Waiting Game Continues on KCCHA Move

Brynn Grimley writes:

Gardner was out yesterday and I’m not sure if he’s feeling better today or not since I’m in a county commissioner work study this morning (he’s probably still sleeping, lucky guy!) so it looks like, for now, you’re all stuck with me. Sorry.

As you might remember, yesterday I posted a blog entry about the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority and its potentially impending move. But, if you’ve already read today’s paper (or the Web site), you know a decision wasn’t reached.

In fact, I anticipated the meeting would include a decent discussion about the matter, but none of that happened. Well, that’s not exactly true, there was a discussion but it was held in executive session, so no one but the board of directors and authority staff were privy to what was said.

This was a contrast from last month’s meeting, when County commissioner Steve Bauer made it clear he was frustrated because it seemed the agency was resisting the move from Silverdale to Bremerton.

Executive sessions are held to protect sensitive information from being known to the public (usually its related to personnel performance, real estate dealings or potential litigation). After the meeting I chatted with executive director Tony Caldwell, board chairman Lary Coppola and called Bauer. None gave much of a hint as to what the discussion centered around. (Bauer said he wasn’t trying to be “cute” when I pressed him. He said when he could discuss the issues publicly he would. We’ll wait and see). They did say there is a tenant potentially interested in moving into the authority’s space in the Norm Dicks Government Center, and that was part of the discussion in the executive session. That’s the most I could get out of them.

If the decision comes down from the board for the move to happen, Caldwell and his staff are ready. They’ve already gone through the first floor office area declaring certain office furniture “surplus” that they won’t need.

In the limited discussion they had about the move during the public meeting, Caldwell said he and staff have “sat down and discussed how we can make this building work for us.”

“We continue to hold down on our expenses as much as we can,” he said about the overall status of the authority.

The board could reconvene in a special meeting as early as this week to make a decision on the move, or it could be next week, or the following. Not sure, but when I know, I’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “Waiting Game Continues on KCCHA Move

  1. He did look a little off (more than usual, smile) at the District 4 meeting on Monday. Thanks for filling in on this issue, Brynn.

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