A Tough Election to Predict

Earlier Tuesday another employee in the newsroom handed out the election pool sheet. It only cost a buck, so I was ready to play. I got down a few races, though, and started agonizing over my picks. I crumpled up the paper and threw it away. I should have stuck with that decision. I’m better at predicting that I’m out a buck than I am at local races.

Sometime this afternoon 1400 KITZ had me on an afternoon show talking aboutt the elections for a couple of minutes. I at least got my predictions about how Kitsap voters would respond to R-71 and I-1033 right.

About a half hour before election numbers were posted the guys at that Outlaw Radio Network talked to me about my thoughts on the races. You can still hear me making what is now a ridiculous prediction, that Lynn Horton would probably win the port commissioner race. My mistake there came because I forgot that it was only one commissioner district that gave Horton that big win in the primary and that all three districts would vote in the general. My bad.

Holy cow, my bad.

For the record, I lost last year’s office election pool in the tie-breaker.

5 thoughts on “A Tough Election to Predict

  1. Gardner here.

    It’s been a while since I professed to be in that loop, so I’m not at all surprised. Better that than being the creepy old man who talks the kids’ lingo. Know what I’m sayin’?

  2. I am surprised by your response Steven. After the Mattress Parody song and dance video, I would have figured “image” was the least of your concerns (smile).

    So who won this year anyway?

  3. Gardner here.

    We’re not looking until the election is certified. Last year I had won it on election night. The tie-breaker, however, was the Angel-Abel race. I had the money in my hand, but conceded that the percentages in that race could change to favor the other contender. It did. I lost. This year I’m guessing tie-breaker won’t be an issue for me.

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