Updated: Some New PO Residents Received Wrong Ballots

Walt Washington, county auditor, just phoned to say that about 75 McCormick Woods residents did not receive the correct ballots and will be issued new ones.

The residents were part of the area annexed into Port Orchard in July. The ballots they received did not have any city council races on them, which as residents of the city they are now authorized to vote on.

The addition of McCormick Woods added about 2,000 residents to Port Orchard.

UPDATE: The auditor’s office will be mailing out correct ballots Tuesday to the 71 voters who received the wrong version. Since it is early enough in the process, no extension will be offered. Had the mistake been discovered closer to election day, voters would have been given some extra time to send ballots back, Washington said.

7 thoughts on “Updated: Some New PO Residents Received Wrong Ballots

  1. I’m just curious. How would you give some voters extra time to get their ballots in? Would you not count any ballots in their voting arena until the ballot time extension was completed?

    I realize it is a side note, since the Auditors Office is saying they won’t be giving those voters any additional time, but I am curious.

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