Pawlenty to Address Washington Republicans

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, considered a front-runner in 2008 to be John McCain’s VP nomination and a contender for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, will be the keynote speaker at the state Republican Party’s convention a state Republican Party event in April.

The party’s press release follows.

Chairman Luke Esser of the Washington State Republican Party announced today that Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) will deliver the keynote address at the 28th Annual WSRP Gala Dinner & Auction to be held Saturday, April 24 at the Bellevue Hilton.

Governor Pawlenty is currently serving his second term as the 39th governor of Minnesota, a term that concludes in 2011. Pawlenty’s career of public service includes experience as a city councilman, ten-year member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, four years of which he spent as House Majority Leader.

Pawlenty also served as Chairman of the National Governors Association. During the 2008 Presidential Election, he served as a national co-chair for Sen. John McCain, and since then he has remained a national figure in Republican politics.

“Governor Pawlenty is a rising star in GOP politics for several very good reasons,” said Esser. “The Governor believes in common sense conservative principles, and has balanced his state’s budget three times without raising taxes, despite facing record budget deficits.

“It is precisely that track record of success and respect for taxpayers which has earned Governor Pawlenty a reputation as one of the most innovative, energetic, reform-minded and accomplished governors.

“We are excited that Governor Pawlenty has accepted our invitation to speak at our annual spring dinner and auction, and look forward to hearing his vision for how the GOP can win in 2010, and effectively govern after our electoral successes.”

2 thoughts on “Pawlenty to Address Washington Republicans

  1. Minnesota, State income tax rates, income 0-$22,730 5.35%, income $22,731-$74,650-7.05%, income 74,651 + -7.85%, general sales tax (prior to regional add-ons) 6.875%. Pawlenty created a “fire safety surcharge” on all homeowner insurance policies in 2006. Seeing as Minnesota ranks 47th in the nation for state spending on fire safety this funding source for training seems rather important. Pawlenty is now proposing to take this money to cover the 1.2 billion shortfall in the budget. Of course is is easy to say he “has balanced the budget without raising taxes” the residents are taxed at a much higher rate than residents of Minnesota but who is crying the loudest?

  2. Hey Steven,

    A correction to your blog story. The Washington State Republican Party’s “Convention” is in June this year..

    I know this because I will be attending as a delegate having participated my precinct caucus last weekend and completed the appropriate paperwork to attend.

    The event in April that Governor Pawlenty will be speaking at is simply a dinner/gala.

    From the “quasi, Jr., community journalist from the OTHER Bremerton publication”

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