret out criminal infractions and civil matters that could bear on a candidate’s ability to responsibly serve in office. I believe we’ve reasonably addressed these issues in the Seaquist-Richards campaign. If anyone has any tangible evidence to the contrary, e-mail me at

    Now, I have a challenge for readers. Let’s see if we can devote at least as much cyberspace to the issues, as has been devoted to the candidates’ backgrounds. I’m going to make a post on the Caucus, A Fresh Start Politically Speaking, with a couple questions to kick things off. I invite Seaquist, Richards and any other candidate to join in. And I invite readers to join the discussion and submit their own questions and thoughts.

    Chris Henry, reporter,

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