McClendon Will Challenge Kilmer in 26th Senate Race

State Sen. Derek Kilmer, D-Gig Harbor, has a challenger in November. Marty McClendon, a Gig Harbor real estate broker, will run as a Republican.

His press release follows:

McClendon to Challenge Kilmer for 26th District Senate Seat

Gig Harbor Real Estate broker Marty McClendon today announced that he is running against Derek Kilmer for the 26th District Senate seat.

McClendon said his top priorities will be creating jobs and protecting schools from irresponsible cutbacks.

“State government cannot just wave a magic wand and create real, private sector jobs,” McClendon said, “but it can help create an environment that encourages businesses to invest and consumers to spend. That means not raising taxes and not adding new layers of regulation.”

McClendon criticized the incompetent budgeting that has resulted in a special session, now in its third week.

“It is unbelievable to me that the Legislature is now in the third week of a special session – and the only purpose of the session is to decide which taxes to raise. It’s just flat out wrong to be raising taxes in the middle of the worst recession in 70 years.”

McClendon said he was approaching the campaign with enthusiasm and determination.

“I’m a proud Husky and native Washingtonian,” McClendon says. “My father had four rules that I still believe in: first, if you start something you must finish it, no quitting, Second, If you are going to do something, do it right., Third, Never ask someone to do something you would not do and never let them outwork you. And, fourth, your word is your bond. So, I’m giving my word to the voters in Gig Harbor that I am going to visit them on their doorstep, listen to their concerns and not let anyone outwork me in this campaign.”

McClendon, 42, said that Kilmer is “part of the problem.”

“The budget was more than nine billion dollars out of balance thanks to Derek Kilmer’s reckless spending,” McClendon said. “It’s no way to run state government. The failure to set priorities is hurting our schools and adding to the taxes being paid by small businesses.”

McClendon also has a keen interest in health care legislation. He was an anesthesiologist technician for a dozen years prior to entering real estate, and his wife is a registered nurse.

“I’ve been on the front lines in emergency rooms and operating rooms, so I know we need to make improvements in health care,” McClendon said. “We need to see how the federal changes impact our state, but I believe we must make certain that health care is available and affordable – without putting the burden on small businesses who cannot afford additional costs.”

McClendon lives and works in Gig Harbor; prior to that he lived in Kitsap County. The 26th District includes Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and the Key Peninsula up to Bremerton.

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