Heads Up: On The Agenda

Brynn Grimley writes:

Happy Summer Solstice! You can tell summer’s here (well maybe not temperature wise quite yet) because there’s not a whole lot going on this week by way of government meetings. Here’s what’s on the docket for the week:

Kitsap County Board of Commissioners (meet at 619 Division Street)

Meeting dates:

Monday, June 21: 10 a.m. The commissioners are replacing their regular Monday morning and afternoon briefings with a 5-hour board retreat that starts at 10 a.m. And for all of you who are ready to complain about them “retreating” to somewhere other than Kitsap, you can save your breath because the meeting will be held in the Port Blakely conference room, in the admin building, in Port Orchard. The topic of discussion is the 2010-2011 work plan.

Wednesday, June 16: 8:30 a.m. The board will spend 45 minutes sharing information, they’ll hear a resource conservation update, take a 5-minute break and then spend 15 minutes hearing about grant approval requests followed by a presentation on the Newberry Hill Heritage Park master planning process (if the board likes the resolution it will be up for approval at their June 28 regular business meeting). The board will recess into executive session from 11:30 to noon to discuss real estate issues.

City of Bremerton (meet at 345 6th Street, Norm Dicks Government Center)

Meeting dates:

Wednesday, June 23: The City Council meeting has been canceled due to lack of agenda items.

City of Port Orchard (meet at 219 Prospect Street)

Meeting dates:

Tuesday, June 22: 7 p.m. The city council will be hearing a number of items. Highlights include two annexation issues: Annexation of South Sedgewick and hearing from people interested in annexing Sidney Glen — they’re submitting their notice of intent to petition for the annexation. The city will also review an ordinance that would impose a 180-day moratorium on the acceptance of applications for “certain signs” under the city’s code, also with this they’ll review changing the chapters and definitions in the city’s code on sign regulations. The city will also adopt a resolution that modifies parking restrictions on Advantage Avenue and authorize the mayor to execute a change order with BHC Consultants for the Tremont Street sewer pre-design report and PS&E.

City of Poulsbo (meet at 19050 Jensen Way)

Meeting dates:

No meeting until July 7

And that’s all I have…

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