Burlingame to Challenge Brown in CK Commissioner Race

The race for the Kitsap County central district commissioner seat will be contested.

Republican Abby Burlingame will challenge Josh Brown, Democrat, in his bid for re-election to the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners.

Burlingame, 30, is a North Kitsap High School grad who lives in East Bremerton and has cut hair for the past decade at A Barber Shop in Silverdale. She also studied public policy and law at Seattle Pacific University and said she is one Spanish class shy of finishing her bachelor’s degree program.

She interned during the 2009 Legislature for state Sen. Bob McCaslin, R-Spokane Valley and her name appears as a research assistant on papers prepared by the Washington Policy Center.

Her chief interest in running stems from her belief in local government, she said. Burlingame said local governments will continue to feel the brunt of budget concerns in the coming years. She said she not certain the county is well positioned to handle the budget challenges ahead, given the projects the county has planned.

Burlingame said she built a house when she was 23, a house she sold when she went through a divorce. She is single with no children.

13 thoughts on “Burlingame to Challenge Brown in CK Commissioner Race

  1. Abby Burlingame should have purchased her car in Kitsap County, instead of Pierce County. Surely a person running for election in Kitsap County would want to help her local businesses as well as pay the taxes which are lower here also. She wont get my vote !

  2. Her CAR???? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a more superficial reason not to vote for someone. If anyone has any brains at all, they buy their cars where they can get the best deal. If that IS Kitsap County, fine and great. If it is Kent, where I bought my last vehicle, too bad for Kitsap County. I sure hope you’ve never bought anything on the Internet or from out of state and not paid ANY sales tax on it (which is illegal.)

  3. Michael, You think it is superficial, do you have the slightest idea where local taxes come from? I guess you are into the magical grants (other peoples taxes) to pay for local projects. If Abby expects others to support her local business to keep her employed but shops out of town to save a few bucks well then she is not mature enough in her understanding on how the bills get paid around here.

  4. I heard she was a real smart young lady.

    I wonder if it matters to these folks if it is an American made car ?
    I bought my car in kitsap County. Obviously my superior understanding Michael.

  5. For one, she does NOT live OR work in Kitsapp county, but in Snohomish County. Also, her car is NOT American made. I think one should look further into how the sale of her house went down…they would be surprised.
    I thought she was engaged to someone…Jed something? Correct me if I am wrong.

  6. Jenna, you are ill-informed in your statements. Abby cut my hair the other day and has for years in Kitsap County. I got a look at her new Ford Mustang and we commented on the UAW sticker in the window.

  7. Well Jenna I looked her up on the voter registration rolls through sound politics, there she be. Your not on there , but your name may be diifferent then the way it appears . Or maybe you don’t vote , or maybe your using a fictious name . Wait a second did not Josh Brown get the not living here last election cycle. Oh yeah nice touch about using our imaginations about the house sale. I don’t even know this lady, but already I am inclined to figure she must be doing something right because all people can do is throw smut at her.

  8. I think some people need to get their facts straight before they post, Abby does work in this county, she just cut my sons hair last week at A-Barber……hmmmm in SILVERDALE!!!

  9. Mick,
    While you were looking her up, did you notice that she didn’t register to vote until 2006, when she would have been over 26 years old?
    Maybe she registered at 18 in a different state? Otherwise, she managed to get married and divorced and build and sell a house all before she ever registered to vote.

  10. Mick,
    I am not trying to sling mud but even though it cost me more in some instances I have always made a huge effort to make my large purchases within my taxing district. The last three vehicles my husband & I have purchased, all on Auto Center Way, appliances for four different homes in Bremerton, either Bremerton or Silverdale stores, new windows, down the road at Superior Glass (huge bonus, great service & much cheaper than every “chain” window supplier!). When I need a plumber, I call the local guys, not a franchise service. If people don’t understand where the majority of money comes from to pay for fire, police, and other local tax supported services then I’m not sure they should be supported as a decider of where our limited tax dollars should be spent.

  11. Jane I find that strange, but OK . Local small businesses I support, large businesses I always shopped by what I could afford. Who had the best deal based on price , warranty, and maintenance record. I am a nerd with my consumer reports magazine. Having
    Never have bought a car out of county in the 35 plus years living here, but it was not for the reasons you gave. I just do not see how that would be make more or less qualified then any candidate . Why not reward the business with the deal and donate the money to the county. Why reward a business that will charge more for their over head ? I figured it was more important to consider how a person would spend money , to make sure his or our dollar was getting the biggest bang for the buck . Josh Brown supports many many local groups. That is a good thing. Are you telling me this is an issue you have checked with every Kitsap County cabndidate, or was it a spur of the moment smear ?

    To Cean

    Your kidding right Cean ? After the mud and distortions given here , that is what pops in your head ? She is a young bright person getting into politics. Who also has the gumption and bravo to give her full name and does not need to throw mud to make a point.

    We have a lack of people with integrity and character in politics.
    If we have two in the same race that is a plus! Some of us judge people by their political affiliation instead of their character. That is a mistake we are slowly learning in this country.

    Your quite to the left politically , at times even so far intellectual exchange becomes hard to do as least with email type communication , But up to now I thought more of you. Tally ho

  12. My first thought was… how can I vote for a hairdresser? But wait, Josh Brown has never had any kind of job. He’s a reasonably bright guy, but I can’t recall agreeing with him on any decision he’s made… so maybe I’d better think again.

    To be successful, hairdressers need at least two skills. They have to do a decent job of cutting hair and they have to be able to listen to their customers. The ones I’ve liked best over the years were sincerely interested listeners. They didn’t always agree with me, but they were fun to talk to.

    Josh Brown buys in to the whole “we’re the government, trust us to plan every moment of your life because you’re too stupid to do it yourself” school of politics like the other two sitting commissioners. Kitsap 2020, Transportation 2030 (whatever)… they have a “vision” and expect us to live with it. I especially like the, “we’re going to tax you for every mile you drive” idea. Way to go, Josh.

    I say fire them all and put in simple, honest folks… and I don’t care if they buy their cars on the Moon if they don’t have strange visions for my future.

  13. Jane two time I was looking at cars I did go to Kitsap dealers. First time they got all my info and would not even bargin on the sticker price. Went to Kent bought the same vehicle, different color for $5,000 less. Next time different dealer made a deal with a hand shake wrote them a check and the deal they wrote up was totally different and they would not give me back my check. Told me they would issue me a refund in a week. I put a stop payment on it and bought a car in Tacoma. Sorry but some of the dealers in Kitsap give car dealers a bad name.

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