Your Candidate Choices So Far

Several names are missing from this list. The ones I include here are those who have either filed with the Federal Elections Commission or the state’s Public Disclosure Commission. Most notably absent are Republicans Rob McKenna and Dino Rossi, named often as suspected candidates for the U.S. Senate against Patty Murray. Brad Shannon at the Olympian offers party speculation that Rossi will run. On McKenna most speculate he’s aiming for a run at governor in 2012.

The examiner lists 17 possible challengers for Murray. Inslee has two Republican opponents.

In the state races I’m not yet listing Web sites, because I’m not sure any are up to date or offer any real substance. If you do a search yourself you might find more.

U.S. Senate
Paul Akers, Republican
Don Benton, Republican
William Chovil, Republican?
Arthur Coday, Republican
Clint Didier, Republican
Daniel Le Blanc, Republican
Skip Mercer, no party listed
Patty Murray, Democrat (incumbent)
Rod Rieger, Republican
Sean Salazar, Republican
Chris Widener, Republican
Craig Williams, Republican

First District U.S. House
Matthew Burke, Republican
Jay Inslee, Democrat (incumbent)
James Watkins, Republican

Sixth District U.S. House
Doug Cloud, Republican
Norm Dicks, Democrat (incumbent)

23rd District state House
Position 1
Sherry Appleton, Democrat (incumbent)
Pete DeBoer, Republican

Position 2
Christine Rolfes, Democrat (incumbent)

26th District state Senate
Derek Kilmer, Democrat (incumbent)

26th District state House
Position 1
Jan Angel, Republican (incumbent)
Sumner Schoenike, Democrat

Position 2
Doug Richards, Republican
Larry Seaquist, Democrat (incumbent)

35th District state Senate
Tim Sheldon, Democrat (incumbent)
Nancy Williams, Republican

35th District state House
Position 1
Daniel Griffey, Republican
Kathy Haigh, Democrat (incumbent)

Position 2
Fred Finn, Democrat (incumbent)

The only county candidates to file with the state are all incumbents, including newly appointed treasurer Meredith Green.

3 thoughts on “Your Candidate Choices So Far

  1. RV,

    He ran as a Republican in ’04, but I couldn’t find anything current that indicated he was planning to run within the party this time around. Do you have a link that I could use to justify removing the question mark? Thanks.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus star dancer

  2. I found articles and Voters Guides regarding 2006 and 2008, but your point that he could have switched in the last year or so is well taken.

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