Further Details For The Write-In Mayor Candidate To Address

Gardner here. I’m off Thursday and Friday (I’m the weekend guy in October.) so I’m throwing out a little preview of an event scheduled to happen at 2 p.m. Thursday. I had planned to take two hours to work Thursday, but I’ll be in Portland in the morning and don’t really want to push it to get back. So it’s unlikely I’ll be attending Deborah Jackson’s “Disclosure Forum!” We do plan to have someone there.

A week ago news broke that Jackson, who wants Bremerton voters to write in her name as a candidate for mayor, has a warrant for her arrest in Oklahoma. It was Steven DeDual at the Bremerton Patriot who broke the news, reporting that besides the warrant, Jackson had a misdemeanor assault and battery charge and that her license with the state was expired, according to the state Department of Health Web site.

Last Thursday I spoke to Mike Shepherd, Bremerton city councilman and mayoral candidate who came in third in a close race in the primary. He initially backed Jackson as a write-in mayoral candidate, but when I spoke to him last week he said he’d have to wait and see, depending on what new information arose. He said Jackson had told him the warrant was based on a misunderstanding. I haven’t spoken with Shepherd since.

Jackson and I have spoken by phone only briefly. Over the weekend she left me a message stating she wanted to address everything in the news story, but not just with reporters, but with the public. By Tuesday she had scheduled Thursday’s event.

Last week I contacted the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office. I was told what she was accused of doing and worked out a scenario in my mind that might be a plausible explanation for how this could possibly be a misunderstanding. I don’t want to air my thoughts here, though. Let Jackson explain what happened first, then I’ll reveal my speculation.

The D.A.’s office sent me the probable cause statement, which alleges that on Oct. 5, 2004 Jackson tried to cash a forged check for $3,500 at Whittaker’s Foods store in Oklahoma City. When a store employee called the Portland bank from where the check was written, a bank employee said the company listed on the check as the account owner did not have an account with that bank.

The store employee then tried to find the Vancouver, Wash. company and found there was no such business. I’ve since done a search for the company and can find no record either. I searched Google and the Secretary of State’s list of corporations. A company calling itself a corporation doesn’t have to be currently viable to be listed. Jackson’s business is current with the state.

The employee tried to stall Jackson, but said Jackson became impatient and left the store. The employee followed Jackson out of the store and wrote down her license plate number.

Included with the probable cause statement is a copy of the check. Not only is there no such company, the address listed for the company doesn’t exist.

On the check Jackson also has a Vancouver, Wash. address, one that a search of Clark County property records indicates doesn’t exist either.

If you want to read three of the four pages I received (I left out the list of witnesses.), you can download the PDFs here.

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