Will Brownsville Port Commissioners Make a Decision?

Brynn Grimley writes:

Tonight I’ll be attending a special meeting that was called by the Port of Brownsville commissioners. I was told the meeting was called to specifically discuss the vacant fire hall building they own and the possibility they could have an interested tenant.

It wasn’t that long ago that the commissioners voted in favor of the conversion of the building into a pub/small-scale brewery that the restaurateur hoped would become a happening gathering place. But alas the conflict between commissioners ultimately resulted in the business partners deciding they wanted to locate elsewhere.

I’ve only been covering this potential decision for a few months, but it’s been an ongoing discussion between the commissioners and the community for the last couple years. From where it stood at the end of 2009, two of the commissioners (Bob Kalmbach and Allen Miller) supported the transformation of the building into a brew pub, while the other commissioner (Jack Bailey) was vehemently against the idea.

I’m not sure where they stand on the latest proposal, to transform the building into a marine/kayak supply store. At an April meeting the commissioners didn’t say much about the idea because they hadn’t received an official proposal from the business owners. I wasn’t able to attend the May meeting, but followed up with Port Manager Jerry Rowland who said nothing was decided.

That’s why this special meeting has been called for tonight — for a discussion to take place. I know everyone is getting anxious to see something happen, including the commissioners — Miller said he’s pretty tired of seeing that building sit empty while the port pays for it.

Lets hope all goes well tonight and I return Wednesday with something to report on.

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