Inmates Could Come Here to Escape High Water

These digs are ready should the water come down in King County. Kitsap Sun photo by Larry Steagall.

Former Kitsap County commissioner and current Bremerton Mayor candidate Patty Lent has made the case that she’d go after King County businesses in danger of water damage should the Howard Hanson Dam need to be freed of as much water as some fear.

Even if that doesn’t happen, we may get King County jail inmates. Josh Farley has the story today. King County would guard the prisoners. Kitsap would feed them, provide a nurse and pay the utilities.

If you’re wondering what kind of budget impact that might have, at $28 per day for up to 114 inmates, it’s a potential $3,192 a day, minus costs. Farley tells me the meals cost about $1 each. Water would figure to be the big additional utility cost.

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