Statewide Measures Have Their Day in The Sun

Kitsap Sun reporters Chris Henry and Derek Sheppard wrote stories for the two statewide issues on the ballots, which many of you have already received.

Initiative 1033 would limit government revenue increases to the cost of living plus population growth.

Referendum 71 would keep in place the “Everything but Marriage,” bill, which extended pretty much all marriage rights to domestic partnerships, except that they can’t call it a marriage.

Sheppard’s story indicates polling shows 71 is a close call. In May I wrote on this blog, “Maybe I’m jumping the gun by interpreting the early quiet as disinterest.” I was referring to the fact that there seemed to be little attention being paid to this issue locally or nationally. The local interest has arrived, though it still doesn’t feel to me like the emotional issue Prop 8 was in California.

Nationally, though, 71 seems to be getting little attention at all, and for me I wonder if it goes back to the fact that Washington would call gay committed relationships “domestic partnerships” and not “marriage.” I get e-mails from one of the chief opponents of gay marriage and in the most recent correspondences there were mentions of efforts in Maine, Iowa, the District of Columbia and New York. On Washington? Zero.

By the way, the Sun also has its endorsements out on the editorial page.

One thought on “Statewide Measures Have Their Day in The Sun



    By the way, this is Kitsap County not King County. Why has the Kitsap Sun become a state-controlled media recommending vote no on I-1033 and vote yes on R-71? Their opinion has become worthless and it certainly isn’t any more valid than mine or yours.
    Additionally, if Kitsap County follows the national average, more than twice of the people identify themselves as conservative versus liberal.


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