Tax Protesters Going to Olympia

Residents plan to descend on Olympia Thursday, the day your tax filing is due, to tell politicians they are “Taxed Enough Already.”

An e-mail from the county’s Republican Party suggests Bremerton’s Keli Carender (Liberty Belle) will be there, along with radio talkers Dori Monson, Kirby Wilbur and David Boze.

There will be chartered bus rides available for $15. The buses leave from Poulsbo, Silverdale and Port Orchard and getting a ride requires a reservation.

More complete information follows.

April 15th is Tax Day and we’re headed to Olympia and Seattle to tell our politicans that we are Taxed Enough Already!  If you want to be heard, this is time to join up and speak out!  These events are sponsored by CAN and hosted by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation and various Tea Party organizations.  They will feature David Boze, Dori Monson, Kirby Wilbur, Amber Gunn, and Liberty Belle with sketch comedy, live music, and much more!  Please click here for more details regarding the events. 

Olympia Rally:
We are chartering up to two buses to take us from Poulsbo, Silverdale and Port Orchard to the Olympia Capitol event. However, you must reserve your seat now to save a place on the bus and for us to know whether we need one or two buses. 

The buses will leave Poulsbo about 8:30 AM, Silverdale about 9:00 AM, and Port Orchard about 9:45 AM and return in the late afternoon. The cost of the bus will be $15 which is our cost if the bus(s) is(are) full. Please reply to this email to reserve your seat. 

Note: Rand Hein sent a note saying the schedule has been revised to the following:

9:15 Leave Poulsbo (Albertson’s parking lot)
9:40 Leave Silverdale (north end of Kitsap Mall parking away from the Kohl’s store)
10:00 Leave Port Orchard from Lowe’s parking lot
11:30 Estimated arrival in Olympia
3:00 Estimated completion of event in Olympia and begin return
Please note that these are times that the bus will LEAVE. Please arrive earlier.

Seattle Rally:
If you can’t make the Olympia Rally in the afternoon, then come to the Seattle Rally in the evening in Westlake Park in downtown. Please click here for more details.  You may use the Kitsap Republican Facebook page to organize carpools.  

Please join your friends and neighbors in Kitsap County and make your voice heard on issues like Health Care, Taxation, and Out-of-Control Government! Bring your flags and signs (appropriate, please) and be prepared to have a good time.   

Rand Hein (
Kitsap Republicans

PS Use the “Forward email” link below to send this to your friends. 

11 thoughts on “Tax Protesters Going to Olympia

  1. Members of Kitsap We The People, a local 9/12 Group, will be at both “Tea for Two” event locations.

    “Tea for Two” is a NON-PARTISAN event in which all parties, groups and patriots who are concerned about the direction in which this country is being taken are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate in a peaceful manner.

    These events are very much a grassroots organized and funded effort despite media coverage and press releases that might suggest otherwise. A majority of the credit for “Tea for Two” rests with the Pierce County Tea Party, South Sound Tea Party, EFF and other related Patriotic Groups.

    For more information on “TEA FOR TWO” you can visit:

    For more information on the local 9/12 Group and read up on TEA Party Facts & Myths you can visit:

  2. The fact that people are promoting Keli Carender as a speaker is enough discredit the entire event. Too bad! A real grassroots campaign returning to American values would be refreshing. Instead we get the same old repackaged, rebranded BS that got us here in the first place. Another set of people too far to one side to connect with most voters.

  3. The Tax Day Tea Party was in Olympia yesterday with and estimated 3K protesting and this is the best the newspapers in the area can do! Guess it just fits as WE HAVE KNOWN FOR A WHILE THAT OUR LOCAL NEWS OUTLETS ARE BIASED AND WON’T COVER THE NEWS UNLESS IT’S SLANTED TO THE ULTRA-DEM DIRECTION.

    It’s sad that news outlets have become so biased that their are no two sides of a story anymore only another outlet for liberal agendas.

  4. Parker,

    Check your e-mail as I invited you to send me your photos that you offered us and your take on the events here on this blog. I sent you this invitation about a half hour before you posted this.

    I went to Olympia once twice this session, once to cover the legislative preview and another time to hang out with Tim Sheldon. How many protests did we miss there?

    We kept looking for signs of a protest locally and were aware of none.

    When I covered the Republican convention some Republicans complained. When I didn’t cover this year’s convention some Republicans complained. When I covered the folks gathered at the 19th Hole for the Glenn Beck program, some who attended complained because I referred to Republicans.

    That’s fine. We get complaints from Democrats at our coverage and none-coverage of them, too. We get complaints from business owners and non-profit operators when we do or don’t cover them as well. It’s part of the job.

    And I’d be an ingrate if I didn’t point out that some people thank us for covering them. I’m always gratified by that, though sometimes it makes me wonder if I was too nice.

    We didn’t get to any protests in Olympia this year. We had the national Tea Party protests in our print edition, before and after.

    I spent most of yesterday covering the fact that there were likely to be two liquor privatization initiatives filed in Olympia. I did the work from my desk here in Bremerton. Getting on the buses to go to Olympia with the locals that went would have been a cool story. So was the one I did, and we knew the Olympia event would be covered by AP and others. I don’t think there was a wrong choice between those two possible stories.

    The reality is no matter what we do, no matter how many back and front flips we do to be fair, some people won’t ever be happy with us.

    Please tell me you’re not one of THOSE people.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus sensitivity trainer

  5. Steven,

    I just emailed you some photos that my Husband Jason took at yesterday’s event. Feel free to post them if you want to. He was with the group of “locals” down there for the event.

    Since he has a union job with a Cadillac plan he was contractually able to get the day off despite the fact that his union dues are used in large part to fund the continued employment of certain politicians he was rallying against.

    Some of us like myself on the other hand needed to continue to work at their capitalist free market driven company for an over $250K a year earning owner who is now looking at significant tax increases that will limit the number of paid days off he can offer to those of us employs in the near future.

    Colleen Smidt
    (occasionally labeled by the press as one of “those people”)

  6. Thank you Colleen. I’m working on creating a photo gallery. My goal is to have it up on the site by 3:30 p.m.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus red carpet roller

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