5 thoughts on “Why Action Figures Are on My Christmas List

  1. Playing with dolls Steven? I never would have thunk it.

    I seem to recall a great episode of “That 70’s Show” where Eric defends his Star Wars action figures. Totally funny.

  2. You’re so right. That guy on the right is a convicted toy felon in possession of an illegal, fully automatic firearm, hunting squirrel out of season. I thought I saw his picture down at the post office in a toy mailer the other day. He has been shown on the top ten “Most Wanted” list of toys this year and was last seen attempting to smuggle himself inside an 8 year old boys backpack who was headed in the direction of the nearest school. Spotted by an observant Mom during that morning’s mandated search of clothing and possession procedures he managed to abort his attempt and avoided capture once again. Remain vigilant.

  3. That squirrel/action figure photo is politically incorrect in so many ways. It’s got guns, masculine imagery (if they were Barbie dolls it would be okay), hunting, meat consumption (one presumes they will eat the squirrel), and I think it’s likely both action figures are breathing, so they are committing the deadly sin of breathing a poisonous gas into the environment. And it’s two men, no ladies, so the imagery is also sexist. And probably most unforgivable of all — it’s funny! It seems these days everyone has their buttocks cheeks clenched so tightly about stuff that they’ve lost all sense of proportion and all sense of humor. What a great photo.

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