Income Tax Initiative Could Get Serious Play

Austin Jenkins from the Northwest News Network is reporting that a proposed initiative filed in March to implement a state income tax may have the backing it needs to get a serious signature-gathering effort going.

All depends on the supporters’ ability to get financial backing. According to Jenkins a decision about whether to pursue it aggressively could be made as soon as Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Income Tax Initiative Could Get Serious Play

  1. Steve you are out of the loop my friend . This state legislature just dissed I 960. At one of the forums in the north end our reps had people who showed up clapped for them raising taxes . The folks who work or those people who oppose taxes like republicans don’t even get involved in politics in some areas of our state anymore. Meaning they don’t go to forums and listen to double speak.

    Thats the problem , the people who showed up clapped . Even democrats don’t understand people clapping for raising taxes.
    We have negative coverage of the tea party folks , but the folks who clap and legislators who ignore the people get a pass.

    We elect democrats , but we don’t trust them . And obviously they are not held accountable . We all know this . Till they are held accountable, no income tax .

  2. I won’t sign it. What are they going to tell the suckers that they’ll only tax that rich guy behind the tree?

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