Deep breath. Time for Another Live Election Video

Forgotten in the hubbub of the Saturday and Monday live broadcasts of town hall meetings was any mention that our ongoing series of editorial board interviews with candidates continues this week. (The meetings were well “attended” here, by the way, with an estimate of around 400 viewers on Saturday and a few hundred more Monday.)

There won’t be as much shouting and probably no chants will break out, but maybe Gardner will still fact-check us post mortem. In any case, we will be broadcasting on tonight at 5 p.m., beginning with Port Orchard City Council Position 2 candidates Cindy Lucarelli and Carolyn Powers. At 5:45 or so, we’ll have Fred Chang and Amy Igloi-Matsuno, candidates for position 6.

To find the live videos, head to our main page or here. That’s also where you’ll find our archives from the election season.

(Note: The schedule says we’re interviewing Bozeman, but that had to be rescheduled for later in September. Watch that page, we’ll update soon.)

— David Nelson

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