Legislators Want Sheldon to Lose a Job

Democrats looking to rid themselves of state Sen. Tim Sheldon, “D”-Potlatch, have introduced a new tack.

The Seattle Times’ Jim Brunner has the story.

Legislators, including sponsor of the rumored House version of Senate Bill 6588 state Rep. Sherry Appleton, D-Poulsbo, want elected people to pick one elected office and not hold on to another that pays more than $500. Sheldon is also a Mason County commissioner. If they upped that minimum to $751 it would exempt a Republican who’s on a city council. Otherwise you’ve got a Republican and a Democrat who seems to be the only one happy he calls himself one.

Sheldon is up for re-election for his Senate seat, assuming he runs. One Republican, Daniel Griffin of Allyn, has signed up with the Public Disclosure Commission to run against Sheldon as a Republican.

If you read the story, read it to the end.

One thought on “Legislators Want Sheldon to Lose a Job

  1. How about making that, “no legislator can hold an elected office if he/she receives more than $500 from a special interest”. We could say goodbye to just about all of them.

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