Bremerton Makes a Fishy Appearance on Dori Monson Show

Dori Monson, KIRO radio Seattle afternoon talk show host, weighed in today on the Bremerton City Council’s decision to approve the statues downtown. It’s in the first hour (Dec. 17, 2009).

“I would make a special trip to Bremerton if the fish was catching the fisherman, just so I could delight in the whimsy,” he said. (Added on 12/21. Monson was kidding.)

Note: The clause explaining who Monson is was added after the first draft was published. No more pouncing on Justin.

11 thoughts on “Bremerton Makes a Fishy Appearance on Dori Monson Show

  1. Justin, Dori Monson is on KIRO Radio. He is one of the Best Talk show hosts in the Seattle area. If you read the first line of the story you wouldn’t have needed to ak who he was.

  2. Justin, I changed the post to explain that. I should have had that in there from the start.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus blog overlord

  3. Jane you don’t listen to Dori. He is so against wasting money on public art, if that is what it is. A big fish in down town Bremerton, sounds like a big waste of our money.

  4. “blog Overlord”? Have you have been role playing with your “action figures” again Steven? I am just messing with you. The thought of anyone who dresses up like a farmer and then proceeds to sing and dance out a tune about his employer just isn’t serious “overlord” material.

  5. @me who? If your pal Dori is so against wasteful spending why is he supporting the big fish? Apparently he was not provided the talking points prior to forming his on air opinion.

    1. Monson’s comment was made in jest. He was clearly trying to sound ridiculous. I thought that would be clear in the comment, but I should have made it obvious that he was kidding. I am going to change the post to reflect that.

      Blog jefe

  6. There was a bus load of tourists near the old Lowes in East Bremerton looking for the Great Fish Statue today. Being the helpful citizen I directed them towards Consumerdale!

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